1. Yes definitely! I have the black/white version of a city grid print in a jacket (love it!) but the mens line is what got the pretty blue city blueprint and I always wished the women had gotten that too.

  1. I got new pants Keep your form in this print.. Print is nice, pants are VERY basic-nice, but not worth 128!!!!
    Also got aligns in mystic green.Color is .. I dont need more pants but I love it, only thing-color is more deep then on photo, if you want to get real picture-look at the pant featured with Aquamarine Love tee-this is more true to life( tee is also nice, deep color).

    1. so with the mystic green color, if you are a person that shies away from the lighter colors because they tend to show cellulite, would this color be deep enough that it’s a bit safer? I really love the color but I know if it’s too pale or light I won’t wear it.

        1. Ooh I love the pants in that picture. They caught my eye. ok, I ordered. I think if its that tone or darker I am safe for lumps and bumps.

          1. I got the shirt and was thinking to hope for the pants on the picture but got align in mail and realized this is pants from picture, original is way too light and pastel, like black cherry on picture is burgundy and light, in person they are intense and dark, almost black. Same with midnight navy, nothing for me on the picture, LOVE in person
            BTW, my lumps are safe)

    2. Yeah, I was just looking at those and thought the same. Since when are 25″ (crops on me) in Luxtreme $128?? No chance. There’s nothing special about them that I can see. Granted, I haven’t tried them on, and sometimes that makes a big difference, but I’m not seeing anything to justify such a high price.

  2. Forgot! Define in quicksand is back online( US) -Christina, now I understand why you put it at the top of the list-it is so nice, I am pale with pink undertone in my skin, but it look really good on me, very nice pastel and bright at the same time. Highly recommend!

    1. Ah yes! That is such an amazing color. It’s much like the mauve lipstick trend, it’s almost but not quite universally flattering. If you have contrast in your hair and skin it’s beautiful.

      1. I ordered one yesterday and it says quicksand on my order , but now if you click on the picture of it on wrb site it changes to ruby red. I wonder if they mistakenly used quicksand jacket pictures instead of ruby red ? I’ll be supper bummed if I won’t receive the quicksand one

        1. Hmmm. I just checked the website & my order (& shipping confirmation) & they all say “quicksand”. I wouldn’t worry 🙂

  3. Yes $128 for luxtreme is gettin to be a bit much. I bought the $98 lux wup today instead of fast and frees at $138… I wanted f and f but $40 difference is getting hard to justify when you have soooo many … I did also get the speed up shorts in city lights but in our artic freeze i am not sure if i should wait for wmtm. I did get the ss swiftly in seawheeze mixed colour…sooooo pretty. They had one that was mixed blue dark blue that was pretty too but the purple one came home with me. I see that trayn toomey is returing. I still have 3 tanks and 1 pair tights with tags on…lol i did wear the awakening crops once until i saw sweat stains lol. Ive never experienced that…oh well i figure everyone will understand at gym.

  4. I’m also pretty annoyed with with apparent price hike on regular Luxtreme pants. I’m really liking Awaken pant, but for $118??? WTH?? They are almost like Train Times , I mean same idea and $20 difference? At first I thought there was a glitch on their site. Has anybody seen them at store? I wonder if price is the same.

  5. I feel like they’ve had $118-$128 luxtreme tights several times before., so I don’t know if this is really a price hike. It’s weird to me that some lux tights are $98, like the train times, but some tights are more expensive. They don’t really look all that different, except for a few design details.

  6. Hi Y’all! Curious to know if anyone bought the Sit in Lotus wrap & have washed it and/or how is it holding up? The reviews seem to be increasingly negative. TIA 🙂

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