I don’t know why I did a Holiday Gift Guide For A Sleep Deprived New Mom other than all the items that were drawing my attention where sleep-themed, and then I thought about how perfect they would be for a brand new mom. Not that sleep deprivation at that stage has a solution, but the cozy comforts and self-care items are essential I think. Warning though, if someone had given me a book titled ‘why we sleep’ at the newborn stage I probably would have thrown it at them and collapsed into a puddle of tears. For the regular old insomniac in your life, or night owl like me that likes to stay up late watching Netflix the book is perfect. By the way, I’m so freckin excited that The Queen season 2 starts tomorrow!!!

On my own personal wish list are the Santa pyjamas, and the Haflinger slippers. The slippers are on my list after seeing them at Nordstrom a few weeks ago. I love that they are felted wool and not like Ugg Slippers fur where the fur gets all matted and flat and sweaty if you don’t wear socks with them. I think these (although not soft to the touch) will be super cozy and luxurious on my bare feet. I hate that I have to wear socks with my ugg slippers to keep them semi-nice, but when I do wear socks with them I love my ugg slippers. I also almost hate to admit it but over the past few months, I’ve developed an obsession with Diptyque. Baise, Figuier and Tubereuse are my favorites!

Holiday Gift Guide For The New Sleep Deprived Mom, or Insomniacs

Holiday Gift Guide For Sleep Deprived Moms and Insomniacs


Holiday Gift Guide For Him, Holiday Gift Guide For Her

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  2. They weren’t even on my radar (hadn’t heard of Haflinger before!) but I just ordered the Olivia owl slippers thanks to this post (found them on sale at Sporting Life). Santa is definitely wagging his finger at me right now, but these look so comfy and I’m a sucker for good slippers. Love my Uggs too. If you’re into super warm and fun slippers, check out the Bedroom Athletics brand. Their faux fur line is fantastic and they have memory foam insoles (I especially recommend the ‘Marmet’ style, they’re so cute with skinny jeans or leggings). Thanks for the recommend on the Haflingers!

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