Round two of my Holiday Gift Guide Series. This one is for ‘him’ but specifically these are items I’m thinking of getting my husband – I’ll try and have more gift guides for Dads/Brothers/Friends. The bathrobe and slippers have been on my husband’s wish list every year but I always defer those items in favor of other items on his wish list that are more exciting. I’d love to know what you guys are getting your husbands, significant others, dads or brothers for Christmas. Let’s give each other ideas!

For some reason this year I’m feeling behind with my Christmas shopping and because I shop online for my husband, I need to make sure I order with enough time that items arrive well before Christmas. Do you shop mostly online, or in store for Christmas? I’m finding I’m shopping more and more online for about 90% of our gifts which I’m loving, as long as I’m organized enough to order items the first week of December. There is nothing better than avoiding the mall parking lot, and checking off ‘gift’ on my orders so they arrive pre-wrapped.

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  1. I’ll probably get my husband another pair of Adidas Ultraboost (he’s been eyeing a pair). I’ve already gotten him a pair of LLL ABC Pants (his favorite) on markdown and a button down dress shirt. He loves wearing his LLL to work since his office is business casual. If my husband would wear a robe and slippers, I’d get the one your husband has on his wish list because it looks so luxurious. My husband is a bit of a “nerd” when it comes to Star Wars and other Marvel characters. So, I’ll probably get him something fun along those lines, like a t-shirt or cuff links or socks.

  2. So far a couple of vinyl albums he wants and wireless headphones and the candy he loves. It’s low key for us this year so the rest will probably just be stocking stuffers.

  3. My husband is 6′ 5″ tall and he is hooked no the lululemon game on boxer brief. He won’t wear anything else now and he’s super picky about his underwear. He said that they are the only ones that actually stay put and don’t bunch up on his thighs.

    1. That’s good to know. My hubby could use some nice underwear. He’s not picky but it would be nice for him to have some higher quality underwear.

      The other items my hubby loves from Lululemon are the 5-year tees, the polo tees, the linerless 11″ shorts and the works shorts. I’ve turned him into a Lululemon monster! Haha!

  4. My husband is 6′ 5″ tall and he is hooked on the lululemon game on boxer brief. He won’t wear anything else now and he’s super picky about his underwear. He said that they are the only ones that actually stay put and don’t bunch up on his thighs.

  5. I’m getting my husband some shoes, he likes the new nobull shoes. Also a new pair of RayBan’s. Then some stocking stuffers, probably socks and I’m not sure….

    Great post

  6. I’m finding it easier to do nearly all my shopping online as well, especially when it comes to my kids. I spend almost all my time with them, so I find it hard to go back and buy whatever they are showing me they want. It’s easier to just go home and place an order, then I add in the things I need for others whenever I can. Plus, even if I go to the mall, I don’t have to carry it all around with me!

  7. Haha I actually got my dad those Ugg slippers last year for Christmas and he raves about them to anyone who will listen. He frequently steps outside to their patio in the evening to bring in more wood for the fireplace, or in the morning to get the paper, now he doesn’t have to stop and put on a pair of sneakers to do that since the sole on the Ugg’s is a real shoe sole- that’s what sold me on them over other less expensive brands (i.e. minnetonka)- that and the fact that they are super duper warm. I highly recommend them for ANYONE (I have a pair in purple now, myself!).

  8. Looking to get my boyfriend some dressier casual sneakers that would look good with a nice shirt and some khaki’s. He has regular dress shoes, he is a contractor so if he’s not wearing his work boots he wears his nike air max. He’s just wants really comfortable shoes so I want to find him something that he will wear a lot when we’re together. Any suggestions?

    1. I cannot rave enough about Adidas. Check out some of the cloudfoam shoes as well as their “originals” with cloudfoam. They have shoes similar to the superstars with cloudfoam. And when the shoes go on sale, it’s usually a good discount.

      Adidas is killing it with comfort and style these days. My hubby hardly reaches for his Nikes. I rarely see him wearing his Nike Air Max.

    2. Ooh I got this. If you don’t mind spending for a bit of a pricier shoe, my olympic lifting coach is always raving to me about these shoes. In fact, whenever there is black friday or nordstrom anniversary sale he asks me to check to see if his favourite shoe brand is in the sale. I found them on Nordstrom Rack for him –

      1. Yes, those Magnanni sneakers are very comfortable and a great casual sneaker. Cole Haan makes a similar shoe — Cole Haan Grand.OS. My hubby loves them and it’s a slightly lower price point than the one Cristina recommended. Nordstrom Rack, Saks Off 5th and various other retailers carry them. Saks Off 5th also carries the Magnanni sneakers.

        1. I’d never heard of Magnanni before but my coach was so excited about them. They seem to fit that luxury brand + sport + masculine guys-guy niche.
          I love Cole Haans. There is actually a mule that Nordstrom had on sale recently that I wanted but they sold out in my size and now the price is back up. I’d been wanting mules for a while but I’m picky and need them to be fully leather on the inside so that my feet don’t get clammy and slip out since you have to wear them without socks (lol!) and when I saw the Cole Haan ones I knew they where the perfect price point/quality. They are on my boxing day wish list because I know they will get marked down again.

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