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In Store! Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver Train Times 7/8 Tights

In Store! Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver Train Times 7/8 Tights

The Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver Train Times 7/8 Tights are in store today! Expect to see other Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver items to upload tonight (Wunder Under Crops, Train Times Crops, Shorts etc.). I was surprised by these in store today because they are much more muted and subtle than the web photos would lead you to believe, in fact, in my photos here they look like a matte grey. On the website, they are extremely metallic but in person, they are very subtle and have to hit the light a certain way so that it looks metallic and not embossed grey. I wonder if the Nike Metallic Crops (shown below) are true to web photos. They are significantly cheaper so I think I’m going to finally order them as well and see which ones I prefer on.

Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver

These are TTS and comfortable but I don’t find them super flattering on my body type. I’m keeping them for now but I also want to try on the regular high rise WU’s. I think the flecks of color are highlighting ‘texture’ and are not streamlined enough on me. On the other hand, I’m really loving my City Trek Trousers.

Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver

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  • Are full length or 7/8 Wunder Unders supposed to be coming in the Luminosity Foil Print Black Silver? What is that model wearing in the picture that was previewed a while back?

  • What a disappointment that it’s not as “metallic” as they appear online. I agree; I think other tights are much more flattering on you. They’re not bad but they are not the best. I think the Align speckled tight looked much better on you. But it could also be the lighting and the fact that the reflection probably doesn’t show as well in your photos. Can’t wait to read what you think about the Nike pair.

    Will you do a fit review on the City Trek pant? I’d love to see a try on. I’m in the market for a trouser-like pant that is comfortable. I had been hoping Lululemon would make more business casual items for women. A nice straightforward button down would be great. When I read the reviews online, many people complained about the proportion of the waist to the legs. Did it fit TTS for you all around? Any other input would be great as well.

    BTW, I got a pair of the Stella Ultraboost during Adidas friends and family sale. It’s the black with metallic silver. It really does sparkle! I love them. For anyone that’s interested, the Stella Ultraboost in olive green that I reviewed are currently on sale. Not a full run of sizes but there’s still a good variety of sizes left (in both colors). I’m really tempted to get the orangey ones too because I just love the look of the shoe.

    • You are so right. I’m just not going to keep them. I’ll give those vintage pink speckled ombre ones that are coming a try instead.
      Thanks for the heads-up about the Adidas sale! I meant to respond to your email but this past week was a zoo! Thanks for sharing it here as well!! I’m going to check out those metallic silver ones.

      I will do a fit review with the City Trek Pants. The past week was such a zoo that I actually didn’t try them on until today ? I’ll give them a more in depth consideration on fit when I try them on again but I think you should at least give them a try on. I really like them. I have an older version of the City Trek with different pockets and different material and I like these ones better. They are softer and the pockets are more streamlined in the back and lay flat. The material is more substantial as well and just has a nicer drape. The old version had reflective flip out pockets. The ponte is really nice. Off the bat I’d say the legs are wider at the top and taper in towards the bottom. The rise is a mid rise and it’s a nice slim fit around the hips and waist, but then nicely roomy legs.

      • No problem about the heads up on the Adidas sale. I know you wanted the green ones I got and they rarely go on sale. Hopefully they will still have them in your size when you check later. Some of the sale items were going fast. They also had the regular ultraboost colorways you were considering and had on your wish list on sale for about $126-$140. You can’t beat that price.

        I’m waiting for the black ombre pink speckled print as well. I said no more tights this year. (LOL. The year is almost over.) But as soon as they upload, I’m going to buy them. I have a feeling they will sell out quickly.

        I will definitely try the City Trek Pant. You’re review of fabric, drape and pocket placement is so different than the online reviews. I definitely trust your opinion more. You’re reviews are more accurate and based on your years of wearing Lululemon as well as being knowledgeable about other brands and how they compare. Your description about it being slim fitting around the waist but roomy in the legs is exactly what I’m looking for. Now the question is, when will I have time to try them on!?

        • i tried on the new city trek trousers today in my usual size 2 (5’3″, 100 lbs). the fit in the waist and hips was good. as i’m not very tall, it was almost full length on me. that said, i can see why these pants might not fit others – in a size 2 there is a 10 inch difference between the waist and hip, and without the benefit of stretchy fabric, you have to have quite an hourglass type figure for these to work. i agree with cristina that the fabric is heavier in weight than last year and has a better drape. i have the old trek trousers and they seem to fit a bit slimmer in the waist and thighs. i personally prefer the older trousers as i walk in the rain and dark quite often and liked the older water resistant fabric and ankle reflectors (flip up the bottom hem). the new fabric is softer and cosier. i still like the new city treks, but i am a bit wary about getting them as i’m not sure what the fabric is (the mysterious sweat wicking 4-way stretch) and how well it will wear for the price point.

          • I tried on the City Trek trousers too, with the intention of buying them if they fit. Well, they didn’t. I agree that the fit would flatter more an hourglass shape, and mine is too athletic. I liked the fabric, but me too, I have the earlier iteration, and I like it more than the new one, which definitely has to be tried on before purchasing. I’m 5.5, and 130 lbs. the length was ok, but I needed a size 8 to be comfortable. Last year’s trousers were a size 6.

  • oooh glad the metallics are finally coming but bummed out to hear they are not as metallic as they seem 🙁 I’m too lazy to stop at my Lulu on my way home because of the snow storm but may be able to check them out on Thursday.

    I have a pair of gold and another pair of silver high waisted leggings by Emily Hsu that I bought from last year. I wear them to hot yoga all the time and get a lot of compliments. They quality is great and they are very flattering on (I’m a tall-ish hourglass, size 8 most of the time). Not sure they are still available but Cristina have a look at hemm. I 100% recommend the Emily Hsu ones. I believe they are made specifically for hot yoga but they have enough compression for lifting as well so I wear them to the weight room too. Not for running though

  • I am actually happy that they are not too shiny. This means I will probably get a lot more wear out of them. I am looking forward to seeing them in person. Hopefully the color does not look flat and drab. Thanks for the review. I am waiting for the ombre speckled pink pants to show up but it has been very unpredictable this year as to when they will upload items that have already been released overseas.

    • I too figured I’d get more wear out of them because they are not as blingy, but the problem for me was more that the sheen of the material + speckle print isn’t that flattering on me. I think they look great though from all the pictures I’ve seen online of them so far – I just didn’t love myself in them.

  • Sorry Cristina – I’ve been meaning to get back to you about the Nike metallic tights (after I posted about them on your facebook page). I have them at home in the bronze color, so I’ll get a pic e-mailed to you. It was a size up item for me…I got an XL and I’m normally a size 10 in wunder unders. Even though I ordered the luminosity foils online, I’ll stop by my local store on my way home to see if I can pick up a pair to do a side by side comparison for you

    • OMG you are so lovely!! I would absolutely love to post that but please don’t be inconvenienced in getting a picture. There is no rush at all!!! good to know about sizing up because I probably would have ordered my TTS in them and then returns are a nightmare from Canada.

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