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Fit Review: All Days Vest

Fit Review: All Days Vest

Lululemon All Days Vest

Please excuse my absolute disaster of a background photography set up for this fit review. I am literally doing this fit review right in front of my painters that are working right to the side of this mirror. They are cracking up so hard seeing me do a fit review. I’m also freezing because we are keeping windows and doors open so I’m wearing my favorite cardigan of life under this, the Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Light, which doesn’t exactly match. I highly, highly recommend this cardigan (linked below).

Lululemon All Days Vest Lululemon All Days Vest Lululemon All Days Vest Lululemon All Days Vest Lululemon All Days Vest Lululemon All Days Vest
Lululemon All Days Vest

All Days Vest

I remember trying this vest on as a lark last year and being very surprised that I really liked it on. Despite the length, it’s not boxy or masculine and actually pretty feminine. I wouldn’t typically go for a vest that has no hood, or this type of collar and also that buttons up instead of zip up but the collar and the button ups are exactly what makes this vest less masculine and more fashion-forward, and gives it more of that oversized cardigan look, but outerwear. I think it’s elongating on my petite height. I love that it’s a butt-covering length with a bit of a flare out at the bottom – that will look so great with over the knee boots!  I ordered this in my TTS 10 and it is snugger across the hips than I’d like when buttoned up, but I’m also feeling especially fluffy these days.  I wouldn’t likely wear it buttoned all the way, I like how it looks with the bottom button undone, and prefer it completely unbuttoned, but fit should be perfect regardless of how you choose to wear it. I’m considering a size up in this because although it’s fine with just my tee shirt underneath when I button it up over my sweater it very obviously pulls. These snap buttons are also fragile on the nylon and with enough tension (sitting, or pulling the snaps open) they will eventually rip out of the nylon.  I definitely like the vest and want to keep it, I just hope the size up doesn’t create boxiness at the shoulders.

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  • I’m surprised I like the length. I didn’t think I would. Looks great on you! The winters don’t get cold enough here to justify such a cozy vest. You right. It would be very cute with knee high boots and leggings!

  • Totally OT but what color is that paint behind you? I like how it looks with the wood flooring (I have a similar floor). And I like the vest too lol

    • Thank you so much! I’m really happy with how it turned out. The colour is Gothic Arch (Benjamin Moore – Aura). It’s a warm tone grey which goes with the slight beige undertones in our grey flooring.

  • I love the vest length on you. I got the Downieville vest from Athleta last year and love it. This year Athleta has the Responsible CYA vest and love that, too! But I live in CA and it never gets very cold so I can’t justify two down thick vests lol

    • Hi did you find the downieville vest true to size? Do you mind sharing your height weight bust & dress size & what size vest you got? Thanks

  • Went to my local Lululemon to buy a hoodie and to my surprise came out with this vest also. I bought my tts and love ❤️ it.

  • This looks cute but I can’t think of more than once or twice a year I would want to wear something like this. If it’s cold enough to want a LONG vest, I need a coat. It also just seems impractical with buttons instead of a zipper, definitely a “cool looking” item but not something I would use in real life.

  • OT: Not sure whether I like the new LLL site, but it looks like they finally added (back) the ability to search by print and color. Yahoo!

  • Do you mind sharing what size you got because I’m the the same build as you and would like to compare. I’m thinking of buying it online but don’t know what size to get.

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