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Have you guys heard of the brand P.E Nation? I’ve been completely obsessed since I first glimpsed them on Carbon38 late last year, but I hadn’t pulled the trigger. All of a sudden I started seeing other retailers carrying the brand such as Nordstrom, Revolve, Net A Porter, and I’m fairly certain The Bay had some items but have sold out. I was equally disgusted and intrigued to see that the Kardashians wear this brand a lot.  I had my eye on a couple of the lines, the gold-trimmed crops and raglan tee where the ones that first caught my eye, and yesterday when I was browsing the Shop Bop Sale (20-25% off until tomorrow!), I saw the blue ones on the left with the Wonder Woman like starts. I decided I absolutely needed those for Olympic weightlifting so I grabbed those, and the original two items that had caught my eye. I also really love these On Deck Leggings at Nordstrom but I’m going to wait and see how I like the fit of the first order first. I am just really in love with the retro 90’s gym class vibe, and the use of fashion-forward elements like the heathered gold trim, and that all the pieces coordinate with each other so well. I also really love that it’s both tomboy and completely girly.

I can’t wait to share my review of these items for you guys! I’ll also share more info on this brand and some of the great features the tights have. Hopefully early next week! You will get to see a new background since I’ll be in my new house by then.

By the way, do you guys shop at Shopbop? This is my first order from them ever but I’ve been seeing a lot of people mention buying from them during their big sales and I hadn’t realized how awesome their selection was. Are they reliable shippers?

My P. E Nation Haul

P.E Nation

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  1. Hi lulumum…i have tried shopbop before…shipping is ok same as lululemon…love it since they offer free international shipping…does not take long and i dont have to get the package from the post office

  2. Yes I’ve seen them because a close friend of mine moved to Australia a while back and that’s all she wears now.
    TBH I don’t know anything about the quality but their design doesn’t appeal to me. It’s too “athletic” looking if that makes any sense. I like more feminine design always even when it comes to my gym wear. So I like lululemon (their older stuff), Karma Athletic and Alo Yoga.

    1. Although I knew about Alo, I just discovered it recently. I love Alo’s design — edgy LA style. I think their tights could be a bit more opaque but it’s not enough to deter me. I also love the fact I can buy it from different retailers (with better return policies) and sometimes at a discount (when it’s not discounted in store or online at Alo). I’ve gone on a major Alo spending spree!

      1. Yes the opaqueness is hit and miss. I usually buy at Nordstrom or at Hemm.ca (I’m in Canada so less online shopping for me). There is a pair or red Alo leggings with fishnet peaks at Carbon38 that I really want. But I haven’t pulled the plug because I’m not 100% sure they are opaque…

        1. I got a pair of the Goddess Leggings in Eggplant. I’d say it’s a 8.5/10 in opacity. Only when I’m completely folded over (looking through my legs at my butt) can I really start to see skin. But slight mends weren’t so bad. It was opaque like full-on luon is opaque. You’d think it would be fully opaque because of the thickness of the fabric but oddly it’s not.

          Is it the interlace leggings? I did see the red legging offerings in store and it seemed like it wouldn’t be too sheer. If it’s the interlace leggings, I got a pair of black ones and they were a 9-9.5/10 in opacity.

  3. I’ve been shopping with ShopBop for at least 10-12 years. Shipping is faster than LLL, as is the customer service. Not even comparable, imo.

  4. Has anyone tried on Define jacket and Energy bra Pleat it? What are the pleats made off? Are they as pretty in person? I am interested in black. Also does define fit the same as usual? I typically size up. There is no review online yet. TIA!

    1. i tried the pleat it define in jaded. i’m a 2 in regular defines and i’d say the sizing is the same. the pleat it is lovely in person, and up close, the pleats look really nice. however, because it only comes in dark colours – it’s harder to see the pleats from a distance, and to me it just looked like i had added bulk on the sides of my waist?

  5. I’ve been shopping from Shopbop for a decade! Their sales are amazing and they have great customer service.
    The customs will kill you though. They have the option to pay in advance or send it through Canada Post and you can pay there. Depending on the value, I switch my shipping methods and sometimes take the risk.
    Amazing designer shoe selection too 😉

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