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By the way, I forgot to mention here that Lululemon has a huge accessories drop coming soon which will include candles, notebooks (with goal planning sections), clutch type purse and wallets, all in the very near future. This is perfect for the upcoming ‘gift giving’ season so it should boost sales for Lululemon over the holidays.

I’m feeling really tempted by the Align Pant II Lacescape.

Align Pant II Lacescape, Shape Up Tank, Love Tee V Scarlet

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Take It Easy Pant, Twist & Reach Bra

The Take It Easy Pant is made of modal, and it’s very long at a 32″ inseam, so if you are short you will likely need to hem these. Thanks to Ms. K for those details.

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    1. I could have sworn I saw it online yesterday. I did see them in store. They were not sloppy at all because the modal was such nice quality. I stayed TTS.

  1. Count me in for Take It Easy pants. They look like the same cut as Noir Pants, which I love. Modal wide leg pants might wind up looking sloppy, but at least they’re full length. So, so sick of 7/8 pants.

    1. I think the cut was a little better than the Noir Pant. I also really liked the fact that it didn’t have a tie and was a plain waist band.

      1. I “self designed” and cut the ties off my Noir Pants, so no issue for me! 🙂 The ties are super cute, but somewhat limiting.

  2. Can anyone help me with the size? I wear size 4 for Aligns, 108 lb, could size down, but size 4 feels most comfortable, which is very important to me, I never tried pushing limit 78 tights, but some reviews mentioned they have very loose waist. Now I don’t know if I should get for a size 2 or 4 for Pushing limit tight. Any suggestions PLEASE? TIA!

    1. Like you, I can size down in the Aligns but my TTS (4) is most comfortable. When I tried the Pushing Limits, I stayed TTS. I never purchased any because for me, the back seaming wasn’t flattering. I really wanted them to work because I liked the middle seam down the back of the leg.

    2. I have the Pushing Limits full length pants, which I assume are cut the same as the 7/8. The waist is loose, but it’s very high, and the hips were comfortably fitted, so I haven’t had an issue with them slipping down. I’m thinking I might fold the waist over. It looks better that way and it’s high and loose enough to allow for that. I stayed with my Align size.

  3. I must be the only one that can’t stand Aligns, can’t stand High Rise. I am hoping that the lace pattern comes in plain old regular wunder under crops but I’m not holding my breath.

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