Lululemon Pelt, and Culture Clash, Speed Up Shorts in Rose Quartz

August 4, 2017

Some great photos this week of Lululemon Pelt and Culture Clash prints. I ordered the Speed Up Crop in pelt and I’m torn because I really love the color, but something about the seam details on the back waist I’m not liking aesthetically. I need to try them on again this weekend and decide but I’m leaning towards keeping them because this color is amazing. The pictures here are very color accurate.

I’m hoping to have a beauty product post later this evening and some other fashiony posts and I have another Speed Up Short fit review from Mrs. O, so stay tuned! Lots of posts coming up for this weekend. 

Speed Up Crop Pelt
Speed Up Crop Pelt
Speed Up Crop Pelt Speed Up Crop PElt Speed Up Crop Pelt



Festival BagFestival Bag

My store had new Festival Bags in, and this one was my favourite. The others where all similarly textured nylon in an olive green, chrome, and a black. The price is $68.

Speed Up Shorts Rose QuartzSpeed Up Shorts Rose Quartz

Ms. M reached out to share that the Speed Up Crops also come in Rose Quartz.


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15 responses to “Lululemon Pelt, and Culture Clash, Speed Up Shorts in Rose Quartz”

  1. Mrs. O says:

    I love that Festival Bag. I hope the US stores get them in.

  2. Priya says:

    I tried both the speed up crops and tights today in store (I’m in the UK). Both the melanite in the tights and pelt in the crops are both beautiful colours. HOWEVER, the waistband for me was sooo stiff I could get my normal size 4, past my thighs without ripping the seams!! I had to size up to 6 on both which fit more comfortably. The tights were a huge disappointment to say the least, apart from the seams not flattering at all, the fabric just puckered an dimpled on the my thigh where the reflective stripe on the thigh pocket ends. Maybe I have big thighs? But not worth the £98 for that! I brought the crops back home with me and have kept the tags on. I tried them on at home again and the first thing my other half says to me is how sheer they are and he can see the print on my underwear. I will probably be returning these too! My guess is they will probably be fine with nude or non printed underthings but then again for a dark colour like pelt, I would want not want any sheerness:(, would love to hear someone else’s opinion on these as well!!

    • Sara says:

      I thought the waist band on the speed up crops was very compressive. My usual size was fine once I put them on but halfway up my hips I thought there was going to be a problem. I didn’t notice any sheerness.
      I do love the pelt color. I wore them on my run and they performed well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love Rose Quartz Speeds!!!

    • crossfitchef says:

      They are beautiful! I paired them with Boyenberry and it’s such a pretty monochromatic colour scheme!

      • crossfitchef says:

        Oops BOYSENBERRY 🙂 It would also look good with a dusty mauve strappy bra (sadly I didn’t buy the FTB Serene before it sold out in my size 🙁 )

  4. FA says:

    Pelt is gorgeous! Just saw it in-store today. I tried on the Align Pant II in Pelt. It’s a warm eggplant color with a subtle hint of brown. Think a darker, warmer shade of Black Currant. The pair perfect with neutrals like Dusky Mauve, Dusky Lavender, Misty Moss, and light greys. I hope they release Pelt in the Align Crops! I’d buy them in a heartbeat!

  5. Mrs. O says:

    @FA, thanks for the color description. I forgot to check out the pelt items when I was in the store the other day. I was on such a mission that I didn’t try on anything except for the speed up shorts. I’m going to go back this weekend (hopefully).

  6. merrly says:

    Ohh I like the Festival Bag and the Pelt color! I wear (mostly dark) leggings year round and I can’t wait for more dark neutrals (aside from black and gray) to be released. 😀

  7. Kim says:

    No comments on those abs? They are to die for ? Your abs are rocking Ms K ?

  8. Kim says:

    Oh man I mean Ms M’s abs are rocking not Ms K(Ms K would be me ?)

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