Guest Fit Review: Speed Up Short

Huge thank you to Mrs. O for sharing her fit review of the Speed Up Short. I love being able to share with you guys a good variety of fit reviews and since this is a new short style replacing the speed shorts, I think it’s especially great having a variety of perspectives.

Speed Up Short Speed Up Short

Speed Up Short

After I saw the upload and saw the new Speed Up Short, I wanted to try them on.  The ed confirmed they will be phasing out the Speed Short by the end of the year and replacing it with the Speed Up Short.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Speed Short because of the waist band and liner.  It just depends on my mood and if I’m having a “fat” day.  When that happens, I wear my 8s.  If I feel fine, I wear my 6s.  I was curious to see what was different about the Speed Up Short.  The waist band is thinner (not the rise but the construction) because it is lined with mesh. It has a bit more give in it than the Speeds.  The pocket in the waist band is larger.  I think the back zipper pocket is the same length.  There was two big changes.  The leg seam for the liner was thinner!  Yay!  No more VPL.  The placement of the joining sides (front and back) made the short lay flatter in the back, i.e., it didn’t pucker as much along the back seam where the fabric is not joined together.  The “v” connection at the side of the short is a little higher than the Speeds.  The legs felt a bit tighter to me but I think they will stretch out after wearing.  Although the inseam is the same (2.5 inches) the Speed Up Short felt shorter because the back of the short is not longer like the Speeds.  (I tried taking a picture so you can see the back).  I thought I would like the pattern (culture clash multi black) but it seemed too busy for me.  Maybe if the pattern was on a smaller scale I would like it more.  I’m undecided on these shorts and will try them on again to see what I think of them.  For those of you who love Speeds, I recommend you stock up on them before the end of the year.  They are definitely going to be phased out this year.

  1. Thank you for doing all these fit reviews, Mrs. O! This is particularly helpful because it’s a new style. Would you say you would still wear your TTS in the Speed Up or is it now a size-up item?

    1. This is a TTS. When I wear my size 8 Speeds, I feel it is too big. My size 6s stretch out enough over time to make it work for me, even on my “fat” days. The legs didn’t feel so tight that I would feel like I would need to size up. The main reason why I size up in Speeds is the liner issue (but it still doesn’t help much). I really like the fact that they changed the liner and made the waistband thinner in the Speed Up Short. I’m going to buy a pair of the culture clash print and try it around the house before making a final decision on my opinion of this new short.

  2. This is super helpful, thank you. I only have an older pair of speeds before they made the back longer and I think I’d like this new one.

  3. I think they look amazing on you Mrs. O! (Ms. M here). Really. I do agree the side V comes up a tad higher too, but having on my old Wet Dry Warm speeds today, it’s not as high as those ones (wow that date me.. lol). I like that the waistband gives more too. I really hope you end up liking them. They do look great on you! And even the print (it grew on me..I finally detagged).

    1. Thanks! The print is starting to grow on me as well; especially, because it is so versatile colorwise. I’ve been wearing around my Speeds lately and I do like the changes in the waistband and liner much more in the Speed Up Short. I think the shorter length in the back is “livable” for me because I wear Hotty Hot Shorts to0 (and those are the same length all around. Also the mesh connection between the ventilation seam is a great change. I no longer will have to adjust the fabric to keep it from puckering. Less tinkering with my shorts when I’m wearing them.

    1. No, I have not. I need to go to my LLL store to pick up my hemmed tights. I’ll ask the eds there and let you know what they say.

      Where did you hear it? Have you chatted with GEC?

      1. GEC chat on this will be a joke. They won’t tell you because even if they did know, they aren’t going to say it and start a riot. You’ll get the typical “our designers like to keep things fresh. Have you signed up for our product notifications?” line they always give.

  4. I ordered the 4″ style of these and the back is definitely longer. I don’t like them ar all and am returning!

  5. I went and tried them on this weekend as well. The length change, sides, and waist were all fine. I really disliked the front! I went from having diaper bum (sometimes but not often since i have an athletic bum and legs anyhow) to having a diaper FRONT! Saggy, puffy front. Not cool.

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