The Athleta Fall 2017 catalogue came out the other day and I’ve been trying to convince my husband that we should drive down to Seattle for a day trip, with the hidden agenda of checking out the Athleta store at the University Village. I could always order some of these pieces and pick them up in the US, but I would much rather see and try all of these new pieces on in person. Athleta is just killing it lately with prints and colors, and the new Powervita fabric. I’m loving so many pieces lately and so wish I had access to a store.

I’m loving the Mesh Shine Salutation Crop which is that mauvey, almost millenial pink I’m crazy about lately, but am especially excited that it’s another Powervita item. I have one pair of powervita crops from Athleta and I adore them. They are on constant rotation. The Chaturanga Tights are incredibly beautiful in this print, I need to try them on though because a light color like that could be trouble for me. Another thing I’m loving at Athleta this season is that they have a new capsule called ‘restore’ and it’s full of items made out of my favourite fabric, Modal.

Have you guys tried any of these new fall pieces on yet? What do you think? Worth a drive to Seattle?

Chaturanga TightHigh Rise Paradise Floral Chaturanga

Mesh Shine Salutation CropMesh Shine Salutation 7/8 Tight Mesh Shine Salutation 7/8 Tight

Threadlight Relaxed Tee Threadlight Relaxed Tee

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  1. Those baby blue pants remind me of the Atomic Flower WU’s from a couple years ago. Dunno why I just can’t pull the trigger on Athleta. I guess I have concerns about quality and fit. I find that S, M, L leggings tend to be less precise in fit than a numerical sizing system.

    1. Quality and fit of Athleta is top notch now. 2 years ago I would agree with you. My Athleta purchases have knocked any of my lulu out of the park as far a quality and fit! I love their powervita stuff, chat crops and their relay run capri. Their s, m, l sizing runs in conjunction with lulu’s sizing per their chart. Lulu’s sizing is – 2=xxs, 4=xsmall, 6=small etc. I’m a 4 in Lulu and buy xsmalls

      1. I totally agree with Anonymous above! I used to browse in Athleta because it was near the Lulu store closest to me and I thought the quality and design was lacking (although Athleta’s swim product always beat Lulu’s IMO). But now it’s practically the other way around and I have been very happy with Athleta purchases. The Powervita fabric in particular is phenomenal and I love the design of a lot of their waistbands (no muffin tops). Also agree the sizing is comparable–I wear 2 in Lulu and XXS fits the same.

  2. More and more of my purchases are from athleta lately. I just LOVE a LOT of of their new stuff. The quality is great. Just ordered their buttery soft Criss Cross sweatshirt in baby blue color and a few tanks. Love their tights, but have trouble finding casual looser fitting pants that would fit me. I’m size 2 in Lululemon and xxs in Athleta and all their casual pants oversized on me.

    1. I agree on the fit of Athleta casual pants. I really like a lot of the styles but find them too loose (also Lulu 2, Athleta XXS).

  3. I’m in Canada and shopping with Athleta online is simply not worth it, mainly due to exorbitant costs. I emailed them once and got a wishy washy/evasive answer about why they are not in Canada. My assumption is that they just think it is just not worth their time or money. What’s funny is that markets like Toronto and Vancouver would be no-brainers for them. Toronto (and GTA) in particular is one of the largest/top retail markets in North America. (And hello, Yorkdale and Eaton Centre locations? Goldmines.) Athleta is way late to the call, but that’s their business decision. At least you can hand it to LLL for setting up physical stores in the USA and elsewhere, and not just being an online venture in some countries. Myself, my LLL lovehas far declined in the past few years and spending is minimal. If Athleta were present in Toronto, they would surely get my business .

  4. I went to Athleta and checked out this collection and it is buttery soft! I could seriously use everything in this collection LOL. I am also obsessed with the Powervita collection. I have purchased 3 of the tights so far and look forward to getting more…move over Lulu!

  5. I’ve been ordering a ton of pieces of Athleta’s fall collection. I will say this, whatever fabric they have been using for their sweaters and tees are soooooo super soft! Honestly I’ve been shopping at Athleta a bit more than Lulu now.

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