Guest Fit Review: Our Sport Tank, Speed Up Short

Huge thank you to Ms. M for sharing her fit review of the new Lululemon Speed Up Short Replacing Speed Shorts,  and the Our Sport Tank. From the website photos I had no clue that the tank fit like this. It’s so similar to my beloved Essentials Tank, but look at how different it is in the web photos with the ties and probably clipped in back. I have some more fit reviews for tomorrow thanks to Mrs. O!

For some amazing fitspiration, follow Ms. M’s instagram at Now I know exactly what eating is supposed to look like to = these abs.

Speed Up Short Culture Clash

*Cristina: I’ll be putting my cookies down now. 

Speed Up Short

First and foremost – for anyone who has been a fan of speed shorts from the very beginning and hasn’t liked the fit in the past few years, the Speed Up short is an amazing revision!!  It fits IMO, as good or better than the older speed shorts (without the long flappy back), and it seems that Lululemon has actually taken into account all the things that we’ve been complaining about on the newer speed shorts.
The current version of Speed shorts on me look like I need to go sailing in the wind, with the back of the short flappy and long causing a flare out effect on the sides.  I feel like the back of the short in some cases is 3 inches longer than the front, and it just looks terrible (sorry no pics, I have hated this fit for 3+ years).
The Speed Up short has some awesome changes.
1) The waistband and drawstring.
The waistband feels slightly looser, which IMO I LOVE because I don’t like when the shorts are squeezing me on the sides.  This could be because of the change they made to the drawstring.  The drawstring has a little “house” now so it won’t slide up to the top of the short and twist and be uncomfortable there.  I also find that the waistband doesn’t come up as high in the back.  The Speed short waistband has a sort of slope effect on me, in which it’s higher in the back and slopes forward in the front.  I don’t like the fit.  If I want “low rise” I want it to be low all the way around, and not just in the front.  The Speed UP short waistband is like the – low all the way around.  See side pic for this.
Speed Up Short Culture Clash
Side view (the Speed Short waistband would sit much higher on me in the back).
The Length of the shorts in the back has been fixed. It’s not long and flappy like it was before. The back length is more even with the front, so it looks more flattering. Since they made a “tall” version, the taller ladies or ones who want more bum coverage can get that as well! 
The drawstring “house”
Speed Up Short Culture Clash
Seams and Trim. The back “flap” trim has mesh added behind it, so it is no longer just an opening. It’s “closed” off now with mesh (if you have speeds you know what I’m talking about). Not sure it changes any part of the fit, but at least you don’t have holes in your shorts 🙂 I will also add here the the back zipper is wider, but that’s pretty obvious from the website photos.
Speed Up Short Culture Clash
The side seam and way the trim is has been adjusted and moved forward, which is why the shorts don’t look flappy anymore (this is what the product tester ED said to me). Moving this seam and trim forward wraps the fabric around the legs better so it no longer flares out on the side. Hallelujah !!!

Speed Up Short Culture Clash

Speed Up Short Culture Clash
On me this was the most significant difference. They fit well! No flaring out on the sides, and the back is not longer than the front by much.
Moving on…

Our Sport Tank
Our Sport Tank

 The Our Sport Tank

I just wanted to say that Lululemon is annoying me by tying knots in all of the tanks on the models online.  It’s soooo hard to know how the tanks/tops actually fit!  This tank is a perfect example.  Every photo in every colour way (except for 1 picture!) it appears as if this tank is fitted. I’ve given my feedback to them in the store because it’s very misleading.  Overall I found the tank HUGE, like the 105F fits.  I would like it if it weren’t so long, but on me I think it’s overwhelming even in a size down.
How TTS actually fits on me!
Our Sport Tank
AND the is my size down (which is still too big – length mostly).

Our Sport Tank Our Sport Tank Our Sport Tank Our Sport Tank

  1. Thank you Ms M for sharing that review. Can I first say how much I love your abs and your lean physique? Your review has made me very excited because I am a die hard speed shorts fan but have been disappointed by the longer, diaper butt speeds in the last few years. I want speeds from before when it fitted tighter and shorter. Now I can’t wait to get a pair of the new speed shorts.

    1. Thank you Alicia! I appreciate that 🙂 I’m happy I was able to excite someone about these because I am also a die hard old speeds lover. Diaper butt is right!! If you try them come back and let me know what you think! I hope it’s not just me, but there was a huge difference between how these fit and how the “current butt flap” speeds fit.

  2. Wow, Ms. M!!! Awesome abs. I didn’t inspect the Speed Up Short as well as you did. I noticed that the back seam layed down flat without puckering but I didn’t realize there was mesh holding it together. I actually like the longer back of the Speeds but then my thighs are much larger than yours. But I can see how the Speeds would be floppy for someone with your physique. I need to buy a pair and try them around the house before I make a final decision about the new Speed Up Shorts.

    What did you think about the culture clash multi black print? Looks nice on you but I’m not sure if I like it on me.

    I agree. The Our Tank is overwhelming on your petite figure. But like Cristina noticed, the fit looks very similar to the Essential Tank, which I like.

    1. Thank you Mrs. O !! 🙂 Hopefully you’ll love the fit of these ones too! They do fit more snug than the Speeds around the legs/bum but hopefully it still works.

      The funny thing is when I saw this print online and posted in a few pictures, I didn’t like it at all. I’m not a fan of red and I saw a lot of it. The pair of shorts I grabbed had very little red in them and a lot of pretty blues, pinks and purples. The pattern is really interesting and matches almost everything. I love it now, but it’s one of those prints where you may want to look at placement to get the colours you want.

      I have tried on the Essential Tank and it is a little more fitted than this tank, but similar length. Both are too overwhelming on me. I actually didn’t mind the fit of the size 2 (size down), but it was still too long for my liking.

      1. Like you, I don’t like red. Maybe that’s why I didn’t like the short I tried on yesterday. I’m going to have to go through the pile of shorts when I go to the store to pick up my hemmed items. I did like the fact that the butt was more fitted but it was slightly too tight around my big thighs. I’m going to try them on again though. I haven’t ruled them out yet!

  3. Thanks for the review! So helpful, as I am a huge speed short fan. Can’t wait to try these.
    Also, you look amazing!

  4. You look amazing! Thank you for the informative review. Do you mind sharing your measurements and size of the shorts? Thank you!

    1. Thank you Anon 🙂 and you’re welcome! I am 5’5″ about 110 lbs, and I usually wear a 4 in lulu. Sometimes I wear a 2, but only on oversized pieces. The top is so long on me because I’m short in my torso with longer legs so generally tops are longer on me than others. Hope that helps 🙂

      1. I think this will work on me as we have the same stats! Yay. I have short torso and longer legs as well and size down with baggy tops.

        1. Yay!! Let me know what you think 🙂 I just picked up a pair in Rose Quartz (not online yet, saw them in store!) . The fit is consistent!

          1. Oooh, I just looked up images of Lululemon’s Rose Quartz and it’s a gorgeous color! I don’t think Speeds would work for me in this color, but a Free to be Zen would be amazing. Hope they have range of stuff coming out in it.

  5. Thanks Ms. M for such a thorough fit review of the new Speed Up Shorts and the Our Sport Tank. I think the shorts look amazing on you but I have to say your awesome abs far outshine the shorts! It’s clearly obvious that the tank is too large and is just not a good fit for you. It’s not noticeable on you as you are very slim but I saw this tank yesterday and noticed that is has a very narrow cut so it’s going to be a tricky fit for a lot of people. The only redeeming feature of this tank is the bit of ruching on the racerback. I like the green colour on you but for the most part I absolutely dislike this fabric in heathered colours. I will admit I am not a fan of this very light luon fabric (no disrespect to those who like it). I find it clingy, scratchy and extremely cheap looking. I bought one top in this fabric and swore I would never buy anything in this fabric again.

    I tried on the new version of Run Times yesterday and found the overall fit to be smaller than the originals, so they are a no go for me. I wanted to try on the 4″ inseam Speed Up short but the store I was at didn’t have them. If the original Run Times are gone forever I hope the Speed Up 4″ are a good fit for me.

    1. Thank you CT for your comments and feedback 🙂 I hope the Speed Up 4″ work for you! They look quite similar to the run times, although I haven’t tried either. Curious if you found the new version of Run Times smaller overall, or just in specific areas? I’m glad they decided to make a long version of the speed up because I know in the past I’ve heard many say they like the speed look but it’s too short.

      Regarding the sizing of speeds – I think a lot of women who wear speeds *maybe a size smaller than they should* will not like these (unless they wear their proper size) because the butt is more fitted. The waistband hasn’t changed (if anything it’s a tad looser, which I like), but the leg openings aren’t as huge a they were before, which is why they don’t flare out on me anymore. I could size down to a 2 to fix this (somewhat), but then the waistband is uncomfortably tight. I’m happy with this new short – it’s back to the way it used to fit 🙂

      As far a the tank – I agree with you in that I’m not a fan of this fabric heathered either but the ruching is cute. The teal colour is super pretty and I hope they come out with this colour in more tanks (swiftly!?). I can see the tank itself is supposed to be a slim fit, which it is on me in the 2, just too long. C’est la vie…saving money!

      1. My original Run Times size 6 fit perfectly, they are not on the big side or small side. The new version seemed more snug in the waist and leg openings so that they even looked shorter in the inseam than my originals. I guess I would liken them to an in between size (5). I am not talking a big difference in size but noticeable enough that if I had a pair I know I would be reaching for my originals to wear instead of these. This is why I am hoping the 4″ inseam Speed Up Shorts fit better.

    2. I also found the new RT to run small. I bought the new print without knowing it was a version II and without trying them on. Put them on at home and Holy Snug. Back they went.

    3. i feel the same way about the light luon fabric in heathered colours for tops. i cannot stand the look and feel of it. i bought one top and then realized i was never to buy this type of shirt again. glad i’m not alone CT! 🙂

  6. That’s not abs, that’s six pack which is the whole new level of abs!! You look amazing girl ! And thank you for your review.
    I just received my Speed Up shorts last night and not sure yet what I think about the fit. I am a size 4 and have a butt( thanks to all the squats and kick backs). I have never had an issue with flaring . Speed Up shorts are definitely fit tighter on the legs.

    1. Ha! thank you 🙂 I hope you end up loving the fit. I really think it’s more flattering than the way the shorts were cut before, even if they didn’t flare out. I don’t like asymmetrical and I felt that was how they were with the back being so much longer. I love the updates, so hoping you do in the end.

  7. Lulu needs to quit knotting all the tops! It does not give us what this tank actually looks like in real life. I will not knot tops like this so it’s driving me insane that every top, even swiftlies, are being knotted in the pictures.

    1. That’s exactly why I included the tank review for Critina. It’s SOOOO annoying!! I totally agree with you too in that I’d never wear my top that way. They have them on the mannequins in the store like that too.

  8. I may have to give the 4 inch a try. I just received mine and don’t like the fit at all. I laid them over the top of a couple of my older pairs (2013 and 2016) and feel they are not only shorter in the back but a little higher cut on the sides. I love the print though. Can pair with so many colors…or maybe I am just starved for color amongst all the gunmetal colors.

    1. Starved. We all are. I might consider them if they go to a wmtm price just to have a colorful pair in my drawer. But I won’t pay full retail for them. I don’t know why the print kind of reminds me of pollution/landfill or something… or maybe it’s my subconscious feeling about lulu lately

      1. Reya haha… oh now I have to un-read your comment because I detagged mine lol . I actually like the chaos that they are surprisingly. I have nothing like them and hubby approves so why not 😉

    2. Klo I compared mine to a pair from maybe 5 years ago and they measured up exactly the same. But yes, about 1 (or more) inches shorter than the more recent pairs. I also compared them to my Wed Dry Warm speeds which have a high side cut. I really prefer the Speed up fit over them all. I agree with you on the print – I love it but do I love it because of all the grey lately? not sure, but I’m keeping them haha 🙂

  9. I just tried on the speed up shorts at my local lulu: HATE!

    I am 5’4 & weigh about 125 pounds, my measurements are 32-25-36, which puts me between a size 4 & 6 for lulu bottoms. I wear a size 4 in all bottoms (trackers, run times, groovy run shorts, WU’s, etc…) except for speeds which I always take a 6 (including the mesh ones from last year that many said to size up on, I did not need to).
    I like my speeds to fit on the looser side (like the models on the lulu website) and I have been buying speeds pretty regularly since 2013. I do agree that most (not all) of my speed purchases from the last couple of years, the speeds have been running a tiny bit to quite a bit larger. But what bothered me most of all, was the inconsistency in sizing between models (like dottie tribe had just a slightly large fit, but palm lace tofino teal had much more of a larger fit).
    I have a butt and athletic (larger) thighs, so I did not mind the larger fit of the recent speeds. I have enough curves to avoid the “diaper butt” look. No puckering of material either.

    The speed up shorts run smaller FOR SURE.
    I was not bothered too much by the length, the fit on the waist or even the smaller leg openings (although I do prefer the looser fit of my speeds for sure). It was the fact that there was less material “in the back”. The speed ups are much snugger on the behind. And, to be blunt: my ass was practically hanging out. There is NO way that I would wear these shorts to run in. I’m 90% sure that I would be flashing some cheek!

    I tried on a pair of “regular” black speeds to compare. Not a *huge* difference from the front. But from behind: YIKES!!!

    Ms. M looks *amazing* in the speed ups! But girl is tiny, 110 pounds (of muscle!) on a 5’5 foot frame. She is very slim. If you have a “curvier” (larger) frame like myself, and enjoyed the extra butt coverage offered by the newer speeds, the speed ups may not be for you.

    The educator at my store confirmed that speed shorts & tights will be replaced by the speed up line 🙁

    Also, while I love the new cinch it tops, I can’t bring myself to spend nearly 74$ with tax on a lulu top made of such thin cotton. The white was quite see trough. I wish they would have made them in a thicker cotton or rulu!

  10. I went out to try the shorts last night, and also the new run times. I’m really sad. But also okay because it’ll save me money and like most of us reading the blog, if we love the speeds we probably have a good collection by now. I WANTED desperately to love the culture clash print but in person I didn’t. I was dying for color though. I wore run times to the store and brought a pair of speeds to compare. I would’ve taken pictures for a guest fit review but I was too unhappy with what I saw to want to.

    I have a former soccer player lower half- not slim. Lulu would probably rather see my bigger legs and bum in some trackers or the “go the distance” shorts were honestly my favorite ever. But I love the style of the speeds. The NEW ones immediately flipped up on my inner legs. I don’t have a thigh gap but my speeds don’t do that. The new ones were immediately riding up my inner thighs. Awkward. I didn’t even try a size up, the cut was the problem.
    Onto the run times with fingers crossed. So whatever they changed on these now, I had a weird puckering/ flapping out on the side. I tried the shorts I had brought vs both new styles 4x. Literally clothes on clothes off repeat- just to be sure I wasn’t having a puffy day or going crazy.
    So there we have it. I won’t be purchasing any of the new ones. Maybe I’ll try the other styles and find one that works for me- I’ve never tried the hotty hot shorts. Or I might get smart and try some other brands… lulu love is really wearing off.
    On another note, I would’ve loved a beautiful knee length rain jacket this year like the definitley raining or rain on….nothing they’ve put in stores had even made me consider buying one.
    I don’t want to spend the $$$ on the swiftlies since the price increase. I never see them on markdown and my theory stands that stores send back to warehouse and they restock online for full price instead of throwing the purple sticker on what’s left of a color or style. When your closet is FULL of lulu already, I would buy something I don’t need simply because it’s on sale. Not anymore. So total rant there but the magic has totally died for me 🙁 I might get excited for 2-3 things a year now instead of every week…. (I’m talking to you mini bucket bag….)

  11. These new shorts fit me perfectly. I’ve always been a Tracker short girl until they changed them and haven’t bought any shorts since. I have never tried speeds old or new. I am 5’5″, 14lbs and muscular, I got the 8 which is my tts in a Tracker. Love that they are longer in the back. I am also in my 50’s and have been running for over 20 years and still like to wear shorts, just wish they were an inch longer then for me they would be worthy of 5 stars. Also love the new tank Our Sport Tank, yes it reminds me of the essentials tank, just more fitted and I love the detail on the upper back, reminds me of old Lulu. That turquoise colour is to die for! I got this in my same size as the essentials a 4 and I can go between a 4,6, or 8 in tops. Always wear an 8 in bras

  12. These new shorts fit me perfectly. I’ve always been a Tracker short girl until they changed them and haven’t bought any shorts since. I have never tried speeds old or new. I am 5’5″, 14lbs and muscular, I got the 8 which is my tts in a Tracker. Love that they are longer in the back. I am also in my 50’s and have been running for over 20 years and still like to wear shorts, just wish they were an inch longer then for me they would be worthy of 5 stars. Also love the new tank Our Sport Tank, yes it reminds me of the essentials tank, just more fitted and I love the detail on the upper back, reminds me of old Lulu. That turquoise colour is to die for! I got this in my same size as the essentials a 4 and I can go between a 4,6, or 8 in tops. Always wear an 8 in bras

  13. oh wow this is such an informative review. I have the opposite body type, curvy and long torsoed. I can tell the new speeds will not work for me, but I’ll be ordering that tank! I ignored out before because the website photos made it look too short. lulu is missing out on sales with their misleading photos.

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