More awesome Athleta fit reviews thanks to Mrs. O! Mrs. O sent me a whole bunch of fit reviews over this week, and I did a bunch at Nordstrom Activewear and I’ll be posting them all soon. If you’d like to share some fit reviews yourselves please feel welcome to email them to me (contact info in the nav bar above)!

Athleta Stealth Trucool 7/8 Tight
Athleta Stealth Trucool 7/8 Tight
Athleta Stealth Trucool 7/8 Tight Athleta Stealth Trucool 7/8 Tight

Athleta Stealth Trucool 7/8 Tight

This tight is made from Athleta technology called Sculptek X and is supposed to mold to you and keep you cool.  There are laser perforations on the front and back of the tight.  As for the “molding” claim I’m not sure how much different it is from other fabric used in tights.  It definitely felt lighter and cooler than the other tights I tried on.  I did not have difficulty pulling on these tights.  Actually, I didn’t have much difficulty pulling on any of the Athleta tights I tried on, including their compression tights, (like I sometimes do with LLL tights but once I get the LLL tights on it feels fine).  I think the Athleta’s sizing is a bit more generous than LLL’s sizing.  I find the entire GAP line of apparel stores (Old Navy, GAP, Banana Republic and Athleta) is generous in sizing.   Although I didn’t like the design of these tights, the fabric was interesting.  I’d be curious to check out another pair of tights with the same material.  I’d like to find out how the fabric would fair in a spin class.  These tights were TTS, were comfortable and felt less hot than the other tights I tried on.  Also, these 7/8 tights ended up being full length tights on me.

Athleta Yogini TankAthleta Yogini Tank Athleta Yogini Tank

Athleta Yogini Tank

This is the Yogini Tank.  (I forgot to take a picture of the tag).  This is a blended fabric, which is very soft.  I liked the longer curved hem of the back of the tank.  It definitely covered the bum.  I also like the criss-cross at the top of the racerback and the cut out.  The only thing I didn’t like was the curve of the front hem.  I think if the curve were a bit wider and less pointy, I would have liked it much better.  When I checked online for the name of the tank, I noticed that some colors were on sale.  The sale price is hard to beat.  But I don’t know if I could wear it because it would bother me to look at myself in front of a mirror during classes.  All I’d see the front hem curve.  LOL.  Yes, I am that picky about things like that.  I tell my hubby, when things are off, it hurts my eyes!  LOL.
BTW, I’m wearing the mauve colored mesh shine salutation tights.  I definitely like this color better than the navy.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have my size at the store so I couldn’t make my first Athleta purchase.  I have to order it online, which makes me wonder if I would actually pull the trigger.  I’m really trying hard to keep an open mind.  I may just wait to see if it goes on sale first and leave it in my shopping cart.  Has anyone else tried these tights?
Athleta Mosaic Ready Set Go Short Tag
Athleta Mosaic Ready Set Go Short Tag Athleta Mosaic Ready Set Go Short Tag

Mosaic Ready Set Go Short

This is one style of Athleta run shorts that happened to be hanging near the dressing room so I grabbed it to try.  These shorts were TTS (size xs).  Unlike LLL shorts, which I have to size up, I did not have to size up in Athleta.  So, one thing I noticed, Athleta is consistent with sizing across the board regardless of item type.  Although I haven’t tried on any of the baggier Athleta items so I don’t know if those things would be a size down item.  Having worn LLL for so long, I can look at an item and know what size to get.  I’m still learning with Athleta and other brands.
These shorts are made from recycled polyester and was very lightweight.  It has a 4 inch inseam for those ladies that like longer shorts.  I didn’t notice any shorter 2.5 inch inseams at the store.  Looking on the website, I think Athleta shorts are generally longer.  These shorts had a mid rise with a pocket in the waistband and 2 mesh pockets on the side.  It was a comfortable fit but I’m not sure if I liked the pattern.  I grabbed it because it was colorful.  When I’m running and walking, I tend to gravitate towards shorter shorts.  I choose my longer shorts for going around town.  I don’t think I’d wear this style of short for going around town.  The liner was thin and did not cause VPL (a very good thing).  If you have a bigger bum and thighs, it will fit a bit snugger.  But not so snug that it’s uncomfortable or you’d have to size up.  The sales clerk told me that over time all Athleta items stretch.  So, definitely keep that in mind if you are in between sizes.  They hardly ever recommend sizing up unless you picked something that is definitely too small for you.

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  1. I agree with the stretch thing. I have found that my leggings stretch ever so slightly after a lot of wears. Not so much so, that I would size down. I’ve found it’s best to get their bottoms just a tiny bit tight, then they end up being the perfect fit with the slight stretch. I ended up getting the black Blossom Intuition tights this weekend with my 20% off coupon. They were gorgeous on! I did give the mesh areas a few good tugs to get them into place. It was my test after your review said the mesh seemed delicate. No rips or crackling. I’ll definitely baby them more at home when putting on, but I figured I might as well tug at them before buying. Fingers crossed the mesh isn’t as delicate as it seems.

    I also ended up getting the patchwork Powervitas. They were much prettier in person than online. The leggings did vary a lot depending on the print placement, so I was glad to cherry pick in person. I was looking for less of the mauvy-brown color and more of the lavender flowers throughout. They did let me use the 20% off one full price item in store coupon (they were handing out a couple of weeks ago) along with a 20% off one full price item for signing up for their email list. I was glad they didn’t make me split transactions or have me come back again later to use both coupons. I do appreciate that the SAs there always seem to be happy to work with you on coupons, returns or finding an item at another store. When I asked if I could use both coupons at once, she said, “I’m not sure, let’s try it and see. If not, I’ll work it out for you some how.” Not that the Lulu ones aren’t happy and helpful, but there’s definitely a more breezy, flexible feeling when I ask for help at Athleta. Maybe it’s the low mood lighting in store, haha!

    1. The more I look at the Blossom Intuition Tight, the more I like it. You made a great purchase. I think with Athleta mesh it’s sometimes placed at a point where that’s where you have to pull from. But I think if you pull around it, you’ll be fine. It just seemed to give more than LLL mesh, which generally I do not worry about. I’m actually pretty rough on my LLL mesh.

  2. Thanks for the fit reviews Mrs. O. I live in Canada so I am not very familiar with Athleta other than a few times I have dropped into to their stores while in Arizona. I think everything looks great on you. My favourite would be the mauve tights. I like the tank on you especially the back of it. If the front was a couple of inches longer it would look better but I like the look of it knotted and it looks good with the shorts. I don’t wear anything less than a 4″ inseam in shorts so if I lived in the US I would be checking these shorts out for sure being that LLL has changed the fit of the Run Times in the new version and the originals are probably on their way out.

    1. I was told the Run Times are on the way out to be replaced by the 4″ Speed Up Short. So, if that’s your go to short, you should stock up on the original Run Times before they switch to Run Times II entirely and then to the Speed Up. What I really liked about these shorts were how lightweight they are. Athleta is always running promotions so maybe when on sale, it’ll be worth the shipping costs to Canada.

  3. I went to Athleta and the sales associate told me that they are going to have a friend n family event soon 30-40% off!!

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