Lululemon store photos of their newest Fall, 2017 items. We should be seeing more fall jackets and back to school gym bags over the coming weeks. Typically we see the *big* fall product drop on Seawheeze weekend so perhaps we will see a big product drop on Tuesday.

Down & Around Bomber *Reversible



Round Trip Jacket

Round Trip Jacket

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  1. My down and around bomber finally arrived. I usually take a 6 in jackets and found this one to be on the roomy side, especially in the arms which is unusual for Lulu (you can see this in the photos here). So I ordered a 4 just for comparison and am waiting on that. I do usually wear a 4 in tanks but a 6 in swiftly SS and LS and typically 6s are fine in jackets (I even size up to an 8 in define jackets). I’ll report back after I get the 4 and let you know which is better. Probably either will be fine, just depends on how you want the fit which comes down to personal preference.

      1. Hi, sorry for the delay. Lulumum for some reason no comments show up when I access your blog via my phone so I didn’t know there were any comments on the post till now. Just me?

        I ordered the dark cedar color. First impressions were good – it looks pretty luxe and I liked the texture of it. I just think the sizing and fit could be tricky. I noticed anon below posted she was between two sizes as well. The bigger size will give you plenty of room for layering but in my experience I did have some “pooching out” in the back. I expect the smaller size to be shorter and hit me above my hips which will eliminate the problem of riding up and pooching but may make layering less comfortable.

        My size 4 should arrive in the mail tomorrow so I’ll report back. I personally like the color – it’s maybe a little darker than I expected but I haven’t taken it outdoors in natural light so I imagine some of the red tones will come out then and look really nice. I think it’s a unique color personally.

  2. I’m dying for a nice backpack! I was so excited when the city adventurer came out (originally called go lightly -_-) but the straps were very stiff and uncomfortable. I just couldn’t keep it. I’m hoping with back to school we see the launch of a new back pack

  3. I saw this bomber in store the other day in the cedar colour and I have to say I did not like the colour. It looked like a rusty red to me.

  4. I ordered both the 4 and 6 in the Cedar – I really like the colour but I’m torn between it and the olive green. Fit-wise, both worked for me – it really depends on the look you want… I’ll probably keep the 6 because I can fit a thicker top under it if necessary and the 4 was just slightly snug to the point where it looked less jacket-ish…does that make sense?
    Overall I really like this jacket – just trying to decide on the colour 🙂

    1. I’d go for Cedar since it’s a different color than what LLL has been offering. And if it’s more of a rusty red/brown undertone, it’s a good neutral color for the fall. Well, that’s my two cents for what it’s worth.

      1. Thanks – all input much appreciated :)) – I think I’m leaning toward Cedar – its a nice rich colour and, not sure why, i feel it’s a bit less of a casual colour than the olive green

    2. Sounds like we have the exact same fit issue! I second the vote for cedar. I think it’s a cool color. I ordered the 6 first and had to order the 4 for comparison as an afterthought. Should arrive tomorrow so I’m curious to see if I can make one of them work!

      1. Hope it works out for you – I think it’s a big imporovement, style-wise, on the bomber they came out with a couple of months ago. Also, the down filling and Glyde fabric are a plus.
        Cedar, size 6 it is ;)))

  5. I tried this on in store last week. I tried both my regular size (6) and a size down (4). I wear a size six in all bras and almost all tops. I definitely felt my regular size 6 fit best. The size 4 was tight in the shoulders and a teensy bit in the chest. (36B). I would go with your regular size if you’re on the fence. Also, the dark cedar color is beautiful!

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