Well, as I mentioned late last night, my shopping cart was completely different from what I had planned from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Catalogue Picks. I had my heart set on getting this Mackage leather jacket but last night I second guessed myself and didn’t order it and now the Nordstrom site is down and not processing orders. I did fall in love with the AG Jean offerings though which is why I didn’t order the jacket last night. I love the few AG jeans I have but wasn’t planning on getting a pair because from what I saw in the catalogue, the blue distressed pair I already have, and the red pair I didn’t think I’d wear. Low and behold they had three other amazing pairs of AG Jeans offered on the sale, in stunning colors and cuts. I’ve been really wanting to try the new hi low hemline trend in jeans but haven’t seen a pair I’ve liked until these ones. I also really love the two tone splatter paint on this first pair.

The Longchamp bag was an absolute frivolous purchase. I’ve been considering this bag for a long time and actually would have purchased it in Paris when I was there last year but for some reason I didn’t pull the trigger each time I looked at it. Now I’ve talked myself into it because I think it would be a great tote bag for my computer which I’m always lugging around with me, and the sale price was very enticing.

I’m still thinking about that Mackage jacket though but it would absolutely put me over budget. I’ll probably wait on that one and maybe check it out at the Vancouver store next week.

More Nordstrom Sale talk to come…

Have you guys ordered anything from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

AG The Legging Alternate Image 1 Selected - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 1 Selected - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Alternate Image 2 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 2 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Alternate Image 3 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 3 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Alternate Image 4 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 4 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Alternate Image 5 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 5 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Alternate Image 6 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik)Alternate Image 6 - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Main Image - AG The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans (10 Years Beatnik) Size Info Low rise. If between sizes; order one size up. 23=000, 24=00, 25=0, 26=2, 27=4, 28=6, 29=8, 30=10, 31=10-12, 32=12-14. Details & Care Show off your artsy side in legging-like skinny jeans detailed with a single ripped knee, frayed step hems and two tones of paint splatter. 27" inseam; 13" leg opening; 8" front rise; 13" back rise (size 29) Zip fly with button closure Five-pocket style 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane Machine wash, tumble dry Imported t.b.d. Item #5370310 Helpful info: Denim Fit Fundamentals (video), Defining the Rise-Women's Free Shipping & Returns See more AG Since its inception in 2000, L.A. denim brand AG has always believed in crafting high-quality clothing that reflects a modern design sensibility while maintaining a classic sophistication that transcends seasons. While flawless jeans cut from premium denim are AG's longstanding obsession, the brand also delivers a diversified selection of dresses, tops, outerwear and more. Back to top Reviews (0) Be the first to review this The Legging Step Hem Ankle Skinny Jeans AG


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  1. Christina…did you wear your Barbour jacket a lot? I am looking at the offerings this year and am tempted. Wondering what kind of temps and weather it’s good for. I am a Minnesotaian with soccer players. I am outside a lot sprung and fall

    1. I wore it an absolute ton. It’s surprisingly warm considering it’s not a down jacket. I wore it straight through Vancouver winter last year and never needed a warmer jacket. I think the inside plaid lining provides a lot of warmth and cozyness. I don’t know that it would have been warm enough in the dead of winter for somewhere like Saskatoon or Minnesota but it will absolutely be a late fall jacket for you. For me it worked the entire Fall/Winter. I also love that it’s the perfect balance between casual and put together.

  2. I have had a long champ tote in the past and the corners ripped out in mine after a short time. I loved it though.

      1. I have had the Bilberry Longchamp large tote for about four years now. I used it maybe twenty times, since I have many other handbags. The corners are frayed, although I’m very careful with this bag, and it is being stored in a soft pouch. Other parts held up very well, especially the leather. I find the bag very impractical, since there’s no real inside pocket (there’s a tiny pocket up inside at the top, which is completely unusable and dangerous to use, because of items falling out of it). So I throw my stuff in the bag, and then I fish for them. Sometimes it’s embarrassing not to find my wallet, or I miss a phone call. That said, I bought a beautiful cowhide printed large tote at the Caesar’s Palace Longchamp store about three years ago, and it’s still in awesome condition.

        1. Thanks for your review! I’ve decided I’m going to return it. Especially now that I was able to order the jacket.

  3. Mine was just the basic and I think around that same sale price. I like the zipper and the option to expand. Not worth $195 but at $129…sure. We’d all pay it for a cute lulu bag. I have a LV tote like yours (basic not SE) and I think that is indestructible and have no problem taking it anywhere. When I say the corners ripped out on the long champ I mean they tore on the points. The material makes a point on the corner and from wear and tear they eventually got holes. Not straight thru to the inside. Great bag though. I finally, thru persistence on my mobile and desktop…got an order to go thru at nordstroms. I am trying two or the Barbour coats and hoping the size up recommendation is accurate. I was going to order both coats in two sizes but decided not too hoping it will all work out. I am heading into the store tomorrow and have my eye on the madewell cardigans and joie park pants. Love!! Thanks for the quick response on the coat

  4. hey cristina, did you hear about this 10 points thing that nordstrom is doing because of the website madness today? FYI:

    A Nordstrom spokeswoman added Thursday that the company is offering its Nordstrom credit and debit cardholders 10 points per dollar spent on anniversary sale purchases made on July 13 and 14, in recognition of the “inconvenience they may have experienced.” (Usually, Nordstrom credit and debit cardholders get two points per dollar spent. Once customers accumulate 2,000 points, they get a $20 Nordstrom Note to spend on anything at Nordstrom stores.)


    1. I did read that! I’m just reading through the Purse Forum thread and was happy to see the confirmation that it’s for both yesterday and today. I’m really glad I decided to just go ahead and order the jacket earlier today. Thanks for posting the heads up here!
      Did you order anything today or yesterday?

      1. oh dear. yes, yes i did. will have to return like 3/4 of it but still very excited for everything to arrive so i can “shop” my purchases and decide what to keep. i sprang for overnight shipping so it should arrive in a few hours (AND my sweaty betty sale haul arrives today too… happy friday to me!)

        i ordered the mackage jacket (the one you got, but black), and also the grey suede blancNYC moto jacket. i hope the latter is the winner since it is $300 cheaper! i also got a rails plaid top, a free people plaid tunic top, ECCO high top sneakers, and a bunch of toddler and home stuff. if you need a cozy throw blanket, the kennebunk plush throw is amazing (i got one last year) and only $26!

        i also ordered some commando boy shorts to try. I’m kind of distraught that my zohba yoga boy shorts that i wear literally every day have been discontinued :-/

        excited for your post once you receive your stuff!

        p.s. i love the new direction your blog has taken. I’m kind of a lurker and rarely comment, but the new variety has been great. keep it up 🙂

        1. I actually ended up ordering the mackage jacket in black. I love the brown but I think it wont get as much use as the black one, and I wear a black leather jacket all the time. Maybe next year I’ll get a brown jacket.
          You will love the rails top – they are the best plaid shirts and the only type that looks feminine on me and not boxy or stiff.
          I will definitely be posting all the stuff. My stuff should arrive next week. I’m going to the Vancouver store at opening on the 18th, and then to the Seattle store for the public opening on the 23rd, so hopefully I can do lots of try-ons.

          Thank you!!! I am always so nervous when deviating from the topic that brought us all here but I feel so invigorated by the changes and am really loving blogging different topics. Thank you so much for the feedback!

          1. I’m a leather jacket fiend! When I first started, I would mainly buy black. Then I bought one brown one . . . 4 brown jackets later, I love them. I actually get a lot of use out of them. Once I started venturing out from black, I started to get all sorts of colors — red, blue, teal, tan, green . . . I have a feeling you’ll be getting a brown jacket next year.

            BTW, I saw the AG the legging jean in store yesterday. They were so soft that I decided to try them on. (I was trying to get away from skinny/legging jeans because I have so many). They were so comfy and looked really flattering on. Since I don’t have a Nordies card, I’m going to have to wait until the 21st to get them.

      1. it will happen automatically for everyone who used their card to purchase on those days. also – if you signed up to use your triple point day, they will credit it back so you can use it another day instead. yeehaw!

        1. Oh, I love, love that jacket!!! Please let us know how it feels. I tend to stay away from faux leather because over time, they crack and peel from the base. Every faux leather item I have does that, whether it be a tank, pants, jacket, etc.

          My vegan friend only wears faux leather, and over time, her clothes falls apart. She ends up spending more in the long run. Her clothes and shoes just don’t last as mine.

  5. I ordered the Simplehuman mirror. I’m thinking of the hourglass palette and the ysl pink lip bundle. I have an oil lipstick from ysl and it’s long lasting and lux. I’m considering the beauty blender and silky luminage pillow case also. I did see that leather jacket! My nordy cl is $500 as it’s new, maybe a good thing.

    1. That mirror is so cool! I’ve seen a blogger review of the big wall mount one.
      I love my YSL oil lipsticks. The rose is my favourite.
      I’ve been wanting to get that silk pillow and eye cover, the pillow would be great for preventing hair breakage at night which I think I get a lot.
      Good thing about those limits. I have mine set low too so when I want to go over I have to pay the balance off first.

    2. I love SimpleHuman things! My trash cans, sensor soap dispensers, paper towel holder, toilet brush, soap/shapoo/conditioner dispenser, etc. are SimpleHuman. I just love the things they make. I tend to buy my stuff at Bed, Bath and Beyond because their return policy is great if the item breaks during the warranty period. They usually just replace it for a new one. It was great when SimpleHuman had standalone brick and mortar stores.

  6. I wanted to post this here as well. Some of the LLL warehouse items dropped in price (women’s and men’s) and I called today and was able to get a price adjustment. Even a couple items I purchased the day before the warehouse sale. They can credit back to the original method of payment (or issue a gift card) once the items ships. I suggest you call right away. If the items didn’t ship, they will note your account and give you a reference number so you can call back once you receive confirmation that your items shipped. FYI, the wait time for customer service is long (around 35-45 minutes). It was worth it to me because I saved $100 and was able to work while I was home.

    1. If you have a Nordstrom card you can shop in store. They just ask to see it at the till – you can pay with your nordstrom credit card, or you can pay with a different tender, but they need to see the Nordstrom Credit Card (or old Nordstrom Debit Card). Online it asks to verify your last 4 digits of your card and billing address if you are accessing the sale to shop, or you can select ‘sneak peek’ just to browse.

      1. You can also pay for your online purchases with a different card, it doesn’t have to be the nordstrom card.

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