The Nordstom Annivesary Sale 2017 for early access cardholders is live!

For those of you without early access, this is your chance to see exactly what will be available on July 21st for the public access.

Wow! So far my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale shopping cart is not at all what I though it was going to be. In fact, none of my catalogue picks made the first round of check outs!  This Lululemon warehouse sale + Nordstrom anniversary sale has thrown me for a loop! I’m a veteran to both of these sales and know exactly how to shop them but I am definitely overwhelmed by so many awesome choices for the NSALE, and then also scrolling through the Lululemon warehouse sale.  I’m working on this post at the moment but I started a list of items catching my eye.

*Update, you will see in my next Nordstrom post that I ordered the two AG Jeans, and a Longchamp bag, but then waffled over the Mackage Jacket and then the website crashed for most of the day. I was finally able to order the Mackage Jacket and have decided I will return the bag.

  1. Oh I am loving your list of goodies especially the pj’s, jackets and the plaid shirt. Why are you saying your Nordstrom cart is not what you thought it would be, has you leather jacket and other favourites not shown up yet? Also could you explain further why the Nordstrom and LLL sales have thrown you for a loop? I don’t even consider LLL’s so called warehouse sale to even be a sale when they reduced the amount of product they have on sale and their prices sure don’t reflect warehouse pricing. I find they are so freaking stingy when it comes to giving their customers any kind of deep discount especially on product that has been sitting around on WMTM for ages. My understanding is that they are sitting on $300,000,000. worth of inventory and this is the best they can do? Come on LLL you want us to spend our money at your sale than give us real warehouse prices and let loose all the old product you have been sitting on. I am over the moon that I was able to buy the Dance Studio Crops but overall the first round of pickings are not that exciting.

    1. I didn’t end up purchasing the leather jacket – and then I went and got two jeans (both AG) and a Longchamp bag.

    2. And yet they hand out 25% discounts like candy for the full price stuff…this brand has lost its prestige. I almost liked it better when there was the artificial ‘scarcity model.’

  2. Just a heads up for Canadians, if you have a Canadian Nordstrom credit card, you cannot gain early access online. You have to wait for early access in stores on July 18th. I’m totally bummed about this 🙁 Signed up for a card because I wanted early access!

    1. That is a huge bummer. I wonder if they will let me have access to the canadian sale with my US rewards card.

  3. Everything I clicked on to view from your list ….is sold out. What does that mean for the actual sale or for the Canadian version? Will they restock? I was interested in the Mackage jacket – what happened with that? Thanks!

    1. It turns out Nordstrom is having a major website glitch and nobody is able to check out or complete and order so that is why it looked ‘sold out’ on your end. I’ve been trying to order the Mackage jacket all morning and keep getting bumped out. I went to their facebook page and it’s a huge issue.

  4. I think everything just says sold out from the Canadian side. I’m waiting for early access July 18th in store…sucks that it’s so expensive to order online in Canada!

  5. Did you notice that the AG boyfriend jeans aren’t online, even though it’s in the catalog? That was the thing I had to have X_X

  6. Hi Cristina,

    Just to say that if you’re considering the Addidas Superstar slip ons they are insanely comfortable! I absolutely love mine. But you need to size down at least half a size (or even one size).

    1. Thanks! They did actually catch my eye. I want to check them out when I go to the Vancouver Nordstrom sale on Tuesday.

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