1. The twist around tank looks so cute, but looks long? I have been a very long time Lulu wearer, but have been obsessed with the Athleta Powervita line. The fabric is amazing and i love the 7/8 tights which seems to be a great length for my 5’2″ frame. i am definitely slowly migrating over to other brands….I miss Lulu’s cute little ruffles and unique touches that they were once so known for…

  2. More moldy spray prints! Lol. I think the print has pretty colors but I’m not liking it in these photos. Nothing here is exciting to me.

  3. I think the Print is beautiful! But am saving for Sea Wheeze in hopes there will be some nice prints there.
    BTW are you running this year? I am for the first time, with my teenage daughter. Can’t wait!!!

  4. I actually bought the print in store last week. Although it’s the same one from the central st. Martins collab, it’s not a special edition according to the store Ed as these ones are made from nulux not Lucy Rene which can is also why it’s £40 cheaper! Apparently the print was really popular so they brought it back!
    They look amazing on and I brought them home with me. Still deciding whether to keep them or not because the nuluz waistband is definitely more slippy than luxtreme but just depends what i want to use them for? The print is so pretty though!

  5. I did a phone sale for the submarine aligns since I just couldn’t wait for them to get uploaded. I will likely also pick up the submarine invigorate bra if it gets uploaded to try. I really wanted to love the FTB Serene but the straps are horrendously long on me, so keeping my fingers crossed for the razzle energy bra. Although I now have bon bon, rasp glo, jewled magenta and boom juice so not sure if razzle is too close.

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