Lululemon Limited Edition Collaboration Taryn Toomey

Sorry I don’t have more images to share about the Lululemon Limited Edition Collaboration Taryn Toomey. I thought had an article about this last month in which they had a video featuring a lot of the pieces (including a pretty floral), and sadly I didn’t keep it book marked and now it’s gone. I wonder if Well & Good negotiated exclusivity.

The capsule will be uploaded online July 6, and in select stores (Robson st. for Vancouver). The beige and nude items don’t intrigue me much because it will wash me out but I am interested in the pretty floral pieces I had seen. The top shown here looks to be a silky mesh, which is great for a sweaty workout but I’m not sure the floweyness of this top or the halter style straps are good for me for burpees and such – especially if you have to knot the back to make it work. I’ve read that The Class by Tara Tooney involves an awful lot of burpees so these pieces must be functional for boot camp style workouts.
Do you plan on buying any of these pieces? Will they have premium pricing?

Lululemon Limited Edition Collaboration Taryn Toomey

Lululemon Taryn Toomey



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  1. Googling this chick has me bored to tears. I guess tops that barely cover my nipples are supposed to be functional? If all the tops are tied like that, it will be an easy pass for me, since that’s LLL’s biggest ‘tell’ that something is ill-fitting or poorly made. I’m seeing talk elsewhere of a ‘meditation cloak’ (there isn’t an eye-roll big enough) and a thong-cut body suit. I guess I was wrong in thinking collaborations were supposed to be interesting and innovative. Her brand also doesn’t feel relatable or authentic to me at all. I’m happy to be spending my money elsewhere at this point.

    1. I agree with you but that jargon is what resonates with a certain demographic that they are chasing. There is definitely a formula for marketing these days within fashion. The over 33 crowd (which is not an insignificant 50% of their customer, and where I fit in) reacts in the opposite way to this type of jargon. It’s the antithesis of ‘just do it’.

      1. I’m a ‘millennial’ having just turned 30, and in a dual income, no kids household I’d assume I’d be well within their target market. I love quality basics and neutral colors, but that’s not really why I started shopping at LLL, and things have just gotten too trendy and low quality. I just picked up several things from the Carbon38 Sayang collection and love them. In general, I am willing to spend on things that are creative or unique (but not necessarily trendy), or high quality things that will simply look good for the long haul. LLL used to be really good at these things, but their pieces are increasingly non-technical, and for me they’re not at all competitive in the casual/athleisure sphere given their prices, styles and quality.

        1. Agreed!! I haven’t been to a Lulu store in a long time and I was horrified to see a cold shoulder style tee there today. It’s all too trendy now. I used to like Lulu for their timeless, feminine pieces and now much of feels like cheap, throw away pieces from Forever 21.

    2. Yeah I agree about the market. This is supposed to resonate with a younger crowd. The gyms I go to, has very youthful, moneyed crowd. Think millennial pink, Carbon38 and all mesh everything. I can totally see members falling all over this collab.

    3. I agree with you 100%. Absolutely not authentic. And yes so boring – someone who needs to be in ‘the class’ to scream or yell has no life and needs to go to ‘the class’ to have one. Someone who is ‘selling wellness’ in her ‘crystals’ for thousands and does not wear a bra to a work out class. Please. Nothing I can wear when I work out. But I guess she’s laughing all the way to the bank with her ‘collab’ and a new studio. So what do we know?

  2. Yup beige and neutrals are not my colours but florals might be nice. These pieces seem so slinky that i likely wouldnt feel comfortable in showing off some mummy tummy…though i do have rock solid butt thighs etc from body pump…not sure i can pull these off. Also is she wearing a bra with these pieces….at 34c i am not sure it would be pretty not to mention painful to have my ladies bouncing during a work out. I am excited to see line and hopefully floral pieces will surprise me.

  3. These items look totally nonfunctional to wear to actually work out in. I refuse to buy any top that needs to be tied to look right and don’t want my boobs hanging out the side of any top. Yep, in the older demographic too and I’m just no longer understanding what is happening at LULU. I just want Turbo Run Shorts back again with original CRBs in a bunch of fun and bright (aka happy) colors.

    1. All of this. and add that I’d like the Groovy Run Shorts back too, please.

      Now, I did end up knotting my top this morning on my very HOT run, but it is definitely not the norm. I was self-conscious the entire time that my mom belly was horrifying the very few people I saw.

      1. Love my Groovy Run Shorts, just wore them yesterday. I have only two pairs, black and inkwell and I love the 4 1/2″ inseam.

  4. A google search isn’t giving me much. I’m hoping maybe there is some ivory in there. Everything I do see seems pretty bland and color-less. But I wouldn’t mind a nice ivory tank.

  5. This reminds me of the horrendous stuff that Kanye west came out with a while ago, beige and fawn and not flattering on anyone with curves

  6. Yeah… not for me. I’m in the older demographic, so that may be the problem, but if I want something flowy and non-supportive, I just head to dance shops. Most dance manufacturers make much prettier, more flattering clothes that usually doesn’t break the bank.

    If you like the look of this, check Capezio and Body Wrappers. They make lots of nude pieces for layering and may have some things you love.

  7. I am in older demographics , but I do like neutrals, flowy pieces and I’m tieing my tanks when I work out . I think it depends on your personal style. I also like trendy workout clothes mostly because I’m not planning to wear them for more than a couple of years anyways so why not. I also like Kanye West collection that somebody mentioned ha ha. Let’s be positive , life is too short to get frustrated about gym wear

    1. I agree; I’m going to reserve my opinion until I actually see the collection and try things on. I’m in the older demographic and I like trendier pieces. As much as I like the oldies, it’s nice to have something on trend. I love fashion and have always been that way. While most of my pieces are functional, on occasion I like to have athletic gear just for fun.

  8. I don’t mind the beige colour for leggings but I don’t like the tank colour (1st pic) at all. I steer clear of light beige/cream colours in tops. I think their marketing of this collaboration mimics fashion runway shows where a lot of clothing is shown in the extreme opposite to how it would be worn as streetwear. Here the tanks are worn without bras and are exposing a lot of skin and boob but when it hits LLL website I am sure they will be styled with bras because at LLL there is barely any design output these days that doesn’t expose their sports bras. This collaboration is right up their alley of cheaply designed tanks for the sole purpose of selling more sports bras. As for the heads up email promoting this collaboration, I won’t be waiting with baited breath for what looks to be another boring and plain new product drop.

  9. I am a very fit person/lead a very active life in general. I don’t workout in or otherwise wear stuff as featured in this post. I am not even remotely interested in it or even Googling more images. The LLL that I used to love is long done, I fully accept that. I have moved on (that started 2+ years ago and I’m just about to purge some more). I barely look at the website but I do stay somewhat informed looking at the blogs. I hardly go into the stores anymore.

    An example of moving on is Eagle Rock Werkshop. They are having a 20% off SALE (promo code on their site) until tomorrow, July 4th. I was keeping my eye out for a sale. I just ordered a couple of items, including some very fun leggings (I went for something more timeless and classic; and a pair of the shorter joggers), and I’m in Canada. Yes, for this I am willing to suck up the cad/usd conversion. It’s not likely that I’ll order from here too frequently, but at least I am getting something truly unique and wonderfully artistic, and by all accounts, superior quality.

    1. I have seen that stuff before , definitely not my thing, I prefer classier pieces that I could wear outside of gym. But I see why you are moving on from lulu.

      On a side note though from my personal observation I noticed that even though people keep asking for “color” , but I’m not seeing color items selling at all. Faded Zap, Razzle, etc

      1. All the pink energy bras sold out fairly fast as did veridian green items. I Know when I ask for color I want a color story and not just a random tank to wear with black.

        1. I dont care for neon colours they have been putting out or the repeats…but ice milk colour and toothepaste were winners….

      2. I think part of the problem is that they don’t release cohesive color stories like they used to, and they are trying to re-brand old colors with new names. They also release ‘different’ colors that are practically the same much too close together. For me personally, I don’t wear pink anything, so those items are a total non-starter for me and always have been when it comes to LLL. They also just don’t release a wide enough variety of items in different colors – how many sports bras do I need, especially when everything else being sold is just the same old black, gray, and navy? Imagine how many items they would have sold in a colors like quicksand or veridian green had they just expanded the offerings to be a bit more in this color, or if they infused more color into the endless array of interchangeable black and white patterned bottoms. Hell, I’d even start buying things in black and gray again if they had anything interesting about them, but without the details that made LLL what it was, my money is better spent elsewhere. I wrote about the Carbon38 collection above, and those items are only available in neutrals, yet they are just so gorgeous in person thanks to the special details and design. No color required.

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