Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!

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Mrs. O’s Fit Review:

Train Times Crop

Train Times CropTrain Times CropTrain Times Crop

Surprisingly, I really like this print on.  I wasn’t sure if I would because the last few prints LLL put out have started to lose their luster, i.e., aerial drift.  After having tried these on, I will be returning my aerial drift WU.  I find sometimes where the pattern repeats (especially if it’s a light and dark pattern) the placing is awkward.  For instance, the concrete jungle kept hitting at my knees and it looked like I had knee patches; same with the aerial drift.  So, I usually order multiples to check out the pattern and see how they land on my legs.  This pattern did not hit at awkward places.  Probably because it is more geometric than swirly or squiggly with the colors fading from light to dark and vice versa.  This print is printed on light gray but is really opaque.  It was not sheer at all in my TTS.  The only thing you may notice is the light gray slightly coming through when you bend your knees.  But you really have to bend them a lot.  Normal walking and slight bends won’t show the light gray underneath.
I like the new train times crop.  The mesh is placed at a flattering angle so I think it makes your leg seem slimmer.  It was just enough mesh to break up the pattern.  There’s a nice bit of compression to this crop so you feel really held in.  It is snug but not too snug.  The waist is high and hits at the narrowest part of your waist (at least it did for me).  It did not dig in like some of the other crops that have come out lately.  The waist is smooth and is not sewn on the top.  It was a bit snug to get over the hips but once on, it was fine.  If the train times crop came in royal or dark forest, I would get another pair.
Wunder Under Hi Rise Tight Transition Multi MidnightWunder Under HR Tight Transition Multi Midnight
I tried on the WU to see if I would like this pattern on a full length.  I did like the patter but I preferred the train time crop in this pattern.  Partly because I think the full length in this pattern made my thighs look bigger and the pattern was solid (rather than having mesh break it up).  I’m also partial to crops.

Again, these were not sheer in my TTS.  It had a nice compression.  The WU were not as difficult to get up over my hips as the train time crops.  But I liked the fit of the waist of the train time crops better.  Honestly, I’m not sure why.  It might be just where the waist hit.  I find that high-waisted WU hit slightly too high for me and sometimes roll down on me.


Simply Bare Untight TightSimply Bare Untight Tight
I’ve been meaning to try on the untight tight for awhile.  I’ve been looking for a pair of looser fitting casual pants with a straight leg.  Lately, it seems like a lot of the joggers, and the like, have cuffs.  I wanted something that didn’t have a cuff.  Generally, I like to size up in LLL’s looser fitting pants.  It’s just a preference because I like them to be loose everywhere, especially my thighs.  I was told by the ed to get my TTS (she said that’s the way they should fit) but I liked the way the 6 looked better.  I even sized up to an 8 but it was way too loose in the waist and I knew I’d be pulling them up all the time.  But I did like the looseness of the legs.  These tights are very long.  I tucked them under in the photos.  I would probably have to cut off 3-4 inches.  The simply bare tight is made of nulu (same as aligns) so it felt like I wasn’t wearing much and the fabric was super soft.  But I prefer a slightly thinker fabric for pants like these.  I didn’t get these because I think the legs could have been a straighter cut.  Because I have big thighs, tapered pants (unlike tights) make my hips and thighs look wider.  I would have preferred if the leg started to widen right above the knee rather than below the knee.  I think that would have given a straighter leg.  I also tried on the Sun Setter Untight Tight.  (I realized I forot to take pictures when I got home).  I preferred the cut of the sun setter untight tight better and even though it is made with nulu, it seemed thicker.

Any of you ladies have suggestions for an untight tight you love?  Doesn’t have to be LLL.

  1. Mr.O thanks for the fit review. I also think that the Train Times Crops look better on you than the pants in the same print. I’m curious, what is the white top you’re wearing on the pictures? Is it Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve (Breeze)?

      1. Yes, it is the swiftly tech ls breeze. I did a fit review for it. I ended up keeping it over the mind over miles ls. Apparently, the breeze version is seasonal. I only wish the breeze had thumb holes.

  2. Mrs O. have you tried the “Out to Lounge Untight Tight” (I didn’t even realize there was this third option until your review, so thank you. I was initially confused why we had 3 different untight tights that all seem the same to me, except the out to lounge is Luon , and the sun setter and barely there are Nulu…from your review I gather the fit is slightly different in all 3?)

    Anyways, I sized down in my Out to Lounge Untight Tight, so they are not as loose in the legs, but not as tight as regular work out tights and I have to say I LOVE them. And I would have never have even thought about buying them if not for some photos from this blog that highlighted them.

    1. No, I have not. I might like the Luon better. I was just in the store returning a few things and didn’t realize there was a third option. I did try on the train times crop in dark forest and unfortunately, they were sheer on me. Even a size up. Not sure why the solid color would be sheer and not the printed one.

      Next time I’m in the store (probably next week), I will definitely try on the out to lounge untight tight. Thanks for the recommendation!

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