I’m really loving these action shots of the new Luluemon run gear. The Train Time Crops in Transitional Multi Midnight especially.

Train Times Crop

Train Times CropTrain Times CropTrain Times CropTrain Times Crop

Lean In Tank

Train Times Crop, Lean In TankTrain Times Crop

Lean In Tank

Lean In TankLean In TankLean In Tank

Run With It Jacket, Lean In Short

We haven’t seen many photos of the Run With It Jacket. Lululemon has done so many sheer white jackets like this over the years but they’ve never tempted me.

Run With It JacketLean In ShortsLean In Tank, Lean In Short

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  1. does anyone know if the hi rise speed shorts were uploaded to the Canadian site on Tuesday? I know they were in the United States. I love them and will hunt them down in a store if they have sold out. Thanks!

  2. liking the run gear but not sure how tempted i am to buy. re the run with it jacket, it literally looks like the girl has a plastic bag tied around her waist… like the ones you get when you visit niagara falls …

  3. The problem I find with jackets in this thin fabric is that it sticks to your skin the second you sweat. I like it when they line this fabric with lightweight mesh fabric.

  4. Yes I like these modeling photos better than the lulu website where half the models are 0% body fat and 0% muscle; sure that’s fine if that’s what you want to look like, more power to you, but I want to see workout wear modeled by people who work out. Beautiful photos above.

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