I ordered all three colors of the Sun Setter Sports bra knowing that I would probably only get to keep one, but I really wanted my pick of best colors. and although I really like this bra and I like all of the colors I’m pretty sure I am just keeping it in black.  I’ve been reading some initial reviews and it seems that some people are finding the straps too long, which is also causing some boob sagging and lack of support. Because I have a long torso and long bust to shoulder span, the straps are just right for me. If you are a true hourglass, beware of the straps – they will be long on you and likely unsupportive.  I find this bra extremely comfortable in the traps and back area and although it’s not a high impact bra at all, it’s comfortable enough for me to wear for a moderately intense workout such as weightlifting, or some cardio, or even just casual wear. I don’t like or need high compression bra – I mostly need lift, moderate support and something modest that doesn’t flatten me or give me weird boob shape or that I spill out of. I love that this bra is sexy, but still is very modest in coverage. I definitely wouldn’t wear this for a long run since I do have some movement – but it’s only slightly less supportive than an Energy Bra as long as the straps fit well. Below I have some photos of the bra layered under a tank so you can see how the neckline looks. I like that this bra gives an new layering option for tops, oversized muscle tanks or off the shoulder tee shirts.

Sun Setter Bra – Black, Royal and Deep Forest

Sun Setter Bra

Sun Setter BraSun Setter BraSun Setter BraSun Setter BraSun Setter BraSun Setter Bra

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  1. LLM, you are really making me consider this bra. When I saw it in store, I thought the neckline was too high. On you, it looks great. I love the royal on you. If I were to choose 2 colors it would be royal and black. Black is so versatile and royal is so fun. It looks great layered under a tank. BTW, you look awesome!

    I wish I was as brave as you to do a bra fit review. Maybe I’ll get the courage. I really like the Lean in Bra I just got. It has a lot more support than I expected. Probably because of the double band. It’s not a high impact bra for running but has decent support for most other activities.

    I love your nail polish! What brand and color?

    1. Thanks!! Definitely not brave, I am just trying not to think about it too much. I would keep the royal and the black except last night I decided to order the Lean In Bra as well and give that a try. I don’t think the Lean In Bra will work for my cup size but I hope it does because it’s very pretty and I’d love it for wearing casually. Do you find there is a lot of cleavage showing with the lean in, and that the bra cups are very widely set?

      The nail polish is Shellac CDN I believe, and it’s one layer of black with mirrored dust layered on top (chrome I think?) They opened up a nail salon very close to my house and the prices are so reasonable so I decided to give the shellac a try for my first time ever.

      1. LLM, I believe I’m the same cup size as you (32/34 D). When I sized up (8), the coverage was much better. I’m finding the newer, more delicate shaped bras have been a size up for me. It definitely gives you more cleavage (like a regular bra that’s cut low in the front); the cups held me in so I didn’t worry about falling out. The cups on the lean in bra was not set too widely like the all day breeze bra. I think you may like this bra for casual wear.

        Thanks for the polish info. I’m going to have to try it out.

  2. Thanks for the fit review of this bra because it has me thinking it could work well under tanks I have that show more skin than I like so this bra would help give more coverage. This bra looks really nice on you and I like how it comes up fairly high under the arm. My problem will probably be that the straps are too long. What do think of the mesh LLM, is it soft, scratchy, stretchy? The Royal Blue is such a gorgeous colour on you so I would be so tempted to get the Royal if you were thinking of getting two of these bras. The black will be a great piece you will probably get quite a bit of wear out of for both workouts and casual wear.

    1. Thanks! The mesh is very soft and silky. Lululemon sometimes does rough icky mesh but this one is just right for a bra.

  3. LLM, that bra looks awesome on you! Plus I do like all 3 colours as well! It looks like you can wear it with all types of tops! Thank you for your reviews on it! 🙂

  4. Yayyy! Thats for posting this review!!!

    I LOVE the bra–I got the black one yesterday and am dying to wear it by itself (i just have to get over myself and free the belly button! lol).

    It’s so pretty! I have pretty much the exact same review as you–the straps are long but i seriously have the hugest traps of anyone I know, so it works for me. The two smaller straps slide around a little, but they aren very substantial anyways. Overall I find it VERY comfortable!

  5. Wow, well I agree with everyone the bra looks great on you – especially the royal, but I like the deep forest on you too! I ended up ordering the deep forest in a size down this morning. Between the long straps and me NOT being large busted, I didn’t think I’d have enough support in my usual size based on my other recent bra purchases. So the question will be whether a size down is too tight in the band. We shall see. Now you’re making me want it in royal too! I got the SS swiftly in royal and OMG it is so gorgeous I almost went back and ordered the LS too, but couldn’t justify it after also getting the sculpt tank in royal. It really is a beautiful color.

    1. When i saw royal blue swiftly i was surprised it had a grey cast to it. Reminded me of hawk blue from couple years ago…and jet set of more recent. Was not as vibrant as i expected. I did get blue tied crb today that is on wmtm and was surprised that it was like a dark charcoal grey….i love the colour….not sure what to wear with it lol

  6. I love the royal on you. Well, all the colours looks great but there is something special about the royal! Thanks for the review.

  7. I like that bra on you!!

    And after reading your comments, I’m thinking of trying the Lean In bra. After nursing three kids and losing weight, the girls are no longer perky (sorry TMI), so a lot of sports bras just smoosh me flat. I actually found some at Victoria’s Secret that are great for casual wear. But I much prefer lululemon fabrics.

    1. Oh, well, I have a recommendation for you. Don’t use the lululemon cookies. If you can find some (eBay maybe) the Lorna Jane bra cookies are way, way better.

      1. I love the lorna jane bras!!! I think they are cuter & more unique than the lululemon bras nowadays…. however they are more pricey. But definetly more supportive & I’m only a B cup!

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