Amazing reader ‘Mrs. O’ has shared with us some fit reviews with the help of her awesome husband taking photos for us. Huge thank you to the both of them!!

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Mrs. O’s Fit Review:

Speed Shorts Aerial DriftCardero Tank

Aerial Drift Speed ShortsAerial Drift Speed ShortsAerial Drift Speed Shorts

I really like this pattern in the speeds.  I think it’s a bit much on a full length tight.  In the speeds, the pattern had greenish tones to it.  So, it really brought out the blue rather than the grays.  I was wondering if any of you ladies have noticed the speeds are bit tighter than the older version.  Or maybe it’s just me.  My TTS in shorts is 6.  I sized up in the speeds and liked the fit better.  So, now, my TTS in speeds will be an 8.  I noticed online that they have high-rise speeds.  The store didn’t have them so I’m going to wait until next week to check again before ordering them online.  I think having the high-rise waist will solve part of my speed problem.  Let me know if any of your stores received the high-rise speeds.  I’m curious to know if it’s only going to be an online option.

Cardero Tank  The eds convinced me that a size up in the cordero tank would be ok (they didn’t have it in my TTS) but it is going back tomorrow.  I purposely wore it wearing a white bra (and exposing more skin in the front than I usually wear things) so that you could see how low cut it is.  When I tried my TTS in white, the straps weren’t as long.  So, I’m undecided on the cordero tank because if I want a pima cotton tank, I really like the love tank.  Just so you know, the cordero tank is long like the love tank.  A definite plus.

Hotty Hot Shorts II Deep Forest

Hotty Hot Short II Deep ForestHotty Hot Short II Deep ForestHotty Hot Short II Deep Forest

These are the redesigned Hotty Hot Short (without the tie in the front) in Dark Forest.  The legs in the redesigned version is slightly narrower.  I feel like my other hotty hot shorts are a bit looser in the legs.  But it could also be because they have stretched out a bit after wearing them.  These were TTS and comfortable.  The waist band seemed softer and had a bit more give in it.  The Swiftly Tech T-Back is TTS, although because of the t-back, the arm holes are bigger and the tank is looser across the chest than the swifty tech tank.  It also seemed a bit looser around the waist than my other swiftly tanks.  I’ll have to try them on back to back to make sure.


  1. Cardero tank is definitely size down item for me! It was very roomy with my tts.
    I felt the same with being littlw tighter on new hotty hot.
    I downsize original hotty hot but it was little uncomfortable with hotty hot ii. I tries my tts and it felt great. I’m sure your original hotty hot is not stretched out because I bought original hotty hot size 2 and new hotty hot ii size 4 on the same day.

    1. Yoginitiff, that’s good to know. So, I wasn’t imagining it. I may go try on an 8 in the new hotty hot to see if I like that fit better. Thanks for the info!

  2. I was surprised about all the light olive cast in the aeriel drift. It didnt have the streaks of intense blue that the wups and bra have. Im not sure about shorts but i thought if i wear a vibrant blue crb with shorts it may bring out the green more than the blue. I have a bit of a booty and so shorts can be snug on bum but my thighs are narrow and therefore the leg opening on speeds becomes a bit much when i size up… So i stay tts but everyone has to size according to their body type.

    1. Gymmie, I was surprised too. It’s especially noticeable when you put it side by side. I think, depending on what color you wear on top, it will bring out a different tone. In addition to bright blues, I think wearing green on top or another complementary color may bring out the greens, like a red orange, salmon, red purple or a blue green.

      I can see why the speeds might be too wide in the leg for you given your dilemma. (Something I’m sure most of us envy — me included). Because the speeds are wide in the leg, they work for me. My problem with the speeds is where the waist hits my waist. It hits right at the spot that will create a horrible muffin top. If it was a half to one inch higher, it would be perfect. I’m hoping the high-rise will do the trick.

      1. Same problem for me on the speeds. I bought two pair of the high rise last year and it just pushes the roll a little high up. Lol. I ordered the perforated speeds and they are cut smaller as well. When compared with several of my older speeds the waist and leg openings were each smaller. Not a ton but enough to change the fit and comfort for me. I also have the muffin top problem with my speed shorts and I hate it but sizing up makes the whole short to big. I hate that I have to wear a looser shirt to disguise the problem….that rules out all my crb’s. Bummer to hear the hotty hots are smaller too. thanks for the fit reviews! I keep looking at the Pima tank. I did not care for the t back swiftly at all…the blue and Forrest look good together

        1. KLO, it’s always nice to hear that I’m not the only one with these issues. It’s strange how just a little tweak here and there can change the whole fit of the item. Don’t get me started on liners. LOL. I’ve given up wearing solid colored speeds because of the liners. You can hide a slight muffin top but not VPL.

          I’m undecided on the cardero tank. I’m going to try it in my TTS before I completely rule it out. I like the thin straps and the v-neck. I do love the pima cotton love tank. I wish it came in brighter colors.

      2. I think they look good on you…not pulling tight anywhere. Yup i have same issue…baby fat and get a bit of muffin top…but sizing up i swim in them because of leg opening. Lol i do squats and lunges 5x a week for 4 yrs and cant get bigger upper thighs…lol which i would like…would make my hips and abs look smaller. I have a wide waist due to baby fat and a tiny bit of weight that is where i struggle with waistband. I wear size down crb to help flatten or disguise it a bit.

        1. Gymmie, I long for the days when I didn’t have a little poof around my middle. Age and drastic changes in diet (forced diet change due to health condition) prevents me from completely leaning out like I used to be able to do.

  3. I bought the aerial drift speeds and really love the fit as its more tight fitting and reminds me of speeds a few years back. The recent speeds tend to be baggier and I will gauge pictures of the models and will not buy speeds that tend to look bigger.

  4. SUPER LOVE that caredero tank. Honestly, given how it is modeled on the site I wouldn’t have looked twice but I really need some tanks with thinner straps for outside activities this summer (HATE tan lines from thicker straps). I’m going to have to pick one up!

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