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I was really naughty and placed a rather large order on Tuesday’s upload, but I blame it on Lululemon’s new 30 day return policy. I actually hadn’t noticed the Black Grape Pace Rivals until after I already checked out, and then I took an entire day to decide I should probably just try them on.  I love Pace Rivals but I haven’t liked the prints very much and I prefer when the mesh is more subtle and not contrasted. It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen a pretty solid coloured Pace Rival without any funky contrasting. I tried these on with a tee shirt that has some rose gold detailing on it and now I’m obsessed with finding rose gold sandals to go with these Pace Rivals (or with the Fast And Free 7/8 Tights). I think it will also look great with my Muted Mauve Essential Tank and my Heathered Barkberry Scuba. The fit was my usual TTS 10 and they passed the squat test for opacity. If you are a fan of Pace Rivals and Black Grape speaks to you as it does me, you should try these on. 

I’ve got a variety of natural light pictures here for you so you can see the true color. Black Grape is a really deep intense dark purple. I’m still working on my photography skills so bear with me. My camera is not compatible at all with a shutter remote so I have to use this infuriating app to take pictures – hence the giant iPhone 7 I’m starring at in each picture. Derp!

 Pace Rival Crops Black Grape

  1. I like them on you. I got mine today and will likely return. I don't like the bonded pocket seam. It seemed too noticeable maybe because it's the first solid color I've tried in pace rivals. I did order athlete's striped relay Capri. I have never tried the relay line. I hope I like them.

  2. Those look nice on you. I too made a very large purchase on Tuesday and have another shopping cart full of items. Like you, it's because of the return policy. Now I've been buying things, then waiting to see if that certain color or pattern come in other styles so I can decide later.

    Question: do you wear LLL shorts? I have muscular legs like you and I was wondering if any LLL shorts work for you and what size.

    1. I do! I really like Tracker Shorts and Sole Training Shorts for working out. Last year I wore last years version of the Sole Training shorts for Seawheeze and they worked perfectly. For casual wear I really like the On The Fly shorts. I haven't purchased yet but I'd really like to at some point before they are sold out.

  3. Oh no! I didn't notice the bonded pocket seam. Now I have to compare that to my Tofino Teal ones and see if they are the same construction. I love my Tofino teal ones.

  4. Thx for outdoor pics and all of your effort you put into the reviews. I like seeing the colour astrue to life as possible as it is helpful. I did just get fandf in black swan as i didnt think pace rival were available too in canada. I have some black swan crops from a couple years ago and find that i am not drawn to that colour as i only have worn them 2 times. So for 138 i likely will return in hopes of fun patterns to come.

  5. Nice to see outdoor pics for fit reviews to see colours in natural light. I like the Pace Rivals on you and I bet you get a lot of wear out of them, loving them in black grape.

    I received my order yesterday and I absolutely love the colour black current especially in the swift fabric of the Tracker Shorts. I was going to cut the description/price tag off when I saw that the plastic end was inside the waistband with no way to get it out so I am going to visit a store today to see if I can replace them with another pair that doesn't have this issue. The last thing I want is that plastic poking me in the waist every time I wear them. I see that the Anew Shorts that have the same waistband as the Trackers has a waist pocket which I would like to see in the Tracker short instead of the zipper pocket on the leg or do both. I love the waistband but always wished it had a pocket. I also got the black current s/s Sole Training top and again I love this colour and the fact that this top is uv protection. My only issue is the short length so I am not going to cut the tags off yet. I always wear a waist belt to hold my water bottle and I need to see if it's going to be an issue with the short length. I got the Love Tee Crew in Dark Forest and love the colour, it looks really good with black current. Thanks LLM for giving us the 411 on pima cotton price reductions so when I received my order I saw I was invoiced $54. and the website said $48. but what was even stranger was the price tag said $68.??? I called GEC and got the price adjustment no problem. All in all I am very pleased with my purchases and hope to see more black current, black grape and dark forest.

  6. I bought the Pace Rivals also. Why is the bonded pocket a bad thing? I'm not being snarky, I want to know. LOL I already took the tag off because I love them!! I like F&F's also, but since I have those in a pant, I feel like they are more winter -wear and I don't want the high waist for running. That would drive me crazy. I can't for the life of me remember what the blue color is that I have them in, but too close to have another pair of blue F&F's.

  7. Would you say that black currant has more brown tones in it compared to black swan? I thought black swan was closer to navy blue but its not…

    1. Yes I would say Black Current has more red in it (which you are seeing as brown). It's more of a mauve purple. I really like it too, it's more subdued.

  8. I also bought the Black Grape Pace Rivals, and noticed that the color code on my tag said BSWN, which sounded suspiciously like "Black Swan". I asked an ed, just to make sure that I didn't get the wrong color, and she said that that is indeed the color code for Black Grape. So, just a heads up if anyone else saw that and had the same thought process as me!

    1. Huh…the more you know! The ed that I talked to didn't mention anything about them being the same color, but that was my thought going into the conversation

    2. Black grape is black swan. It's the generally accepted story that when Black Swan first came out around the same time or a year later than the Black Swan movie, lululemon's use of the colour name infringed on copyright for that movie, so they had to rebrand the colour to 'black grape'. They just didn't change the colour code.

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