PSA:*Make sure to check out with EBATES online (referral commissions are earned). Don’t forget the holiday return period is now in effect. You’ve got until January 8th to make returns. 
**Apple Pay promotion seems to be back on. If you spend $150 and check out on Apple Pay you will get a $25 gift card emailed to you. 

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I forgot to use the ebates checkout again but I learned that you can quickly activate a cash back session and then go to ‘Help’, and ‘Where’s My Cash Back’ and input your purchase. 

I ordered the Ombre Wunder Under Pants today and was tempted by the Cinder Lace Wunder Unders. Really loving that Cinder Lace print and I hope we see a tank with it, maybe a Sculpt Tank.

Ombre Wunder Under Pant

Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Tech Mesh

Wunder Under Pant Hi Rise Mini Cinder Lace

Scuba Hoodie IV

Cool Racerback Infinite

Cool Racerback II

Hit It Short

Wunder Short II

Tracker Short IV

Both Ways Bra

On Track Bra – Astro Blue

Swiftly Tech

Scuba Hoodie III

Wunder Under Pant Ombre Black Cherry

Outrun 17″ Crop

Fleece Be True Crew

Energy Bra

Free To Be Tranquil Bra

Pace Rival Crop

Wunder Under Pant Laser Cut

    1. I realise there is the FOMO but Boxing Day is coming. Given LLL's latest pricing moves, the price drop may not be that great compared to prior years, however, it might pay to wait. I think they are in desperate mode so I myself will gamble.

    2. Thank you for calling this out! I was able to grab the black grape anytime tee I missed out on. Totally underrated tee! I visited WMTM this morning and it wasn't there.

  1. So glad I saw your post – thank you! I ordered the ombre WUP's and the Physically fit black crops which I was considering. To top it off 8% Ebates and I was able to use Apple Pay finally!

  2. Thanks lulumum!! I was able to order the tech mesh wunder unders. I missed out because I thought it was out of my comfort zone the first time and regretted it. So excited.

  3. I ordered Tech mesh just to try, pace rivals in mosaic, ombré WU, and lace WU. I tried using apply pay through Ebates on all my devices, but it won't come up. Called GEC , and all they could tell me is that to uninstall Apple Pay , keep refreshing and call apple. I spent 38 min on hold with Apple and finally gave up and checked out without Apple Pay .

  4. Which ones are the mosaic pace rivals? I don't see that color name. Is it this one? shatter weave desert teal alberta lake/black

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I think they were the ones uploaded to Canadian WMTM. They are black with the white and black "miss mosaic" print waistband.

  5. Hi Lulumum! Can you please explain a little bit more on how you didn't use Ebates to make a purchase, but was able to add it later? Thank you! 🙂

    1. I think you need to have the app (shown in this post where you get a pop up reminding you that there are ebates available. If you check out of Lululemon but forgot to click the pop up you can click it after and record a shopping trip that way. Then you go to the ebates website and click on 'help' and manually enter in your shopping purchase with an order number, date, total etc.

    2. you can also do this without the app on the regular site– theres a link for wheres my cash back – and you can input your order number amount and a coy of email order and they will credit you

  6. Ordered the ombre, and black and blue tech mesh to try. I suspect they will be returned, but with the holiday return period it's worth giving them a try! Mostly just looking forward to not seeing tech mesh selling for $250 on ebay, etc. anymore haha.

  7. The only aspect I like is the Astro Blue colour, however that is too much bra for me (very light busted). I like the LS Lace patterned Swiftly. Fortunately I have one that is similar looking (better, imho) from a few years ago; and it is solid with zero snags.

    Very little appeals to me here and that does not surprise me. My detachment from Lululemon grows. I personally do not care for the Cinder Lace pattern. It looks awful in the shorts. Looks like someone has just put on lingerie/cami tap short.

    What is this abominable Fleece Be True Crew? One of the saddest, most dumpy articles of clothing EVER!

    Irrelevant I know to complain about more mesh. Ick.

  8. I noticed that there are quite a number of exact same stock photos of the Tech Mesh WUP showing up on Instagram from different accounts all with the same kind of gushing message saying things like "they're back" and yay super excited and special edition release, etc kind of things. Seems strange and like they're being asked to push them if you ask me.

  9. Ordered the ombré wups and black tech mesh. I'll see how they fit… Not committing yet. Not worried about Boxing Day, I'll keep my tags on until the end of the return period. This was my first "splurge" in a loooong time. It helped I had a coupon code. But, I didn't let myself go crazy. Dropping a couple hundred on workout clothes around Xmas feels icky.

  10. Question!
    Scuba 3, or scuba 4?
    I live far away from any lulu store; can't try one on so relying on you lovely ladies. What's the biggest differneces?
    And I'm guessing the terry one is just thinner?

    1. I don't own any yet, but i've tried on both and the main difference is just the 4 is a looser fit than the 3. And the material of the 4 is softer (or thinner i think). I see some reviews that said the arms area is tight for the 4, but i personally didn't experience that when i tried it at the store.

  11. Coupon code? I wish I had a coupon….doesn't seem fair….and then some will turnaround and sell on boards for more than they paid after using the items….for us suckers who don't get discounts. Lol…I spend a ton..maybe I should register to be a personal trainer at my gym so I can get the discount too. Lol.

    1. Same here. I spend a ton too and never get any of these discounts either. A lot of these discounts they're doing don't really seem fair to me, the ones like sending out random gift cards, in store events, etc. I also choose not to use ebates since I value my personal info and privacy more than a discount, and don't use Apple Pay either for similar reasons. Also am not signed up for emails because I don't like being bombarded with junk mail. I really feel like they should have some kind of Lululemon rewards card which would be fair imo for everyone. For ex. for every certain amount you spend you get a certain amount of points that you can then use to get a discount once you get so many points.

    2. yeah, I'm kinda frustrated about these discounts some people get too. If you are a professional then I'm ok. But some regular customers seem to get codes with no explanation on why they got them. God knows I spend enough at Lulu and I never received a code.
      I am signed up for emails (Lulu, updates, ebates, you name it), so it's not like they don't know I exist. Extremely unfair!

    3. Sorry, I should have clarified. I didn't get any of the special invites this Fall or gift cards as others have mentioned. I would have posted the code, but it was a one time use for being R&D and I think it was bc I haven't been in store for a long while (I had been purchasing weekly before). Not sure how they decide to divy things up. Consider myself lucky for receiving it at this time. If it was a code I could share, believe me I would have posted it for everyone!!

    4. anon 5:24pm please do not feel bad about having an R&D code!!! I think it is great that lulu recognizes your hard work!!
      I feel frustrated about lulu giving discounts and gift cards randomly to regular customers. I think these should be handled like any other retailer, publish the promo so that everyone can access it. right now they are not being transparent and this translates in people perceiving the whole situation as being very shady and unfair. like, we selected a few that deserve it, you are the chosen ones.

    5. Yes, totally agree with anon 9:51PM. I commented previously(7:33AM), but in no way was I implying that I was frustrated with R&D receiving a discount. That doesn't bother me at all. It's everything else. Anon 9:51 said it well.

  12. The Fleece Be True crew looks similar to the Om & Roam Pullover from a couple of years ago. Except the Om & Roam was a lot cuter and more feminine looking and not as boxy.

    There are no words for how much I do not like the CRB II. It's awful. It doesn't even look that good on the back with the skinny racerback part anymore. It just looks odd and out of place actually.

    1. I don't mind CRBII, but would like it a whole lot more if the back part was as wide as the back part on the original CRB. That's really the only thing I don't like about it and would change if I had a choice. I don't mind the length but didn't mind the length of original either, both lengths are fine with me. I do however very much prefer the higher cut front on the CRBII.

    2. I'm with you Anon 8:08. I cannot stand the CRBii and will never buy one. I particularly disklike the back and the shoddy trim around the neckline. CRB original was perfect including the length. Perhaps the ONLY thing that the CRB original could have had tweaked, is the neckline. A tiny bit higher and that is all. It is fine on me; I'm very small busted. Yet I know for some more blessed ladies, a higher neckline would work better.

    3. I'm anon 8:08 and yes, if they made the neckline a bit higher the original CRB would have been beyond perfection! I'm also small busted and like to go up a size because I don't like everything super skin tight showing every lump and bump and I find I do have to pull them up a bit at times. The CRBII is just awful and yes, I hate that weird trim piece on the neckline too!

      I think my frustration with all of this is that I use my lulu for workouts. I rarely wear it for daily wear and it seems like little by little the great technical pieces have been discontinued or changed so much they no longer work well for me. Thankfully I have a decent amount of speeds and swiftly tanks but have had to move to other brands to get other stuff as it seems like "leisure" is taking over from the technical aspect.

  13. It's interesting that all the hype around the tech mesh pants are still not enough to sell them out online. I just checked and all sizes in both colors are available. A couple years ago these would've flown! I have 2 $100 gift cards from the summer I still haven't spent. Bummer…

  14. It's true these previously would have gone in an instant. I'm not into them at all. I think they have fallen off the radar for some people even if they were previously determined to acquire them. Or their desire and taste have changed. I'm sure some still have some gifts to buy and certainly gift cards will be given and spent…maybe.

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