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Sleet Sprinter Jacket TTS 10, and sized up to a 12

I liked the Sleet Sprinter Jacket today. It’s got a very streamlined elegant look with the pleated back and taped zipper. I have the &Go Anorak from a few years ago that I got on sale and it has similar stylings so I didn’t come home with this, but I did like the overall shape of the jacket.  I needed a size up in this to layer over a RULU long sleeve and so that the bottom flared out nicely but the TTS was fine too. I don’t think the price point for this jacket is correct though – it’s not water proof despite having a taped zipper. The underarm panels are a polyester knit tech fleece so thats definitely an area where water will come in – but it’s nicely warm and soft on the inside. I think this will be great for cold winter runs that aren’t extremely wet. The zipper peep hole for a run watch is a really nice feature. Overall this jacket is really nicely designed specifically for run, while still having a really sophisticated urban look. This is something I’ll be watching for markdown. 

Sized up to a 12


Scuba Hoodie IV TTS 10

I’m sorry that I forgot to bring in my Scuba Hoodie III for comparison but I do have some fit observations on this one. I feel like it’s longer than my Barkberry Scuba in the same size, and possibly more relaxed fitting around the middle because of the added length. The material is thinner but it’s stretchy and very soft. I liked the fit of this overall and I don’t think it’s lesser than the Scuba III, but it is thinner. I ordered this last night because I love Nocturnal Teal, but after trying this scuba on I don’t really feel like I need it. It’s just not that special looking in person for $128. Had it had some special feature like rose gold zipper, or a beautifully embroidered logo, I may have felt the lust for it. 


Sculpt Tank II TTS 10

I didn’t think I’d like the updated fit of the Sculpt II but it’s actually not bad. It’s much less boxy in the chest and around the armholes since it cuts in more narrow. The length is nice and the fit around the middle is generous. My one complaint about it is I don’t like the amount of mesh that is in the back. I think the mesh on the original sculpt tank was prettier and more subtle. 


Outrun LS  sized up to 12

I tried this on in my TTS for a previous fit review but today I wanted to try on the size up. I much prefer this sized up and it came home with me. I’m starved for rulu long sleeves this year. I wish this was a little bit more like the Tuck & Flow LS and I wish it didn’t have that dropped seam at the arms, but otherwise I really like this LS, and in particular this color. I find this top has the softest and thickest rulu of all the rulu tops out this year.  It’s selling out online already which is unusual these days, so I opted to take advantage of the long holiday return period on this one. 

  1. is the scuba lV even thinner than scuba lll?! did I read it correctly LLM?
    just wow. people kept complaining about scuba lll being too thin already. so naturally Lulu made the next scuba even thinner.

  2. So bad, so generic. I can buy a poorly fitting, cheaply made hoodie with no details and non-flattering construction pretty much anywhere. The proportions are all wrong, and consideration of the female form has gone completely out the window. I think they're confusing "athleisure" with "cheap, sloppy, and forgettable." Bring back the Scuba II!

    1. I 100% agree. You look great, especially in the Sleet Sprinter, LLM. 🙂 (I would consider it on WMTM. I already have the Urbanite Blazer from maybe 3-4 years ago. Is this similar?)

      However, the Scuba 2 does not flatter your lovely form. I am petite with thick legs so I need my jacket to curve in at my waist or I look like a little box. Yep 12:02 — cheap and sloppy.

      Like others, I miss the original DSPs AND CRB as well as the Scuba 2. I would also love a revisit of the Be Present jacket, my favorite newer Lulu jacket. (It was released 2 winters ago in limited palette.)

    1. Wow, thank you! thats the compliment of a lifetime. lol! Lots of lunges, back squats and front squats. But with big booty comes big quads so that's not that great.

  3. I do like the softshell but splurged on last years model and love it's ruffle detailing. I'm sad it seems like lulu has given up on waterproof running attire. Thanks for your great fit reviews I'm gonna check out that rulu top!

  4. Will the Sleet Sprinter Jacket be warm enough for mid 20s and up? Is it stretchy? Do you think they'll release it in other colors besides black? I hate when they don't release all the colors at once because I don't want to miss out on my size while waiting to see if a different color comes out! Thanks in advance!

  5. Do you think the new sculpt tank has a decent amount of armpit room? It's hard to tell from pictures and I won't be into a store for a few more days. I never liked the original sculpt tank but I think this one looks great! Between that and the black chetry ATRP, my credit card is crying (and I start crossfit soon, which has been both my excuse for spending money – new clothes! – but the logical reason for saving it haha)

  6. The Sleet Sprinter Jacket has a watch hole on the left wrist ONLY, so that rules it out for me – like most left-handed people, I wear my watch on the right hand. Bummer, but I guess it saves me $248+…

    1. Same here. It also prevented me from purchasing the 5 mile LS when it was out. Not everyone is right handed Lulu (yes, I'm aware that us lefties are outnumbered, but still).

  7. Why not just bring back the Scuba II?! T_T to thin out fabric again? I wish they would say what they updated instead of being all vague. Thanks so much for these reviews, they're so helpful! Sometimes I walk in the LLL store and do not know where to begin.

  8. Thanks LLM for this fit review. I like the Outrun l/s on you and the colour is nice but the crewneck looks too low for my liking. I prefer rulu tops with a higher neckline. The Sleet Sprinter also looks nice but I think I will wait to see if it comes in another colour like deep indigo or grevvy but I doubt it will. I was wondering if there is much stretch to the fabric. I also don't like the price tag and will wait to see if it goes to WMTM. Thanks for the fit reviews, I always enjoy them.

  9. I REALLY wanted to love the outrun l/s, but I have a bit of a mommy ponch and this shirt highlighted it horribly! I also found the sleeves incredibly snug – I have fairly big shoulders and biceps, but this shirt felt tighter than most. Loved the colour and softness though! I ended up coming home with the purple rush hour l/s and black aligns. I've never tried the aligns and I hope they'll hold up for casual wear and light yoga practice. I may keep the tags on the rush hour l/s to see if it makes it to WMTM as they haven't been selling well. I have it in blue and get tonnes of wear out of it, so I'd snag a black on sale too!!

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