Think Fast Hoodie, Fresh Tracks Tights

Sleet Sprinter Jacket

Mantra Scarf

Run For Cold Pullover

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  1. Has anyone in canada received the apple pay $25 from the promotion?
    Other websites are reporting that the offer is valid in the U.S. only.

  2. I went to the store today, the fresh tracks tights seem really similar to the tech fleece tight IMO and you don't have to size up in them like the first mile tights for anyone who's interested. I fell in love with the Think Fast Hoodie and got both colors…

  3. Hi – this is completely OT but it's worth sharing. I purchased a pair of Sweaty Betty Crops a couple of months ago. Perfectly happy with them – last week I received an email saying an order of crops had been shipped to me (I hadn't ordered anything) – the invoice showed no charge. I then received an email explaining that they had had some quality issues with the pants I had purchased and were replacing them just in case. They also refunded the cost of the original pants! This is truly impressive customer service – and I love the items I've purchased from them – I'll be recommending Sweaty Betty and chance I get!

    1. I buy from them all the time and they are all excellent quality! What an awesome company to do that for their customers.

  4. I've been buying Sweaty Betty pants and bottoms, too! I think the material is very nice and the fit has been hit or miss (as with all things)! However I do prefer LLL to the fit of the pants, especially in the waist. Also I can't justify LLL prices anymore. It seems all the 'non-basic' pants start at $118. At least Sweaty Betty has sales and very excellent customer service. I agree with A 6:17. As for bra sizing, I think LLL does it better. XS is too loose for a 2/4 LLL bra but works probably better for a 4/6 LLL. 🙂

  5. The same thing happened to me at sweaty betty. I received free $140 tights that I adore and I had never complained about the original "problem item" that I received or demanded compensation or anything. The apology email and free tights shipping confirmation just came out of the blue. Way to go SB for being up front and addressing quality problems instead of asking sales people to "push" those items to sell before people notice the problems. I was so impressed. It definitely solidifies my loyalty to them!

  6. I'm impressed with quality and fit of kdeer…super impressed. The seam around bum and hip bone doesn't dig in or pinch…and the compression is amazing…and colour is completely thru fabric so not backed on white….

  7. I wish it was easier to try out other brands in Canada. It can be hard to find them here and ordering from US involves adding on a lot of extra costs. 🙁

    1. I bought them on sale with extra 20 off…sent them to my relative in states so no taxes duties customs fees etc. She sent to me from there…so I saved maybe $40 on the 2 pairs I ordered….compared to buying them here….quality is amazing and prints are fun.

  8. Checked out the new Scuba IV in store and, while the teal colour is gorgeous, the material is very thin and doesn't justify for the $128 price tag. The added ribbed panels on the sides are quite loose and not body hugging at all. I miss Scuba II. 🙁

  9. I wish they had not used contrasting waistband and cuffs on the space dye black Think Fast Hoodie. Doesn't look good with non-black bottoms…

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