I did a post last week about the Fall Fit Events that the stores are having this week. Check there for the really helpful commentary from readers that have gone to these events and have shared their heads up as to what to expect. Here is a sneak peek of a couple new prints from one of those events that actually had new product to share. I’m not loving the 70’s inspired florals and colors.  

Wunder Under Pants

 Don’t forget this sneak peek I shared with you a few months ago. I think this is a blue version of Marble Mix Print coming in the NULUX Speed Wunder Tights. 


  1. omg, those patterns are hideous. They look like something they would have used to make some tacky curtains or bedspread in a cheap motel in the 60s.

  2. Not a fan of the new prints. They are way to loud for me and 70s is not my style.

    I went to the "Outlet Party" this morning. Lots and lots of product with deep discounts. They must really being trying to clear up their backlog. The educators were even wearing special black swiftlies that said "Outlet Party" on them.

    Tanks without bras/Shorts/Bras/SS shirts $19
    LS Shirts/Tanks with bras/Crops $29
    Dresses/Onesies/Bags/Scubas $49
    Pants $39
    Outwear/Jackets $69
    Accessories (socks,scarves,hats) $9
    Headbands/underwear $7
    all Ivviva was $10 off
    several items on clearance racks for $9 each, such as Sculpt Shorts and Swimwear.

    I spotted quite a few "older items". Jackets from 2 years ago and dresses that were probably closer to 3 years old.

    I didn't look at the men's side, but the discounts looked very similar to the women's side. I should have taken a picture of the price lists they had hanging up.

    The outlet (Gilroy) was packed when it opened at 10AM. It was like Black Friday for sure. I was told when I checked out that they had boxes of stuff in the back and would be replenishing all weekend. Also, possibly doing deeper discounts on the last day. The discounts are supposed to be similar at all the "Outlet Parties". I'm guessing this event was much like the warehouse sales only in a store setting.

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