The Wander Pant was completely off my radar until I learned in the Lululemon Product Review Group that they are actually ponte material. It was a big mystery on the website what the material was since it only says it is sweat wicking material while the City Trek Trouser specifies ponte. I think these pants are great for wearing ‘leggings’ on the weekend while still having the structure of a pant material. It’s thick and smoothing and really warm. I was very tempted to purchase these but I reminded myself that I have a really great pair of ponte pants I got two years ago from Kit & Ace and  I think I like the tailored detailing on those better. 

Nordstrom has some more affordable versions of ponte fabric leggings Halogen Ponte Ankle Pant, Hue Black Leggings, Lysse Seamed Leggings

Wander Pant TTS 10

These fit like a very slim straight leg jean but because they are extremely long on me the material pooled and bunched up at the ankles. They absolutely need to be hemmed at the perfect length. I’d consider hemming these for a dressier pair of shoes like a ballet flat, or heels vs having them hemmed for running shoes. I’d mostly wear these tucked into boots, or with my ballet flats. These are weekend pants that are more pulled together than leggings or faded jeans, but not as fancy as dress pants. You would not wear these for working out in. I really liked that the rise was high and smooth but I wish it had the dash pockets at the butt for a more trouser look, vs the run pocket in the back waist. You will not wear these running or for any type of workout so I think the athletic pocket is strange. 

I like the side leg seam which makes it more ‘pant’. My Kit & Ace pants have pin tuck seam details on them which are slightly more fancy than these. 

Here you can see a detailed photo of what the material texture looks like. Also as you see it has reflective dots on the reverse side so you can fold up the cuffs if you are riding your bike to work in these. Because the ponte material is thick, the cuffed hems are pretty bunchy so I would prefer hemming these to a 7/8th length.

City Trek Trouser 

My store didn’t have my size in these. I take a 10 in the regular City Trek Trousers and almost every other pant but I wanted to compare the two pants since they are similar function wise and material. These are an 8 and too small but the 10 is perfect.  These are a way better length on me at 7/8 and I would not have to hem them at all. I like that it’s a zipper front closure with side dash pockets and back pockets. It’s much more dressy with these features than the Wander Pant. My City Trek trousers  (and my Kit & Ace pants) came with me to Paris last winter and they where the best for sight seeing and dressing up for dinner. These are a really nice business casual style trouser.

  1. i thought City trek trouser ran small. I'm a size 2 and couldn't even get the waist over my hips. I like the style and would be very warm in winter. I tried on 4 but those were too big. oh well. I"m sure it's just my body

  2. A note re hemming if the wander pant … I bought and left for hemming at store …. came back the next day to find they were unable to hem due to thickness of fabric … that sucked … maybe it was just my store and not a great sewing machine!

  3. I tried on both the city trek pointe and the wander pant in deep indigo today in store. I liked both but walked out with the city trek pants. Love them!! Material is gorgeous, and they look feel like good quality. I don't normally like pants on me with front side pockets but they laid nicely flat and looked great. They were a bit dressier then the wander pants and I will get more wear out of them so they were a go. I actually liked the city long sleeve which other people don't like, I sized down to minimize the text look. Drape shirts look good on me but I definitely won't be picking it up and $98 + tax. Also, it sure didn't feel like Rulu light. Not soft. The pants were my only purchase.

    1. Oh I went my my smaller size 4 for the city trek, the 6 were a bit big, and I don't know if this fabric will stretch out any…

    2. I also sized down with my City Trek Trousers! They feel really stretchy so I felt that was the best bet. Excited for travelling with these!

  4. Thanks for the review LLM! I think I'll check out the City Trek pants. I love finding comfortable lulu pants for work. Did you happen to notice where the lulu logo was on these pants? I would prefer them hidden if wearing for work.

    1. @anon 12:49 ( it's anon 8:31) that was something else I liked about the city trek pants. The logo is on the pant leg but it's the same colour as the pant and very discreet.

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