1. I just posted an update post. Apparently they've had a major system issue today so it is delayed, but it was due for Tuesday as usual. Meaning, it wasn't meant to be changed to a different day/time.

  1. I'm just gonna hang out here by this parking garage outside of the mall on my yoga mat…some of the pics crack me up!

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    1. Those sweat pants remind me of the terrible ones that my mom use to buy me in grade school. They were ugly then and still…

    2. And the big seam down the front of the crotch? Just NO.

      Why didn't they give us the area lounge pants the Europe and Aussie got? They looked great and came in Aberta lake! Grrrrrr.

  1. Regarding the sweatpants….is that a joke?? If I wanted that look, I could just go down to the nearest Marshalls and buy some random sweats for 10.99 two sizes smaller for me.

  2. I absolutely detest the back of the CRB ii. The V at the top is an ugly design change. I don't like any of this new stuff. The sweatpants are hideous. It makes that poor woman's bum look saggy! Just terrible!

    1. The CRB2 gave me back fat and made my stomach look huge. I love the original but will never purchase the new "updated" version.

  3. No to everything here. The CRB *SE Peek admittedly does look nice on the woman in the above photo, but personally not a fan. I think the back design looks vulnerable.

  4. LLM, you weren't kidding about muted colour. This is depressing now I can't fathom these colors in our dreary winter days.

  5. Thanks so much for sharing Ms. M!

    I love getting sneak peeks at what's to come whether I love what I see or not.

  6. Wow is it ever going to be easy to say no to this stuff. There is not one of these styles that I like. I don't like dropped shoulders and cropped/short fronts to tops and these styles look very boxy even the Soulful Pant. I also don't want more grey, black and bordeaux in my winter wardrobe. Notice the girl wearing the white Ambleside Crew she is wearing Bordeaux Sweats, yes more BORDEAUX, just in case we didn't already have enough of that colour!

  7. I actually really like the SE CRB – the back is a cute detail IMO. But judging by reactions here I should just wait for it to go to WMTM, LOL. 🙂

  8. OMG, I'm sorry but if this is the crap LLL is putting out for fall, my wallet is going to be safe for quite a while.

  9. So done with short sleeve T's that have sleeves half way down my bicep! No and no… Also most of this stuff looks like it should be on the Ivivva website. I'm not 12 or even 20. Maybe all you young girls think this stuff is awesome but for my (long term Lulu addict) bucks it's all a huge fail. Very disposable items at catastrophic prices!

  10. If the future looks like these pictures, I don't want any part in it. The CRB with the cutouts looks like it has a second spine, and dont get me started on those awful sweatpants, cropped tops and dropped shoulders….I lived through the eighties and I don't want them back.

  11. Is this a joke? Seriously tell me it's a joke! Oh wait, the real joke will be the prices they charge for this stuff!

    1. No kidding, yeah? I said to myself, it's AUGUST 1 (a few days ago), not APRIL 1.

      Agree with all the comments, to many of which I laughed out loud. The Train Wreck (not Sea Wheeze) that is LLL will carry on and crash.

  12. Wow, more reason to support dumping this brand.

    My goodness those Ceremony sweatpants are awful. Yghh. The Soulful Pant is not much better.

  13. Just placed my first order with Zobha, cute styles with good reviews AND they happened to drop a 30% off coupon in my inbox today…that was so easy! Step away ladies, there is a whole lot of better offerings out there!

  14. I like the pattern on the Hotty Hot shorts, but I've always been a sucker for elaborate paisleys and florals. I also kind of like the cut-out back detailing on the crb, but I'm still not convinced by the shape of the racerback/neckline. The Ceremony pullover might be nice, but it's hard to say if it will translate onto a body other than the super slim one of the girl(s) wearing it in the photos. Pretty sure on my 45-year old, less than perfect body, it might not look so hot. And either of those pants? Well. There's really nothing that I can say about them that hasn't already been said.

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