Cool Racerback II Mini Hounds Camo Emperor Blue compared to a Cool Racerback

My main style issue with the new Cool Racerback Design is that it really exposes the wings area that my regular Cool Racerbacks nicely cover up. This is an area I’m self conscious about so try to avoid styles that really show that area off. I’ll have to try it on to know for sure but I can see that it’s probably going to be an issue for me. The length of the Cool Racerback II doesn’t seem as short as the Studio Racerback. 

New Cool Racerback II paired with Greyvy Align Crops and Breeze Easy Wrap

  1. @ anon 12:20. I would completely agree with that. And my shoulders are broad enough, they don't need any help. The reg crb minimizes that for me and I can't just wear any tank without looking " butchy".

  2. The CRB and circuit breaker run skirt outfit is ~$130.00 including tax where I live. The new CRB price, and that circuit skirt being $68.00…well, I'm officially priced out of LLL.

    1. Plus, with more of the bra exposed, for those who like to wear things that match nicely, add the cost of a new bra to that total. It is getting pretty expensive to put together an outfit!

  3. Wow. I didn't even realize how much lower the back is on the II. I am most self conscious of my arm pit/side boob/back fat area so I think the II will be awful.

    1. yup, thats what I call the 'wings'. I never had an issue with that area until I started lifting weights and then that area got really developed. And in women, your breast tissue goes all the way around to that area so when you develop muscle you are bulkier there than a guy would be.

  4. I tried on the CRB 2 and I do not like it any more in person than I did in pictures.

    In my opinion, the length of the new version will not be an issue for most women. That being said, my very tall friend (5'10+) found the CRB 2 to be cropped on her long torso. I am such a shortie (5'3~") that I would have to get the new racerback hemmed, though perhaps not as much as the original version.

    The neckline seems slightly higher to me on the CRB 2, though not dramatically so. (For example, it dips a bit lower than my Ivivva Keep Ur Cool tanks.)

    If the length and front were the only changes, I wouldn't complain. For me the problem is the back. It is too skinny and angular. It is NOT flattering on me. My back is not even broad, but it still looks terrible. Moreover, the dual function of the CRB has been lost for me. (I layer it for work so I can transition easily into my studio or gym wear. The higher exposure would stop me from even using the CRB 2 as a layer at the office.)

    Additionally, the new placement of the logo seems wrong somehow — like an irregular or seconds mistake.

    I suppose the fact that I will not be buying the new CRB makes the higher price less distressing. However, I am still very sad.

  5. I'm so put off by this I'm buying lulu CRBs from resellers euc or new. Shame. I'll have to buy the last bit of CRBs I can from nearby stores. Then again there aren't many colors to choose from boo.

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