When someone says they like the CRB II and are ok with the price increase
Waiting in line at the Seawheeze Expo
Strategizing Seawheeze – run it? walk it? Can I bring my bike? 
When bloggers dump on the CRB II too much
When you missed out on the $25 duffel glitch online but that guy didn’t
    1. Thanks for the explanation Lulumum and it's good to hear they honoured the glitch price, too bad it wouldn't happen more often.

    2. yup, twice. apparently it was up again today for about 10 minutes. Both times on the US side. People ordered 'many' to share with their friends.

    3. The dottie tribe Duffel Bag was put into WMTM for about $79 or $89 but then the price switched to $24 for several hours and people where able to order them. Those orders where honoured. The price was then adjusted back but this morning it popped up again for $24 for about 10 minutes.

  1. Haha, too funny! Thanks for sharing!

    Loved the Pipe Dream Blue CRB uploaded for $39 glitch about a month ago. I was lucky enough to catch that one. I know that's not nice of me, but Lulu is not always nice either…

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