&Go On The Go Jogger *Lined TTS 10

I am really toying with ordering the Go Joggers now that I’m home. They where incredibly comfortable on and kind of a glam version of track pants. I loved the rushed side detailing on the bottom cuff and love the satin tuxedo stripe up the side of the pants. I wish the pant leg was slightly more cropped but I think this length will work well for most people. It’s intended to be a 7/8 length and I’m not sure if they can be hemmed due to the cuff detailing and you probably wouldn’t roll the cuff on these. I like the way these joggers look with ballet flats but because of the cuff detailing and the length I’m curious to see how they look with running shoes. These are on my ‘definitely maybe’ list.

&Go The Jogger

 &Go The Jogger





 &Go City Trek Trousers TTS 10

The Go City Trek Trousers are probably my favourite of all the Go Pants I tried today. I think they are a really great 7/8 length trouser pant that works perfectly for ‘business casual’ if you are in an active profession that also requires you to dress professionally. I think if you are a chiropractor, physiotherapist or a teacher or maybe you do a lot of travel I think these are just great. I love the Urbanite Twill material and the traditional pant detailing which allows you to really dress them up. It’s matte and has the look of a dress pant but it’s got the stretch and movement of a technical pant. There are some hidden reflective elements in these pants for people who cycle to work but those reflective pieces can be tucked away. The back pockets have a reflective flap that can be tucked away, and the cuffs have a reflective strip on the inside that is revealed if you roll your cuffs. My only complaint on these pants is that Lululemon used a reflective logo on the mid thigh vs a more discreet location with the black embossed logo they used to use for the &Go line. These are a slim fitting TTS with a higher rise.






&Go Take You There Trouser TTS 10

The &Go Take You There Trousers looked so terrible on the hanger with the front panel pocket and the satiny elastic waist band but actually, once on they were really nice and not so boxy looking. They are a more relaxed version of the Go Take You There Trouser which I really like a lot. My only nit with these is that the waistband would show through a slim fitting top since it’s got rushing. Relaxed fit TTS with lots of stretch.








  1. Thank you for the review Lulumum….the pants look great on your and now I want to try them on. 🙂 Most importantly, what is that cute top that you are wearing? Love it.

  2. I'm SO glad you reviewed these as I wanted to know what the fit was like on the City Trek! The Take You There Trousers were my least favorite. I may give the joggers a try too if my store has them.
    I would love to know what the grey mix top you are wearing in the photos is too…

  3. I agree that your derrière looks amazing, but for $128.00 I expect a flattering fit all around. I see pulling at the groin. This sloppy workmanship or design flaw is higlighted by the edge of a untucked shirt….I want my casual wear with quality reflected in all aspects of the pant. LuLu has it wrong with slapping poorly constructed pants with a reflective logo of a once quality brand.

  4. The &Go Everywhere Pant is at the Gilroy Outlet, in case that interests anyone.

    I snagged a blue sapphire &Go Where-To Short Sleeve Dress for $19 there a few weeks ago. They had a big rack of them. I can't believe they are still listed for full price online!!

  5. I agree with your review of the &go jogger being a more glam design of a track pant. I really liked the detail on these and found them very slim fitting and comfy. I am a bit confused why they would make lined joggers that are a 7/8 length that expose the ankle. I would only wear lined pants when it's cold and wouldn't want my ankles exposed. I would have bought these in a heart beat had they been a regular straight pant length.

  6. Could the Trek trousers be easily rolled up (over the knee)? Or any of these? (Looking for pants I can wear to work and then to health-related appointments afterwards!)

  7. I bought the &go jogger in the black unlined version (it's warm where I live) and really like them. Just a bit luxe and very slimming. I wore them out to dinner paired with wedges. The one part I didn't like is that you can see the outline of the front pockets through the swift fabric.

  8. Thank you for your reviews, Lulumum! I wasn't interested in those pants until I saw them on you and read your reviews. Now I'm very interested! I am only 5'3'', so I am wondering how long they would look on myself — just so I can compare, can you tell me how tall you are?? Thank you!

    1. Hi! I'm 5'4 with short legs so I think they will be similar length on you. You can fold the cuff up once or twice to shorten the length and it stays folded and crisp and looks pretty good. You just have to find your ideal length.

  9. I REALLY wanted to like the &Go City Trek trouser because they would be super-functional for me, but I found them too high. I'm 5'7", I-shape, and they came up to my naval! The material is great, they just need to make them lower-waisted. The joggers were cute, but I'll wait til they get marked down.

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