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Nordstrom Vancouver Athletic Department Fit Reviews: Lorna Jane Fairground and Chantilly Bra, Hard Tail Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tops, Alo Crops, Adidas Original, Zella Live In Leggings

Nordstrom Vancouver Athletic Department Fit Reviews: Lorna Jane Fairground and Chantilly Bra, Hard Tail Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tops, Alo Crops, Adidas Original, Zella Live In Leggings

Woooo! I had fun times today at Nordstrom Vancouver! Full day of both kids in school and a rest day from the gym meant I had lots of time to spend at Nordstrom trying on brands that are outside of my comfort zone. Their exceptional customer service makes it so easy to try new brands. I even spent some money today on none lulu items which means a few items I’ve gotten at lulu over the past couple of weeks will be returned. I met my husband for lunch since he works nearby and I was frustrated that we couldn’t get into the Nordstrom restaurant Bistro Verde. We were initially told it was a 20 minute wait and we put our name down but after 40 minutes of waiting we were told that it was going to be at least another 40 minutes since people were taking much longer than expected to leave. I know for next time to make a reservation.

Lorna Jane Fairground Bra (Lorna Jane size large/Lululemon 10)

First of all, I LOVED Lorna Jane Bras today. Who knew!! I’ve only ever been in a Lorna Jane store twice and both times I didn’t care for the products. I was especially not willing to try this brand  out because of the expensive shipping and restrictive return policy. I am absolutely happy to buy from them through Nordstrom though because I know I can easily make returns or exchanges. The bras are amazing though. The material is a nice thick ‘luon like’ wicking material that is very plush and soft, and the removable cups inside are very thick and shaping. I felt very supported without feeling smashed down and the bra didn’t feel tight or like it was pulling on my traps. I also really loved the fun prints with the cute little finishing details on them. I need to figure out what tanks I can wear with these so that the designs are fully appreciated. 

 Lorna Jane Fairground Bra

 Adjustable straps!

 Lorna Jane Fairground Bra

Lorna Jane Chanttilly Bra

I saw this bra minutes before checking out and decided I had to have it. It is so pretty with the lace detailing and fits just as beautifully as the one above. 

Lorna Jane Chanttilly Bra

Lorna Jane Chanttilly Bra

Lorna Jane Chanttilly Bra

For some reason all the bras have this cute little red plastic heart on the inside. 

The colorful bra had this charm logo on it.

Alo ‘Curvature’ Mesh Insert Capri Leggings $88 (Alo size L/Lululemon size 10)

Oh boy I had a really hard time leaving these crops behind today. They were very opaque and compressive and flattering.  I decided that I wanted to wait and see if they get the ‘Stormy Heather/Purple’ colorway that they have online but if they don’t get them in in that color in the next few weeks I will be going back for these. The quality on these is amazing, my only knock with them is that the waist is not high rise. It’s a medium rise but I’ve gotten really used to and spoiled by Lululemon’s roll down/high rise pants. Who cares though, these are awesome!

Alo 'Curvature' Mesh Insert Capri Leggings

Alo 'Curvature' Mesh Insert Capri Leggings

Alo Curvature Mesh Insert Capri Leggings on left

Hard Tail Long Sleeve  $118 (soft Modal cotton) (Hard Tail size L/Lululemon size 10)

I really liked this long sleeve top and if I didn’t already have the Lululemon If You’re Lucky Long Sleeve I could have justified getting this one. Truthfully I like this one a lot better because it is soft cotton modal vs. Lulu’s luxtreme, but I like the back on the Lululemon one better. This one is nice and flattering but definitely more exposed. This top is nice and long so you can pull it down over your hips which is a feature I’ve always loved in lululemon. Slim fit in the torso, long torso length and long arm length. This is another top that I have on my list for a future purchase. 

Hard Tail

(Zella Leggins in this bottom photo)

Hard Tail

Hard Tail Scooped Back Short Sleeve $88 (Hard Tail size Large/Lululemon size 10)

I didn’t like the front of this short sleeve top. Something about the sleeves and the crew neck really bothered me, especially with the flared out hem. The back of this tee I really loved but I just didn’t like the neck/sleeve combo. 

Hard Tail

Hard Tail

Hard Tail

Hard Tail Knit Sweater (Hard Tail size Large/Lululemon size 10)

See Also

I really liked this knit top. Loved the navy salt and pepper look with the navy colorblocked sleeves. It was very soft and airy. I don’t think the width in the torso was that flattering for me but I’d definitely consider this top again in the future. 

By the way. I’m wearing these Nike Pegasus 32’s which I got a few weeks ago specifically just crossfit, and the color is so fantastic for wearing with everything casually. I’ve never been one to wear running specific shoes casually but these I love and have been wearing none stop. 

Hard Tail

Hard Tail

Hard Tail

Hard Tail

Adidas Original ‘Optic Bloom’ Track Jacket (Adidas Medium/Lululemon size 10)

lol, this print was way out of my comfort zone. I think it looked really nice though. I would definitely not get this jacket in this colorway as it’s not ‘me’ but I do like the classic black and white one.

Zella ‘Live In’ Slim Fit Leggings  $52 (Zella Large and Medium/Lululemon size 10)

If you have been considering the Lululemon Align Pants in the new NULU fabric but haven’t bit the bullet yet, TRY THESE ON! I swear the material on these are so very similar to NULU. They are soft like RULU but smoother, substantial and opaque. Sort of like a flannel luon. They also have that really nice matte finish that I liked in the Align Pants which I find really slimming. It’s a slight sheen from regular luon, but matte. The tag on these says they are pilling resistant and I can tell that that is likely true. These are reversible and the opposite side is slightly shinnier like luon and less likely to pick up pet hair. I tried on both a large and medium (I’m a lulu size 10, occasionally 8) and the 8 was fine and still opaque but I opted to go with the large for the smoother higher waist. I picked these up and will be wearing them casually and to crossfit. 

Zella 'Live In' Slim Fit Leggings

Sorel ‘Joan Of Arctic’ Wedge Boot $239 (size down 1/2 size)

Finally, in the shoe department I got to try on these Sorel boots that I’ve been lusting after for a very long time. Sorel boots aren’t as justified in Vancouver since we get about 1 week of snow a year so you typically see tons of Hunter boots around but not a lot of Sorels. Hunters are very cold though in cold weather, they retain cold like no other shoe I’ve worn before. I’m spending about 4 hours a week outdoors with my kids for soccer practice all the way until December which means very cold, wet feet. Since these are fully waterproof I’m thinking I may get more use out of these than hunter boots. I love that they look great over skinny jeans or leggins, or with the cuff over the shaft of the boot. I am always a size 9 in shoes but the 9’s where very loose feeling so I liked the size 8 1/2’s better, even over thick socks.

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  • I adore LJ bras. I bought six in Oz this summer ans have ordered five more from Australia since then (with huge duty taxes and DHL fees). I love them so much I just treat the extra fees as a treat to myself like a theatre ticket. I wonder if Nordies would ship to Toronto (or if our new store is going to get LJ). I'm definitely going to check this out! 🙂

    I almost bought the Fairground too! I had it on and loved it until I saw my daughter in the XS. She looked so good in it I bought it for her instead.

    Careful – they're a slippery slope.

    • lol, I can see this becoming an addiction.

      Yes I'm pretty sure Canadian stores will ship across Canada. I have ordered from US stores before and had jeans shipped to me here, and also called the Calgary store once to see if they had something that they would ship to me. They didn't have the item but they were willing to ship. I think if you are shipping from within Canada it is free, and US to US is free but if you have a US store ship to you they charge $30 shipping.

    • I was going to ask the same question because seeing those nike pegasus on you makes me want a pair 🙂 but going on the nordstorm website it says those shoes are not part of international shipping to canada…

    • Three more were delivered today – I do so love these. I've returned three Lulu bras since buying my first LJ. They were All Sport Adjustable (more like pop-openable) and they just weren't an acceptable quality.

      My only beef with LJ is that sizing varies. I have two mediums and one of the ones I got today (Criss Cross) I could have sized down to M in. I'm generally a L, but a couple of those are on the small size (smaller than some of my M). Since you can try them on in store, that won't be an issue for you. Also, they take forever to dry.

      Try the Comfort Sports Bra. It's what the Energy/All Sport might aspire to be when it grows up. 😉

      My faves:
      Comfort Sports Bra (good coverage in front and sides, wide comfortable straps)
      Sisterhood Bra (comfortable, gorgeous back)
      Provision Bra (back hooks that stay shut)
      Alice Bra (back hooks and amazing support for running, small L)
      Malika Bra (nowhere near max support but the girls look great – my hubby's favourite)
      Commander Bra (I sized down to M in this one)

      If you'd like pics of any of these or my others together, let me know! 🙂

    • I really recommend the Nike's and I've always been a Nike hater. Nike Frees never did it for me and always felt flimsy so I've gone with New Balance. These feel really substantial on and where great for running my half.

    • I find in LJ bras that you can occasionally size down if it's a "medium" support bra, but not always. Recently I had to size up for their Moroccan Dreams bra. Also, try ordering from the American LJ site, that might save you some $$. And sign up for their emails, you'll get 20% off for your birthday.

    • Thanks, Polly. I find it hit and miss what I can size down on – all of my M are maximum support. I mainly stick to those since I find that I spill out of medium support.

      Surprisingly, it's cheaper for Canadians to order from Oz than the US. The prices are virtually the same as is the shipping charge. Given that we're at par with the Aussie dollar and close to 30% below the US, I've been ordering from the Australian site. No more – over to Nordies! 🙂

  • You are looking great lulumum! It looks like all your hard work is paying off. I love nordstrom, and especially zella. I got a pair of their winter running tights last year when I was frustrated with lululemon not putting out any gear for actually cold climates and they are amazing, warm and compressive and flattering, also cheaper than lulu.

  • You are looking great lulumum! It looks like all your hard work is paying off. I love nordstrom, and especially zella. I got a pair of their winter running tights last year when I was frustrated with lululemon not putting out any gear for actually cold climates and they are amazing, warm and compressive and flattering, also cheaper than lulu.

    • Thanks!! 24 days so far of Whole 30 and back at Crossfit. Not down much weight but I'm happy there is definitely progression.

  • You look awesome Lulumum! These try-ons are always so helpful. The bras are so cute, and those Zella Slim Fit leggings look like the perfect versatile black pant. I also like those Alo leggings – too bad we can't get it all, right?! I've been eyeing the Alo Undertone Leggings and checked my nearest Nordstrom but they didn't have them, which is bummer because I really wanted to get an idea what the fabric/thickness was like. It feels nice to branch out beyond Lulu!

  • I ordered those boots–Thanks Lulumum, for bringing them to my attention! FYI, Shoemall has 30% off today, so they're *only* about $170. And they're practical!

  • Thanks for the store trip/try on report and reviews, Lulumum! I really enjoyed this one, I feel like it's such a breath of fresh air for me and a refreshing change from Lulu. As much as I love Lulu (I would say I'm a true Lulu addict and have been very loyal to the brand), I do feel as though it's time for me to start branching out and trying other brands – I just don't feel like giving all of my spending money to Lulu anymore. I will continue to purchase from Lulu, but I will be more choosy with what I purchase and will be cherry picking from now on. Thanks again, and I agree with others, you are looking great, everything looks so good on you.

  • I have been following this blog forever, and you look AMAZING. You look younger, fitter, and really vibrant than ever and I am so going to check out those bras. Thank you for the fit reviews.

    • Can I ask what the 30 day plan is? I agree anon 931am – Lulumum you look fantastic! I also really enjoyed this post; I've heard of these brands before but haven't seen any reviews on them, so that was super helpful for me! I think I will order the Zella leggings to try based on your review 😉

    • Thank you!!! I've been doing the whole 30 and am on day 25. I haven't lost a lot of weight but I've lost a lot of the bloat and puffiness and my skin has really cleared up. I'm going to continue on beyond the 30 days. I've also gotten back into full time crossfitting which I'd taken a 4 month break from.

    • It's the 'W30 diet' which is a strict 30 days of no sugar in any form , no sweeteners, no legumes, no grains, pasta, no breads, no smoothies, no dairy, no alcohol. I'm probably forgetting some 'no's'. Basically you eat whole, non processed foods (fish/meat/vegetables/nuts/fruits). The biggest elimination for me was the dairy

    • I think there are a few different items up now – or did I just miss the Cranberry Stillness pants and the Wunder Under Hi Rise snake print pants last week? Very tempted by the Stillness pants…

    • I have the Cranberry Stillness Pants, except I purchased mine when they were $108 🙁 about one week after I purchased them they were down to $98. Too bad I didn't wait until now – I think they're definitely worth $68 and if you're thinking about them I'd say go for it! They are nice pants for sure. I wasn't a fan of the snakeskin print waistband but it's not too bad, it's mostly covered up with a shirt anyway. I did size down for mine because the waistband was a bit too big and gape at the top for me. I normally wear a 4 in Grooves etc, but in these I can fit a 2 despite bigger bum and upper thighs, the 4 fit me just the way I like everywhere else though – just a bit more room around bum and thighs but not too much difference so went ahead with the 2 because waist was much better for me in a 2. Hope that helps anyone thinking of these now that they're on WMTM 🙂

  • my friend from Seattle kept telling me for years to try Zella. and I kept telling her that I like Lulu better. But guess now it is time to finally switch to Zella products. They look great, the quality is great and the prices are so much better!
    thanks for the pics, I am definitely going to try on Zella.

    • Thanks! They are a mismatched pair of the Lululemon secret socks. they are not for working out or running but they are the perfect no show sock for wearing with runners or vans. I can't find them online but they should still be in stores.

  • yikes, just saw the prices for Zella products for Canada… I am not so sure about this guys. I mean, the runners delight tights are CAD$137. I know the exchange rate is not good for us these days (same pair is US$97), but this is a crazy pricing. Makes Lulu look like they are selling cheap!

    • Yes their website right now is in USD and then if you flip to CAD the prices are not what they are in store. The Zella tights are actually comparable in store at $54. If you are in Canada, I recommend ordering directly from store inventory vs ordering online and using the distribution centre inventory.

    • Will do! I can't wait to try them on. I was in Seattle this past weekend and went to Nordstrom and loved how the fabric felt to touch (can't remember the exact name of those tights).
      Thanks much 🙂

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