1. I was so bummed I missed out on the scarves.. They were going for only 9 bucks!! Snagged a pair of rhythmic crops on that purple space dye and a yoga mat strap. The keepurcool tanks wee tempting but a little too wild in colors for me

  2. I think it was just a way to market sale items. Many of the items I have seen in store for same md price. The only remarkable deals were the wraps for $29 and scarves for $9 (which sold out almost instantly). I also think they did it for the U.S. because items sell out much faster in Canada and there is more excess stock in the U.S. A lot of the good items in the "warehouse sale" were also on the Canadian side in now or never for the same price so Canadians didn't miss much.

  3. Wasn't there a lulu online warehouse sale around this time last year or maybe early November? I am trying to remember and crossing my fingers! Altho honestly the stuff in one of the summer wasn't that great.

  4. @lululemonlover12 I noticed it around 6pm last night (PST). The site went down shortly after for about an hour, and when the site when back on live, all of the scarves were sold out. A few things in my shopping cart sold out before I could check out.

  5. Sheesh! If I had such cute options when I was younger, I probably would have exercised more! We couldn't have looked more frumpy in P.E. class back then.

  6. My Dad scored a couple leggings for my little girl for Christmas, but unfortunately I was shopping while the site crashed and when I returned all my stuff was sold out. 🙁 Some great prices!

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