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Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank, Drop It Like It’s Hot Pant, Wrap Up Jacket, Bundle Up Scarf

October 28, 2015

Wrap Up Jacket, Drop It Like It’s Hot Pant, Leg Warmers

Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank

I’m rather excited about this tank. I ended up ordering a black one and a Menthol one last night so hopefully I can give you a fit review tomorrow. 

Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank, Drop It Like It’s Hot Bra

Drop It Like It’s Hot Bra

Bundle Up Scarf

This is how I wish it looked on me. 

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6 responses to “Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank, Drop It Like It’s Hot Pant, Wrap Up Jacket, Bundle Up Scarf”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The bundle up scarf looks great in this pic! Did you get this one Lulumum? Just wondering if I could wear it also as a scarf or if it is too much fabric for that? I missed out on it last year and regretted it and now I am stalling on it this year. I preferred that colorway of last years better – maybe that is why. Is it bum covering in the back if worn as a poncho? Thanks 😉

    • 3crazykids says:

      I personally couldn't wear it as a scarf or a poncho but I did buy it lol. Thinking I'm going to figure out how to position it correctly one of these days. Last year I bought one and never wore it and this year I wear it all the time so hopefully that will happen with the Bundle Up too!

  2. Can't wait for the fit review! I'd buy a few drop it like it's hot tanks if they aren't awkwardly short in the front.

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