I know my upload post from Tuesday was pretty ranty but it turns out my items are winners afterall. The Kanto Catch Me Tank in Menthol is stunning in person and incredibly soft and thick. Amazing RULU and my absolute favourite color in a solid without a stripe or pattern. WIN! I was telling Lulu Addict the other night that I went ahead and ordered it because it checked the box of 1. Nice solid saturated color in a color I love, 2. a RULU run pullover in a streamlined design 3. Flattering design. I think I was stuck on hoping for a solid Menthol Tuck And Flow LS or some design that I gravitate to more than the design of the Kanto but I’m so glad I ordered this one anyways. It’s a beauty! The only ‘issue’ with it is that there is some dye staining on it from where it came folded. There are some streaks of darker menthol down the middle of the chest and down one of the arms but I’m pretty certain that the dye will disperse once it’s been washed. I have a CRB that came like this before and after washing it it was fine. I’m so looking forward to pairing this long sleeve with my Alberta Lake Fluffed Up Vest.

Kanto Catch Me Long Sleeve in Menthol – TTS 10

You can sort of see the dye leach stripe in this shot. 

Drop It Like It’s Hot Tank – TTS 10

I really, really love this tank. I especially love it in black but I really like it in Menthol too. I got this tank primarily to wear to Crossfit but I also had an eye to wearing it casually in the warmer months. Some readers had mentioned that this tank looks a bit short in the front and I agree that it definitely is shorter than a CRB and I wish it had been slightly longer since I have a really tall torso on my short frame.  That said, I can definitely live with it this length as it’s still well over my hips. This is a looser fitting TTS but it’s not overly baggy, it just floats away from your body. The neckline is also a touch low and loose but I think if you sized down in it you wouldn’t get that pretty blousy look in the side and back. I really love the way the mesh pleat in the back drapes. Love this tank and will consider the other two colors if they ever go on markdown. 

  1. I am happy to hear the Rule of the Kanto LS in Menthol is soft and thick. My concern with this style top is that I wouldn't want to use it for fall/winter running due to the neckline design. If it's cold enough to want to wear a Rulu LS it's cold enough that I wouldn't want my neck/clavicle that exposed.

    1. I live in an area of Canada that gets the coldest most extreme winter weather and I love my Kanto LSs (I bought four of them!). If it's that cold then I wear a neckwarmer or vinyasa scarf and zip my jacket up all the way. I actually love the neckline on this top. I also have the Think Fast LSs from last year and love the neckline on those ones too, they have a much higher snugger fitting neckline and people complained about those last year too – can't please everyone. I happen to love both 🙂

  2. Okay, I completely dismissed this tank due to the online photos but looking at it on you I am now going to order the black!

  3. Can anyone comment if they've seen the On the Go scarf /poncho in their (Canadian) store in black? I'd like to get it and it's sold out online and in my city. 🙁

    1. I bought it in black and I absolutely love it. The merino wool is super soft and thick. I know they're selling very quickly in black and I understand why, its such a great scarf/poncho. I had to call a few stores to have the black one because it was already sold out. I don't regret buying it!

  4. Lulumum,
    Love your all your new tops! Thanks for sharing your sweet finds & you look awesome :o)
    Do you think the mesh on the back for the Drop It Like it's Hot Tank is very prone to snagging or more durable.
    Lulu's mesh has seemed to vary…my No Limits Tanks were circle mesh and less prone to snagging.
    My What the Sport Tee (Mesh) is prone to snagging & pilling.
    What kind of mesh is on the back? Is the Luxtreme front cooling ? I just never had a loose draped luxtreme front & wonder what would happen if I sweat a lot..would it be sticky? My slim fit Luxtreme tanks that skim the body have been fine with lots of sweat; but I'm unsure about loosely draped luxtreme.

    Thanks again!

    1. I wore it for my workout this morning and loved it. It's cooler than a Cool Rackerback and much breezier. I even got to use the cinch at the bottom for handstand holds. I would love to get the other two colours if they ever get makes down.

  5. Love the menthol tops on you! Menthol is one of my favorite colors on other people, but I find that it shows more of my flaws when I've tried it on, so I always go with the safer darker colors. Maybe one day…

  6. Looking good LLM! I'm excited to try Menthol Kanto LS when it gets uploaded in US. I also ordered Drop it like its hot in menthol and probably will keep it, but not for gym workouts. I noticed every time I wear a tank with draw cord in the hem it will roll up when I do my cardio. I also got Define in forage green and unfortunately it'll go back. I'm so sad, it's such an amazing fall color , but they ruined it by putting patterned fabric on the inside side of the collar:( so bummed! I also cave and ordered WUP in dramatic static. I did see negative comments, but I really wanted to see for myself and I really liked the print, it's very neutral and will look great with anything. I found them more compressive than usual, fading is very very minimal in my tts and I didn't notice any sheerness. I wish HT were available in US, that would have been my first choice.

    1. I noticed the printed collar in the website photos and that is the reason I decided to pass on this Define. Love the Fuel Green colour, but don't love the print and the menthol hair tie on the zipper pull. I would have loved an all solid fuel green Define though. I don't even mind printed collars and different colour hair tie things on some of the other Defines, but this one just didn't look good with the print/hair tie colour they chose 🙁

      I tried the Dramatic Static CRB in store and left it there even though I loved the colour and print – it faded out to white over my bust area in the correct size for me 🙁

  7. I might have to try the kanto top now. I just don't know if I'll ever use it since I don't run. The RULU CRB is gorgeous, keeping it. And I got my fuel green define and its super scratchy like I thought it would be. My husband even commented that it looks super cheapy/scratchy. Its a gorgeous color on me and maybe it would soften with a wash but I want things to be perfect out of the bag. Also, one of the arms is longer than the other. its super noticeable when I roll up the cuff part.

    1. Sorry to hear about the Fuel Green Define. I thought it looked like it might be a stiff one going by the way it looked in the website photos. It might soften up with wash and wear though… something to consider if you really like it and want to trade for one that doesn't have two different arm lengths – yikes! I have to say I'm not surprised to hear that, I've ordered and received my fair share of messed up Lulu (Lulu's cut and sew quality sucks to be honest).

    2. I'm returning it and bought influx crops in plum instead. I need it for golf and I roll up the sleeves at the seem and them being totally different causes a huge issue. Its not only a different length but a different circumference, It doesn't actually lay flat like my other defines. I needed it to lay flat so I don't see it when I swing. Defines are my go to jacket for golfing because I don't even know I'm wearing a jacket when I play and they wick the sweat. sucks though, the color is gorgeous.

  8. Thanks for the try-ons Lulumum! They all look great on you. I just got my Drop It Like It's Hot tank in menthol and tried it on this afternoon. I ordered my CRB/Swiftly tank size (4) and that was the right choice, though I do wear a 6 in Swiftly SS and LS. Plenty of drape and roomy in the middle without being overly baggy. It's a very pretty top. My only additional observation is that I personally found the fabric to be pretty slippery, so when I tried it on over my leggings, the bottom would invariably slide up toward my waist. It isn't that the top is short – it's that it is too slippery to stay low on your hips, so it'll slide to a narrower spot on your torso. In its defense though, it did not slip down and expose my stomach when I did some test inversions (burpees, down dog). But if you want a top to pull down over your bum, this isn't it IMO. I usually do prefer part of my butt covered but I think I'm going to keep this top anyway because it's very different from anything I own and I'm trying to get out of a style rut 🙂

  9. How is the mesh on the tank top? Is it stiff? I love the conch bottom designs, especially for my lower rise bottoms that always seem to leave a little roll of skin at the top. Loving the menthol Kanto ls but the air does go right down the envelope neck line (I have one from a few years back) very flattering though.

  10. hi!
    I love the menthol tank top! and it looks great on you.. I have never bought lululemon products but their product reviews really tempt me to buy them. I am currently eyeing on a swiftly tech long sleeve crew. however need some advice on the pros and cons of buying it. Is it really worth the price? is there any sort of problem attached with lululemon swiftly garments?

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