Crossfit WOD

It has been exceptionally hot here in Vancouver (lookout Seawheeze travellers!) so I ended up taking Sunday off which was the day that we had breaking temperatures, since the WOD was a mostly running WOD and it was right in the afternoon – Instead I took the kids swimming which I still consider cardio exercise. Ha! Mostly because I have mini heart attacks whenever they decide to split off into different directions. 

I went in on Monday at 6am as per usual but it was so hot we ended up doing the workout outside. The first part of the workout was 5×5 deadlifts and I got up to 175#. My 1 rep max for deadlifts is somewhere around 205-215 depending on the conditions of the day, how I’m feeling and what my weight is on that day. I would love to one day get to the big numbers like 285-300 for deadlifts but I need to do them more often. The workout was a partner workout, 5 rounds each of 400 meter run, and 400 meter row. I can’t remember our time for that WOD but I was pleased that I rowed a consistent 2 minute 400 meters each round without feeling like I was dying. I’m back in tomorrow for the 6am, then on Friday, and on Saturday I think we are going to check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale  so I will probably miss that day too. (FYI. I have discount links on the upper side bar and will have a banner ad up starting on the 18th for a 15-20% discount)

This is not what I wore for my WOD on Monday, but I changed into this when I got home. My outfit was the exact same thing I wore on Friday (In The Flow Crops/105F Singlet) but I have since decided its time to get comfortable with shorts and put away the crops for a while. Too bad these are my only shorts I can crossfit in so you will see these a lot with various different tops. Perhaps I will pick up the Turbo II Shorts in Sweetspot Black/Angel Wing when we are in the States. 



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