Markdown Post: What Might They Have Made Too Much Of

Wednesday nights at 8:15 pm PST is usually when ‘We Made Too Much‘ gets replenished. My store doesn’t currently have a lot of sale items but I’ve heard whispers of what is in other stores on markdown so I thought I’d start a new guessing game feature on Wednesdays (if WMTM day doesn’t change). If your store has something marked down that you don’t see here, let me know so I can update this post. Shoot me emails throughout the week if you spot something so I can keep a running list for next week too, the more audience participation this feature gets, the more accurate and complete the list will become and I’d love for us to have weekly heads up. 

I could be tempted by the Seamlessly Plunge Bra if it uploads, and possibly the Forest Green Serenity Hoodie. The Serenity Pants sold really well online and in stores but I think if some stores have some straggling around they may mark them down. My store had the Vita Loca Tank marked down and the Rollin’ With My Omies Pants. I’d love the Omies pants in black but my store only had the print ones. My store also has had the Blissed Out Wrap, and a few straggler Chai Time Pullovers marked down at one point (they’ve since been marked up). 

Movement Hoodies spotted at $89 

‘Bright blue’ DSP’s on markdown in some stores for $79

 Spotted for $69

Spotted at $39



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