Thursday, September 29, 2022

lululemon restock alert | lululemon backpack, lululemon shorts

The lululemon product drop for Back-To-School shopping

by Cristina

Upload! Shopping for new leggings from lululemon this week? You can shop now! For new readers, read about lululemon restocks to get alerts. My guess for today’s product drop? A new lululemon backpack for back-to-school or other lululemon gym bags. Of course, a restock of lululemon shorts – maybe some new lululemon speed up shorts, or hotty hot shorts. leggings from lululemon are always on the menu! My favorite: The new lululemon claw hair clip! Let’s check out what’s new this week!

You can find lululemon belt bag restocks for Canada here today. Full color run!


lululemon backpack and lululemon bags for back-to-school

The lululemon backpack options for back to school are great! There are 19 different options online right now!

lululemon backpack back-to-school shopping

New lululemon shoes sneak peek

luluelmon restocks! This weeks upload

lululemon hair clips

I feel so seen by lululemon. I wear hair clips like this every single day. I’m so excited to have these new lululemon Claw Hair Clips. I usually buy French Lux hair clips when I find them at the rack. 

Large Claw Hair Clip

Medium Claw Hair Clip

Small Claw Hair Clip

lululemon gym bags are trending for back to school this week!

This is a very pretty lululemon gym bag!

All Day Essentials Backpack 26L

Grey Sage/Orange Frappe | Black | Burnt Caramel/Black

The newest leggings from lululemon, also a back-to-school staple!

Base Pace High-Rise Running Tight

Atmospheric Purple Multi

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets 25"

Moonlit Magenta | Briar Rose | Carob Brown

Base Pase High-Rise Crop

Magenta Purple

lululemon shorts this week

Sweatshirts from lululemon this week

Neon Hoodies from lululemon!

Perfectly Oversized Cropped Crew

Neon Garment Dye Solid Highlight Yellow | Neon Garment Dye Solid Scream Green Light

lululemon tank tops

lululemon Align Tank Top

Circulate Tie Dye Align Tank Mineral Blue Multi

Great Women’s Jackets from lululemon for running, or for daily outerwear

High Support Sports Bras | Sports Bras For Larger Cup Sizes

highest support sports bra

Enlite Weave-Back Bra High Support

A–DDD(E) Cups

Sports Bra for larger cup sizes - broadest size range sports bra

Run Times Bra High Support

B - G Cups | Strawberry Pink

Let us know in the comments what you ordered this week, and what your upload favourites are this week. These are mine:

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Doreen Lauderback August 9, 2022 - 7:48 pm

Christina, can you shed any insight on why wunder train with pockets vs invigorate leggings? Seems the same purpose and similar style. Fast and free so similar too. Thanks!!

Cristina August 10, 2022 - 12:07 am

Hi, I’m on it. I don’t know the answer at the moment but I will see if I can try them on this week, possibly do a review.

Doreen Lauderback August 10, 2022 - 5:55 am

Awesome!! Thanks


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