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Comparing the Two Best lululemon leggings for Workouts | Invigorate Tight VS Wunder Train with Pockets

The new Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets VS Invigorate High-Rise Tights

by Cristina

Here is a comparison of the best workout leggings from lululemon: the Wunder Trains and the lululemon Invigorate Tight. Now that the Wunder Trains have pockets, they are relatively similar. Both tights cost $128 US | CAD 138 and are Everlux Fabric. However, the Invigorates is 25″ long and high-rise, with pockets, and the Wunder Trains with Pockets are also 25″ long, high-rise, and have pockets. Keep reading to see the main differences between the two best-selling workout tights.

I’m answering the most asked questions about these lululemon leggings

Which of the two leggings make your bum look good

What lululemon leggings make your bum look bigger and more lifted? 

Do these lululemon leggings make you look skinny?

lululemon leggings that have the most compression

The best lululemon leggings for tunny control

Comparing the two best selling lululemon workout leggings

Thanks to a fantastic reader for prompting this post for us. She wondered what the difference was between the new Wunder Train High-Rise Tights with Pockets and the Invigorate High Rise Tights. The legging styles are so similar. The main difference between the original WT’s was that they were pocketless and had streamlined designs similar to aligns. They are considered the sportier option than the Align Tights, and they are specifically designed for vigourous worouts. The Invigorates are the more technical-looking run tight with contouring seams and the holster pocket, and are also designed for vigourous workouts. 

My nearest lululemon today didn’t have any Invigorate High-Rise Tights to try on, and I wonder if they are discontinuing them. We haven’t seen many new colors in this style lately, and it seems like it’s too similar in style to have both options. 

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wunder trains vs lululemon invigorate

Diagram showing the main seam differences in the lululemon tights - lululemon wunder trains vs. lululemon invigorate tights -lululemon leggings to make your butt look bigger
Diagram showing the main design differences between the lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets and the lululemon Invigorate High-Rise Tights

The hot new lululemon leggings

Wunder Train High-Rise Tight 25”

Color: Moonlit Magenta

The new Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets immediately grabbed my attention on Tuesday, especially in this beautiful new lululemon color, Moonlit Violet. It’s exactly the color I’ve been wanting!

The new pocket detail is the same as the Align High-Rise Tight with Pockets. However, unlike the Align Leggings, there is just one inner seam running down the inside of your leg. Function-wise, these compare to the Invigorates the most, but style-wise, they are closest to Aligns. 

What are the main differences between the two lululemon run tights?

Comparing the pockets to the Invigorates, the pocket size is about the same. The WT, though, are lined in mesh, which makes for a smoother slip if you are stashing your phone.

I don’t have the new tights at home as I already ordered them off the website. But, based on the pictures, I believe the waist is slightly higher than WT’s. Also, the placement of the horizontal seams may make them look marginally higher.

Another key point, the details are the same. 

Both tights have an inner draw cord to customize the waist fit, a hidden waist pocket, and two side pockets. The length of the tights is the same at 25″. 

Both tights are Everlux which is THE BEST fabric for working out. They are sweat-wicking, quick-drying, and incredibly breathable and cool. In addition, there is just enough compression to feel supported in vigorous workouts.

I really love both these tights and it’s hard to choose which pair is better. For me it will mostly come down to colors available. If both pants where available in the same color that I love, Moonlit Magenta, I would probably pick the Wunder Trains simply because they are comparatively more streamlined. 

lululemon workout leggings - lululemon leggings to make your butt bigger, or lululemon leggings to make you look skinner?

Both these lululemon leggings make your bum look good!

lululemon leggings to make your butt bigger, or slimmer

The lululemon leggings make your butt bigger or slimmer.

Both leggings undoubtedly look great in the rear and are very flattering. WT is comparatively more slimming at the hip, thanks to the side seams. ITs are more butt boosting thanks to the curved lines. It all depends on what you are looking for. I’m already quite curvy, so for this reason I prefer the more minimizing and slimming WT’s, where as someone looking to accentuate curves may prefer the ITs.

Consequently, If you are looking for tights to accentuate your bum, the Invigorates are the ones to pick. They are the leggings that make your bum look bigger and lifted

The lululemon leggings that make you look the skinniest are the Wunder Trains since they have minimal seams that draw your eyes inward. For example, the pocket seams sit further forward on the WTs. 

Furthermore, Both leggings have the best compression and excellent tummy control. They both decidedly minimize cellulite compared to the Align Tights, especially if you stay TTS. Not only are they more compressive than aligns, but also Everlux is more forgiving. 

All things considered, both these tights are very flattering, and equally functional for virorous workouts. You certainly won’t be disappointed with either styles. 

Help answer the big community questions. In your experience, which are the lululemon leggings to make your butt bigger? 

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Doreen Lauderback August 11, 2022 - 9:13 pm

Thanks Christina! Great review as always, I just ordered the wunder trains with pockets! Totally agree with you that everlux is more flattering than nulu aligns. Excited to try them, but not sure I need the pockets vs the original.

Cristina August 12, 2022 - 9:37 am

Glad you liked the post. Let us know what you think when you get them. Did you get the Moonlit Magenta?


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