Thursday, September 29, 2022

My New lululemon Large Claw Hair Clip, + All The Colors and Sizes | Size Comparison

by Cristina

Sharing my new  lululemon Large Claw Hair Clip + the other sizes and colors. The Large Claw Hair Clip is priced at $22, the medium is $18, and the pack of four minis is $28. Wavy, textured, curly, or straight—whatever kind of hair you’ve got, this large clip will keep it together.

To keep up with the lululemon restock alerts, read this post. The large hair clip is dwindling in stock and many are watching for the other colors to restock. 

If you grew up in the 90’s, you too are a hair clip expert

Everything 90’s is making a comeback for one reason. The 90’s was the greatest decade ever. It was peak! Gen Z kids of today recognize this.  Today I’m taking my 14 year old daughter to her first concert, The Offspring. 😂 I looked at the event photos and thought….wait a minute, why are the Offspring middle aged now? Anyways, I will 100% be wearing my lululemon Large Claw Hair Clip and my Everywhere Belt Bag to this music festival. 

How does this large claw hair clip from lululemon compare with my other large hair clips?

hair clips lululemon -claw hair clips

I have probably 50 hair clips in various sizes around my house since I wear them every day. Sometimes I put my hair all the way up, but occasionally I wear it just half up. 

To wear  my hair all the way up, I need to use a  big hair clip. I have really thick, wavy/straight and curly hair. Yes, I have all three hair types on my head. I have a curly section at the bottom layer, then mostly waive hair, and a few sections of stick straight hair. 

The two larger hair clips I’m showing here are from a small Korean boutique I went to that specializes in only hair clips. It was amazing! These hair clips are jumbo size! As you can see, next to them the large claw hair clip isn’t very large, but it is large enough to contain my entire head of hair easily. The other ones are great too but they can be a bit too heavy and bulky. I have to remove them when I’m driving because of the head rest. 

Which hair clip size is the best for my hair type? A look at all of the lululemon accessories for your hair.

I really like both the large and medium lululemon accessories. The medium size is perfect for putting my hair half-up. I can put my entire hair up with it but I get piecey strands that fall out. 

The small hair clips are cute, and really only useful for me when putting my sides or faux bangs up. They are cute though and you can also put them at the top of a pony-tail to accessorize it. 

I’m definitely going to order a few more at some point. I’m watching for restocks of the tortoise colored clip , which I know a lot of you are as well. 

Shop them here!

Large Hair Claw
Medium Hair Claw
Small Hair Claw

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