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Let’s see what’s new at lululemon today!

Let’s see what’s new at lululemon today!

Let's see what's new at lululemon today!

The Upload is here! See what’s new at lululemon today.

Happy Upload Day! 

Love, love love the new Wild Mint swiftly. I ordered it immediately. I can’t wait for more items to upload in mint. Wild mint reminds me of my old favourites Menthol and Bali Breeze. Lululemon has really been killing it with colors the last three months. Wheat Yellow and Spiced Chai are other colors I’m loving, and that are unusual pairings with mint but they all work together beautifully. Earthy with brights! So fresh. 

The new LA Midi Dress is really nice. I like it a lot but Canada didn’t receive it this upload. *correction, looks like Canada did get it after all.

By the way, for those of you shopping for shorts. Last week I ordered the All Yours High Rise Shorts, but I wasn’t totally sure if I’d like them or hate them. I love them! I mistakenly ordered my size up though and they fit large, so I’m going to reorder my TTS (Leggings size). To be more specific, I’m going to order my leggings size – normally I order a size up for shorts. They are a great length though for casual wear The waist to leg taper is really nice and keeps it from looking frumpy. 

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What do you guys think of the new web photos? The more dynamic expressive photos are so much more enticing to me. Something about the lighting is working way better for me. It seems like the photos are more high definition and the color are truer because they are lit with natural light (maybe?). There are more shadows in the photos as well so they aren’t as flat, and you see more tonal shifts in the colors. I like it a lot! Also, I love the range of models they’ve been using. They are all models so of course, naturally they are really beautiful. But they are all very unique from each other in every way.  It’s a really nice harmony without the typical homogeneity.

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If you missed it, lululemon has a new resale program coming out this month. 


What are you guys loving this upload??

what's new at lululemon

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