Monday, June 17, 2024

What’s New at lululemon this week? Hopefully a matching jogger set.

by Cristina

I have high hopes for a great upload this week…. come-on matching jogger sets!  I need a bit of retail therapy after my province announced more restriction measure yesterday for covid’s third wave. Gyms are closed once again for 3 weeks, restaurants and indoor gatherings. This is the part of the marathon where you start making escape plans, negotiating failure with yourself and the only thing that can make things feel better is actually seeing the finish line up ahead. Eyes up!

Well bummer. No matching jogger set this week. I went ahead and just ordered the cafe au lait Engineered Warmth Joggers  and 1/2 zip. I have them in black and I’m obsessed with them. I hope cafe au lait doesn’t look too ‘nude’ on me because it looks so luxurious online. 

I’m liking the new Gold Spice Aligns. The color reminds me of the men’s smoked caramel from winter which I loved.  Smoked Spruce invigorate tights are really calling to me. That moody green is just stunning. I’d prefer to have aligns in this color but I may need to get these. This color is one I know I’ll want multiple pieces in. 

Oh.. and jumping into my shopping cart just now are the Tracker Shorts in Rhino Grey and Pink Punch. 

Did you order anything today? What worked out for you from last weeks upload?

Let’s check out this weeks lululemon upload:

Wunder Under High-Rise Tight 25" Luxtreme grape thistle_lululemon upload

This is really cute! Great lightweight summer jacket. 

Love the ruffle in the back!

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Cindy G. March 30, 2021 - 1:25 pm

I keep watching for the wonderful LuLu I fell in love with. Not loving so much anymore. The short tops are fine ( not for me), but let’s have some balance. Short jackets do Not keep me warm when I think of a jacket. I like to cover my bum. Living in the Northeast…. not for me.


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