The Upload! What’s best at lululemon this week?

The Upload! What’s best at lululemon this week?

The lululemon upload is here! 

Heads up. Last week I didn’t immediately notice the reflective energy brasIt took me an entire day to clue in and realize ‘reflective energy bras!’. I was so engrossed with doing the upload post that I noticed them briefly and then forgot to go back and take another look. Luckily my size was still in stock and I was able to get them.  

If the Seawheeze Reflective pieces where out of reach for you and you’ve been wanting them, get these reflective pieces instead. They are really pretty! The reflective pattern looks celestial with the thin little reflective lines trailing behind the splatters. These are perfect if you run or workout outdoors, or if you plan to do any evening walks at night.They reflect BRIGHT. They look like shooting starts and constellations. I loved it as soon as I opened the package. 

Check out last weeks upload here

Let's see what's good at lululemon this week

My number one, ‘place in cart’ items for this week are the Soft Ambitions Shorts. I have two from last year that I love and wore to death in the spring and summer. It’s exciting to see a solid black, and I love the blue borealis. Yes these are sweat pant material, but they are structured and tailored so they look great semi dressed up with a cute top and nice sandals. The tall tube socks are not the look.

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Also on my list is the pretty new Swiftly Breeze Short Sleeve, and the Lavender Dew Back In Action SS

The Soft Ambitions Shorts are a must have for me. 

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  • I am really liking the ripened raspberry tights – all styles, but I think more the WUs. Does anyone have any thoughts regarding the appearance of sweat with workouts? I usually stick to black bottoms to avoid this, and wear colors casually. I’d appreciate any feedback. Thank you!

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