lululemon upload

lululemon upload

The lululemon upload is live!

….but first… PUPPIES! Introducing Ruby & Esmeralda. My new work companions. These girls are such a handful and so much fun. We are just loving having dogs in the house again. I am holding my computer while following them around (while doing upload) because they are a menace to shoes, power cords and nice furniture. They work best together when dividing and conquering. As you can see, Ruby is not quite feeling the City Adventurer Backpack Nano (AKA puppy backpack), but she’s warmed up to it once she learned it would be used for treats.

Are any of you guys raising puppies right now? This has definitely been the year of the puppy.

lululemon upload

lululemon City Adventurer Backpack Nano dog pictures, Lululemon Upload

The lululemon upload

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Finally! Finally the French Press Align Crops have uploaded! I’ve been waiting for French Press Aligns of any length to upload. I of course ordered those as well as the Chambray Ready To Rulu 7/8 Joggers. I’m kicking myself for not ordering the pretty Wunder Puff Jacket in Heathered Plumful last week and the Submarine Aligns. Both are now almost fully sold out. 

Did you order anything?

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  • Wow. I’m saving money again. Had the 25% collective ff to use but nothing to buy. The one print in the shorts that are online are like the sw illusion print with a hint of colour.
    Puppies are cute!

  • I am still hold out hope for some warm dog walking joggers. I think I’ll pass on the crushed velvet for now.

    We happened to get a puppy in Feb right before the pandemic hit. He’s 10 months old now. He’s our first dog–a catahoula leopard mix. He’s a semi-rescue because we adopted him from a friend whose parents live on a farm where the mama dog was dumped right before she had a 14 puppy litter! He’s the best thing ever. He hardly barks at all, he loves other dogs more than anything, he loves snuggling, kisses, treats, and playing with his daddy!

  • Very cute puppies! Boston Terriers? We have three Shetland Sheepdogs and I do everything with them – conformation, agility, obedience, etc. Make sure to find a good trainer, especially if you have siblings. You don’t want them to bond too much with each other and not the family! Not a bad upload as well. I like the French Press colour indeed, and will probably get the Aligns!

  • Yes, Boston Terriers. I’ve been considering agility training for them. My kids would love to do that. Yes, we’ve been very careful in implementing routines for them to address potential littermate issues, and we will have training for each of them separately. Luckily we both work from home right now so it’s very easy to keep them separated throughout the day, and alternate taking one out and about. This is a very good time to be mindful about how we raise puppies.

    Sheepdogs are so smart!

  • I’m going to gripe here. Why can’t lulu offer petite length joggers? Yes.. there is 7/8, but they still end up too long. I feel a bit left out at times! Oh well… target kids makes adorable joggers that hit exactly at my ankle, though it’s no lulu!

    I am loving the violet color and teal… so pretty! Hoping they come out with the herringbone leggings.

  • I’m with you on the joggers, just on the opposite end of the spectrum. I don’t like wearing high waters and Lululemon’s joggers are not long enough for me. The only pair that I found to be long enough was the jogger from the Roksanda collab ( which fortunately I scooped up on mark down). I have pretty much given up on Lululemon’s joggers.

  • Your puppos are just adorable, so happy for your family! We got a rescue young Newfoundland and an affenpinscher puppy, by chance at the same time. It was a little crazy for a while, but 2 years later they are the best buddies (and the 3 lb affen is the alpha..)

  • How adorable! I hope you continue to post pictures of them. I get my puppy next weekend and am excited and nervous all at once. I definitely have the time to give raising and training a pup but doing it in our harsh winter climate is going to be a challenge not to mention trying to socialize a puppy during a pandemic. Getting 2 puppies might be the answer to that! You are in for a lot of work but so worth it as they will add so much love and laughter to your home this winter.

    As for the upload there is nothing that interests me this week and I am not into velvet. I am disappointed that the Wunder Lounge Pants this year are super high rise which I can’t wear. I am very happy with the Scuba joggers I bought last week but I have to be careful with high-rise waist joggers as some really become uncomfortable after wearing them for a while, i.e. Ready To Rulu Joggers. I seem to do better with mid-rise. I am also very happy with the Warm Down Funnel Neck pullover I got last week.

  • OMG Christina! Your puppies are just sooo adorable! Your girls must be totally in love as I’m sure you are too! My niece has a French bulldog and she just got two more Frenchies that she’s hoping to breed by next year. Please keep us all posted on Ruby and Esmarelda’s adventures! On a completely other topic, how do you like your Amika straightening brush? I have curly, frizzy fine hair and was wondering if you had any advice on if it’s a good tool to invest in! Do you know how it compares to the one made by Drybar?
    Haven’t bought anything lately; I was hoping lulu would come out with some nice running jackets preferably with a removable hood.
    As always, keep up the awesome work!

  • OMG the puppies are adorable! I’m sure they will bring much joy and happiness to you and your daughters! My niece has French bulldogs that she’s planning on breeding next year. Pleas keep us posted with their progress!
    On another topic, how do you like your Amika straightening brush? I have fine, frizzy, curly hair and was wondering what your thoughts are. Any idea on how it compares to the ones made by Drybar or Morrocain oil?
    Haven’t bought anything lately from Lulu, hoping to see some new running jackets!
    Love your blog!

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