lululemon Black Friday 2020 is here!

Here are my picks for the lululemon Black Friday upload. So many goodies!

I was really happy to see two older items I had been wanting to find marked down. The Serene Travels Bomber in Chianti was the first thing to make it into my shopping cart. I already have the black which I got on markdown months ago and had been hunting for Chianti. It’s been taunting me on the US side for weeks now.

The Get Centred Tights are my practical purchase. Although sometimes we see patterned black align tights make it to marked down, It’s rare to find solid black. These are my favourite nulu tights, second to aligns. I hoped they would be a new core design. I was so disappointed when they sold through and never got restocked.

My wildcard purchase was the Navigation Stretch Jacket. I couldn’t decide between the vest and the jacket. It’s an out-there color but as much as I love black, come January I’m going to want the cheerful. I love the retro glam look of it, but without a hood I didn’t want to bite at full price.

I purchased a few Christmas gifts as well, socks for my kids, some small accessories for little gifts. I’m still scrolling around the site because it seems like it took several hours for all items to fully drop and I’m still discovering new items.

What did you guys order? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing what you scored on markdown.


my black Friday buys..

lululemon Black Friday

lululemon Black Friday 2020
lululemon Black Friday 2020
lululemon Black Friday 2020

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lululemon Black Friday 2020
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lululemon Black Friday 2020
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lululemon Black Friday 2020
I have this top and love it. I size down in it, but I also have one in my regular size – both fit nicely.
lululemon Black Friday 2020
lululemon Black Friday 2020

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