Lululemon Try-Ons: Goal Smasher Jacket and More

Lululemon Try-Ons Up For Today Dispatched from Quarantine Bunker Day 14: Goal Smasher Jacket, Serene Travels Wrap, and the Metro Miles Jogger.

By the way, did you see what Lululemon did yesterday????

Lululemon Try-Ons: Goal Smasher Jacket, Serene Travels Wrap, Metro Miles Jogger

Goal Smasher Jacket

Buy The Goal Smasher Jacket Here

When I first saw The Goal Smasher Jacket on the Hong Kong site several weeks ago I knew this was exactly the piece I needed in Magenta Glow. It’s stunning and the satin-like material makes the color vibrant and saturated. I love satiny jackets so this was a no brainer. I am even considering the black one once I figure out sizing.

I could tell from the web photo that I might need to consider sizing up. I’m still torn. I think this fits fine and it’s actually pretty loose in the arms and shoulders, but because it’s a very thin light-weight jacket and it’s supposed to be form-fitting I’m a bit self-conscious with how it fits around the middle. The Coronavirus 15 is not helping matters. I’m going to order the next size up just to compare sizes.

If you are pear-shaped and petite you might find yourself frustratingly between two sizes. Otherwise, I declare this a fitted TTS jacket. I love it!!

Lululemon Try-Ons: Goal Smasher

Serene Travels Wrap

Buy The Serene Travels Wrap Here

Serene Travels Wrap

I already know you guys are going to hate on this one. I kinda like it despite the bulk. The frumpy factor is no surprise as you can tell it adds bulk even online with the models. I ordered my TTS and as you can tell, it’s very oversized. I need to go down a size, and possibly even two to make this work for my shape. There is lots of extra fabric in the front to pull across and the sleeves are very wide, so sizing down won’t be a problem. It’s so cozy and I love the quilted fabric. It reminds me of my old Karate Gi, which I think I need these days in order to buy toilette paper and hand sanitizer at the grocery store thanks to hoarders and flippers.

🎶 Everybody is Kung Fu fighting,
Your mind becomes fast as lightning
Although the future is a little bit frightening….🎶

I’m going to try the next size down and see if it takes away some of that bulk, and then I will decide. Realistically I probably won’t keep this, but I do really love its functionality. It’s pretty much a rain-resistant bathrobe and that seems just perfect for this quarantine life. It’s like lululemon just knew this was coming.

Metro Miles Jogger

Buy The Metro Miles Jogger Here

As most of us are these days, I’ve been living in joggers. My align tights are always a staple but I have found a new appreciation for joggers. They are more my vibe this moment and they say ‘survival mode’ more than any other clothing I own.

I love the Metro Miles Jogger and will very likely keep them but I have two bones to pick with them. First, I want these in black, or dark grey. I don’t love the heathered graphite grey online based on the website photos. It would help if I could see them in person, too bad stores are all shut down. I like the Heathered Stargaze, but they are light and less versatile. Second issue. These pants are a high polyester blend. The poly-blend makes them light and thin so you could work out in them, but they aren’t super soft. They won’t bag out the way cotton does though, so I’m going to give the high polyester issue pass.

These are my TTS and I am happy with the fit. The rise is pretty high so if you are short-waisted you may find them too high. I love how slim they are and how snug they are on the lower leg. I also love the zippered pockets (very little pocket outline, would be better in dark colors) and the seam details with knee articulation.

Lululemon Try-Ons: Goal Smasher
Lululemon Try-Ons: Goal Smasher
  1. I like that jacket but not a fan of shiny material personally. $ saved 🙂 Really liking the 360 degree fit reviews!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback!!! I’ve been wanting to do those video clips for the longest time but learning it (and how to add to the main page) was really time-consuming. This was the perfect opportunity to learn.

      $ saved is always a good thing. Happy to confirm it for you.

    1. I don’t think they are baggy, they just aren’t fitted they way lululemon run jackets are often fitted in the arms.

  2. I think the Serene Travels Wrap in Black is kind of cute based on your try-on. I think you are right and sizing down would be less fabric (and probably more comfortable.) I could totally see someone rocking this wrap with skinny jeans and a top knot while grabbing a morning coffee with friends.

  3. I was worried about the fit of the Serene wrap being so short. I still want it as a winter-gotta-leave-the-house-to-grab-some-milk situation type outer layer.

    1. It’s pouring today in Vancouver and I’ve been wearing it all day. School drop off, stand-in outside in the rain with my 10 year old for 15 minutes, in and out of the car, grocery shopping. It’s perfect! The only feature missing is a hood if you need head coverage on rainy days. I just wear a baseball hat or take an umbrella.

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