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The Lululemon Upload | Lululemon Plus Sizes Now Available

The Lululemon Upload | Lululemon Plus Sizes Now Available

Size 0-20 is here!

The Upload is here!  And the new lululemon expanded sizing is finally here. Isn’t it so FRESH to see sizes 0 and 16-20 finally added? And to see a beautiful, fit, size 20 model representing the brand? And a woman over 40 with grey hair…and it’s not even Mothers Day! I mean, they didn’t just sneak in some size 20 items, they are using size 20 models on their new products page to feature the products. I just love it so much. I feel really warm and fuzzy about Lululemon, more than ever before. 

Another thing I’m loving? I love seeing their marketing include artists and dancers and people just passionately exploring life. Fitness isn’t compartmentalized in our lives to 30 minute times lots, it bleeds into the other realms of our lives.  Beyond just wearing yoga pants to sip lattes. 

*View the expanded size collection at the bottom of this post. The lululemon website filter is not sorting all of the items in just yet. 

Lululemon Upload Expanded sizes 0-20
Winter Warrior Parka
Snow Warrior Parka
Wunder Puff Jacket Long

Lululemon Expanded Size Selections

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  • I ordered the tuck and flow. Could not pass it up. Have it in the angel wing with black stripes and I love it. It is a perfect long sleeve for me and the fabric is buttery soft. Great staple to wear with patterned/ coloured leggings!

  • Glad to see that Lululemon has figured out there are fit women in sizes beyond their narrow window. And fit women of many ages. Athleta has showed bigger women as the main models for a while now. Good to know the message is spreading. Now they need to acknowledge that some of us aren’t tall! I buy most of my bottoms from Athleta because they offer petite sizing which fit so much better on me.

  • I was happy to see the size extension too and posted an article about it in a FB mommy group I’m in. Guess what? Pretty much 90% commented that it wasn’t good enough that they were only going up to size 20 and they would still never go near lululemon. I guess my understanding of plus size is very weak because I didn’t even know many people would be above that.

    Nothing for me this upload. I did want to get the tuck and flow but not in black.

  • Whyyyyyyy are the arms so tight in the tuck & flow? This has always been an issue for me (I’m a weight lifter so I’ve got guns), and the arms are even skin tight on the model. There’s no way I could get my arms in there…. I wish they would update the fit.

  • New colors of the Tuck & Flow have been uploaded. However, the model in the mauve looks like she is wearing it a few sizes too small (stretched out back pleat) plus she must be very tall or else the shirt has gotten shorter…

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