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The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload

The Lululemon Upload is live!

This wasn’t a big upload, but it was still a fun one for me. Probably because I’m into the earth tones and prints we have now. I’m waiting impatiently on that Iron Blue Align Tank to show and the Iron Blue Align Crops. I was a bit disappointed it didn’t upload. I did get the Iron Blue On The Fly Joggers.I also got the new diamond dye CRB. I anticipate a long winter of a LOT of at-home time so I’m getting ready for 1. casual work-from-home wear 2. lots of fun, motivating and exciting workout clothes for at-home workouts. I’ll definitely have some fitness posts coming up this fall. 

Have you guys been ‘nesting’ for this unusual Fall/Winter season? I’ve done a lot of intentional nesting, but also some unconscious nesting as well. 

Let me know what you got from this upload and if you’ve caught yourself nesting, what have you been doing? 

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the lululemon upload

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  • wow they are really selling out of the swiftlys lately. As soon as they are live they are gone. Maybe it’s a glitch who knows.

  • With the plus size clothing coming next week, is it just a small capsule or are they going to be releasing mainstays (WU, Aligns, Define) in plus sizes from now on? One of the Defines has a size 20 model for it.

  • Have you ever done a side by side of Heritage 365 Camo Dark Olive Multi and the old incognito gator green camo? For the life of me I can’t tell the difference

  • I’m curious what you think of the Peloton bike +. I’ve had my bike since February so it’s still pretty new. I’m kind of bummed that it will not be getting any of the integrated Apple features. I currently use the scorched heart rate monitor but would love it if it worked with my Apple Watch. I also like the swivel monitor. Really not sure if it would be worth the upgrade for me!

  • It’ll be some basics in Black in-store (more colors online), and each season you’ll see more and more. By Fall 2021, 40+ styles and tons of colors available up to 20 in-store. 🙂

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