The Upload is live! See what’s new at Lululemon this week.

Not a big upload today, thankfully, after all that Seawheeze shopping. All of my orders arrived as of yesterday and I must say I am really loving the tracker shorts. All of them are keepers. This is my first year buying shorts instead of leggings. I also love the flare swiftly racerback.  It’s really vibrant and the pattern is great. I also love the SW20 logo on the back and how visible it is. This is the first logo that includes the year, isn’t it? For today’s upload I ordered the City Adventurer Backpack Nano for my daughter for back to school since it’s perfect for her to stash her hearing aids during gym, and to keep her hearing aid batteries handy and not loose at the bottom of her backpack. I love that it clips on too. I might get a second one at another time for myself for my AirPods…  although I’m pretty good about keeping them safe inside my purse. 

I just got this tiny little dinky City Aventurer Backpack for my daughter to stash her hearing aids and hearing aid batteries! It’s perfect for that since it clips on to her backpack and it’s water repellent. I wonder if this would work for epi pens for those of you that need to carry them. It’s probably meant for AirPods. 


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