The first of my Seawheeze 2020 Haul has arrived! I love it!

The First Seawheeze 2020 Haul

This was lightening fast shipping for the first item in my seawheeze order yesterday. The rest of my items are still pending. I also got the newest align tank in this order. 

The shorts are a size down from what I normally order for shorts. I saw them pop-up live, and they sold out on me in my size just as I was checking out, so I had to quickly order the next size down. I do wish my size had been in stock, but I’m still happy with these and really love them. Flare is such a beautiful neon in person and it just doesn’t photograph as bright as it is. 

By the way, if you’ve missed out on any Seawheeze items, or you got too many items and you don’t want to keep everything, I have a buy/sell thread going on The Sweat Edit Reviews on Facebook. 


What did you order from the Seawheeze 2020 Showcase Store? 

This Is What I Ordered

Keeping my fingers crossed that these items ship. So far they are stuck in processing and only one of these items has not sold out. Two of the three shorts are my size down, only one is my preferred size. 

  1. Agreed! You look great and thank you so much for posting the link to the Seawheeze stuff on Twitter. I was having the hardest time navigating through their site at first (although in fairness I guess we weren’t supposed to be on there yet). Much much much appreciated.

  2. I love the black tank/flare short combo. Both outfits look cute on you! I have some regrets about not getting the flare shorts. I have the light flare color already though, so I couldn’t justify it with all my other SW purchases yesterday. I got the three other shorts colors instead, the flare multi Pace Rivals and the SS flare Swiftly.

    I’m debating that funky print in the Scuba. I love the way the letters pop out at you, but up close, it might be too much for my eyes! I’m also itching to buy the grey All Yours hoodie. It’s kind of basic, but it’s the kind of thing I’d wear all the time. I really liked this collection! The colors are all ones that I wear a lot.

  3. I went up a size in the reflective speed tights. Now I’m wondering if I should have went down! I am a 6 but that size was sold out already when I looked. I was thinking with the print it would be better to go up that down. Hopefully they won’t be too baggy in the knee! I agree with shorts I would have tried to go down if it was available. They look like they fit you well to me!

  4. Posting time and email time must not be matching. I wanted the orange shorts and literally went on right after I got the LLL email notification and they were already gone. I didn’t even see the positivity top.

  5. You are right. The email came out several hours later. The items where up on the site without a dedicated landing page. I posted about it here as soon as it was live.

  6. I still haven’t gotten any of my items. I got that swirly print in the F&F and speeds, the scuba print, a SS swiftly and a visor. Has anyone received something with that print? Hoping the colors look nice and are easy enough to match. I also bought (from regular upload) those new brown NULU pants which I have never purchased before so hoping they are as good as aligns.

  7. Forgot to add that I think the flare shorts look great on you and I would have purchased those in my size down if I could have!

  8. The black/flare combo looks great Cristina and wtg on the spinning! Do you think just the Peleton app with a different bike (I have a Kaiser) would be ok?

    Stylistdiva, the positivity love tank was a Canada 150 special edition in 2017. I have the “peaceful” version.

  9. Thanks!
    I’ll be writing a comprehensive post soon about my buying experience and first impressions, and I’ll probably also have regular Peloton content.

    Yes you definitely can. My sister actually has her bike setup on a trainer, and has a cadence meter. You just get the app (reduced rate for non bike owners,$13 I think vs. $48) and you can cast the classes on your tv or use an iPad. It’s not exactly the same, you miss a lot of the features as far as metrics and the resistance is not straightforward but it’s a very good alternative. I would recommend the Peloton Bike + App if you are considering not having a gym membership, or you have one of those really cheapy gym memberships and you don’t mind adding the Peloton payments onto that monthly expense. My husband is phasing out his gym memberships as we build up a home gym slowly so it was worth it for us. Especially since all four of us can have our own accounts on the one app and use the bike. The bike all-in is equivalent to my Crossfit membership so having four of us use this for that one fee makes sense for us.

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